Vlog on the pitch – reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty miss

April 24, 2008

In our clip above, Cristiano Ronaldo says “football is like that sometimes” following his penalty miss in Manchester United’s 0-0 draw at Barcelona in Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final first leg.

Our vlogonthepitch duo, Owen Wyatt and Jon Bramley, wonder whether the Portuguese maestro was a bit too relaxed in taking the spotkick and a bit too relaxed about missing it. Will it turn out to be crucial in next week’s second leg?

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Well he was focused enough to whine the rest of the game so it must not wasted much energy missing that pk!

YF Yank

Posted by Eric Soderman | Report as abusive

One of the great quotes in sports journalism ‘right foot, back of the net… (finger pointing like a gun) bang!’ from Owen ‘Dirty Lawrie Sanchez’ Wyatt. And top notch punditry from Jon ‘old Brambles’ Bramley too. Keep up the good work guys – Vlog on the Pitch, a real three point fixture on my web browser.

If i had been Ronaldo i reckon i would have tried to do a ‘Joe Cole’ (leg behind the other) from the penalty spot.

Posted by Riley | Report as abusive

I think the Ronaldo miss of penalty have already ruined their chance because i know Barca will get a way goal at Red devils field.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

good bye Man.united and concentra

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

Gents, another fantastically insightful piece. I hate to say it but John ‘Titus” Bramley is “spot on” with his analysis.

Having said one wonders what the great American President Teddy Roosevelt would make of two journeymen hacks wallowing in Ronaldo’s misery. I quote,,,,

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood.

If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Posted by Adam Hutchinson | Report as abusive

Riley thanks for your comment, glad you are a vlog regular…like your confidence in terms of penalty taking – but for me rule 1 is – when the pressure is on hit with the swing – right foot – top left corner – bang

Posted by Owen | Report as abusive

okay i dont think ronaldo was under pressure and so what if he was relaxed about it. at the end of the day it is that united kept a clean sheet, and they wont lose to barca and as cristiano ronaldo said football is like that sometimes and if he is gien another chance for a penalty he will score but righ now man utd need to focus on chelsea, so they can reatian their title, and show all th haters what their about, thats why they are called the RED DEVILS!

Posted by annie | Report as abusive

Were United not hopelessly negative last night? Weren’t Barcelona worse for not taking advantage? Was it not a terrible advert for this over-hyped competition?

C’mon gents, leave the “what was Ronaldo thinking’s” to the tabloids and get stuck into talking about the game?

Posted by Max Thompson | Report as abusive

I think it was bit of bad luck. I could bore you with other missed chances by every major player in the world.

A team always needs a bit of luck.

What about Rooney- why was he back? Looked like a fish out of water.
What about the fact that not one player was able to get a decent ball to Cristino all game. Hard to score when your not getting the ball.

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

I think cristi was a bit overconfident.He took it a bit lightly. Could have done better.But nevertheless the 2nd leg awaits barca & Iam sure they gonna win it & the scorrer’s gonna be cristi.

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Posted by chris baird | Report as abusive

End of the day we (united) didn’t play out and out attacking football, we knew we couldn’t lose the game so we played 5 in midfield and had cristiano up front. If we could get an away goal so be it, otherwise best not to lose it. Barca had loads of possession but the only chance they really had was Henry’s shot. If they reckon they can come beat us at old trafford then so be it, but we will have a different set up and the game will probabily be alot more open. Ronny could have had about 3 penalties by the way. Plus I think it was the referee’s fault for constantly blowing and giving freekicks for handbags at dawn, which stops the flow of the game.

Posted by Dan the red | Report as abusive

Well he certainly wasn’t nervous was he? Nor do I think he was “over-confident” as a lot of people are saying. It was just poor decision-making. Simple as that. And for me the penalty miss and Liverpool’s last second own-goal only confirm that perfection is impossible in football: perfection in Rafa’s Liverpool machine; perfection in The Best Player in the World. At the end of the day we are watching humans play the game. And it’s that human element that makes it the beautiful game.

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ha ha ha… showboater come down to earth..boasting time is over…

Posted by mdasg | Report as abusive

now where are all the barca fans. Man Utd are going to Moscow!

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