Chelsea 2 Manchester Utd 1 – your views

April 26, 2008

A Ballack double, a late disputed penalty, other penalties not given, a calamitous Carvalho error, Rooney and Vidic injured, Ronaldo left on the bench, Drogba arguing with team mates, two late Chelsea clearances off the line, United players in a spat with the ground staff well after full time…

What else would you want from the big match between the top two? Well there was Chelsea’s nice touch of holding up a shirt remembering Frank Lampard’s late mother after the first goal.

The pair are now level on points with United holding a far superior goal difference with two games left. What’s going to happen? Did Alex Ferguson think too much about the Barcelona game this week?

As Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich prepare to wrap up their domestic titles, at least the Premier League will go down to the wire. 


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“a late disputed penalty”… Who’s disputing? What is disputable about a flagrant hand ball in the penalty box?

Posted by CAFC | Report as abusive

Can anybody give Grant some respect?

Posted by Ilan Ishay | Report as abusive

Tough match to watch for a neutral who prefers the (ellusive) “beautiful game”. I can’t watch Chelsea anymore. They will do anything to win. Queiroz focused post-match on penalties not given but for me the real issue is the constant fouling and cheating that Chelsea resort to whether in a defensive or offensive situation. When I watch a match like this, I get drawn into the excitement and drama like everyone else but I cannot say that such game is a beautiful game nor can I say that the Premiership is The Best League in the World. It’s a free-for-all. Sure it’s exciting. But so is UFC. English refeering is far too liberal. The best football teams and footballers are not being permitted to flourish. I am as enraged by this match as Queiroz and I am not a United fan. Like Wenger and others I continue to dream of a beautiful game where the play is skill, creative, “hard but fair” and not so dreadfully out of control. Terrible stuff…

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

I only say disputed because some would argue it was ball to hand. The linesman also put his flag across his chest quite late. I also havent seen a clear replay of it.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

a few weeks ago the latest fad was the to get abuse of officials out of the game. obviously that is no longer the case or man utd would have finished the game today with five players. hargreaves, giggs nani, ferdinand should all have had two yellows each.the liverpool player mascherano must be wondering what the hell is gping on.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Absolutely beauty and deserved victory for Chelsea.
Shame on Manchester United particularly Quieroz for such disgusting fingerpointing comments at referees.
How many penalties have gone ManU’s way? How many games has manU has won that they should have lost? If the hand ball had happened to one of the Chelsea’s defenders, Quieroz would have never said, that’s not a penalty. The guy is such a hypocrite, but so are many in that team. It makes one sick to his stomach.
Congratulations to Ballack for an excellent performance, and to all the Chelsea players, who matched united toe to toe and showed them, you have to fight for what you want to win, and not cry and steal point through pity.

Once again, shame on such hypocritical comments coming from the united camp. It is very disgracing to their name.

Posted by Rae | Report as abusive

Chelsea played well and deserve all 3 points. Highilghts:- chester-united-highlights/

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its absurd to be discussing this game chelsea were amazing on the day dominated the whole game did man utd creat a chance before chelsea took a 2-1 lead no! their first goal was a mistake not the buetiful game at show by utd vs barce they defended not played football! chelsea are a better team man utd can bully small team when have they ever played well against a top team carrick cudhve moved his arm anyway did wes brown handle earlier in the game!!! surely ppl have to accept chelsea are a top team and take their red galses off!!!

Posted by eklim | Report as abusive

Today Chelsea did play well but ManU are the better team. They always give it 100%. We are still at the top!! thats how its gonna stay..

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

it’s kinda funny that all the ‘Michael Ballack isn’t a Prem quality player’ nonsense has diappeared. He is the best CM in the Premiership and easily one of the top 5 in the world.

Posted by papa bear | Report as abusive

For all you chelsea supporters.. After the 38th game, you will all swallow your words. Lucky to win with the support of referees. A shame to see players of the same team – Ballack and Drogba – fighting in the open. Shows what the team is really made of!

Posted by Hans | Report as abusive

chelsea is played much better and win is deserved,appears that
they are getting out best of form now,United stamina and
mental strength is going down at unapropriate time.
About penalty-Correct decision,Rule is a Rule – Its sport,
United was awarded most penalteis than other team in EPL,
must not any complains,some faulst is more evident that other,but
than was crear hand.
My opinion -Avram is lucky one.
Chelsea will make double this year EPL and CL.
unlike brings Luck,and goes opposit.
Chelsea is topping theire Form

Posted by gary | Report as abusive

The game was a wonderful advertisemnet for the EPL ,top class players displaying sublime technical skill at high speed!!! The Chelsea players celebrating their first goal by lifting the replica shirt with Mrs Pat Lampard name was a powerful image on T.V. it reminded me of the marines raising the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima.

Posted by Denis Lee | Report as abusive

what was all the infighting with Droghba all about? we were watching the match in China with chinese commentary so couldnt get any idea what that was all about….

Posted by Jillot | Report as abusive

The spat between Drogba and Ballack seemed to be about who should have taken a free kick. Drogba was shouting and trying to grab Ballack, who turned his back and ignored him. Chelsea assistant Steve Clarke tried to calm Drogba down but the striker shrugged Clarke off him. The trouble at the end with man utd players and the groundstaff has been caught on camera and it quite amazing. Thanks for all your comments

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Chelsea, you have done us proud.we shall always stand with you.nice game agist uinited.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

What can I say. Utd didnt do themselves any favours. They play better when they play attacking football not when they come to play for a draw. Chelsea exploited that brilliantly. Can we pinch the title of them? I would like to think so. Their moral must be pretty low now. Come on West Ham.

Posted by ian wxmcfc | Report as abusive

Chelsea deserved to win. It seems like United are falling apart and a defeat to Barcelona could just about end their season.

Posted by Trailblazer | Report as abusive

Chelsea deserved awine because they where in their home ground it could have been avery bad embarancement if Manchester had beeten them in their home ground.

Posted by esiku gabriel | Report as abusive

Hope Chelsea win nothing! Didier(follow the drip)Drogba and Ballack’s handbag swinging session is a clear display of the values Chelski Football Club are associated with. Greedy, self obsessed and a clear desire to strangle the life out of football have to be on a players C.V. before signing on at the bridge. Manchester United buy winners, players with a massive hunger and desire to win things and when a player thinks he is bigger than the club he will find out he’s not even bigger than the back door as he is shown it. Love Ferguson. Hate Ferguson. But most of all RESPECT Sir Alex Ferguson-The real SPECIAL ONE! M.U.F.C. we hate Chelsea that much we leathered their groundsman! tee hee

Posted by Mr T | Report as abusive

Chelsea were fantastic on the day, talk about giving 100% they gave more…And it goes to show, who the hell are Man Utd without Ronaldo when he eventually disappears to Barcelona or Real Madrid they’ll be nothing…if we don’t win the premiership this season I couldn’t care less because at least it shows the premiership for what it is. unpredicatable, exciting and the greatest league in the world

Posted by lol | Report as abusive

Ballack has once again proved that he is a world class player, and Chelsea very much deserved to win the match watever others may say. ;-D

Posted by Prad | Report as abusive

For the outsiders like me, it’s a great result. This ensures that both teams Man-u and chelsea will have at least half a mind on the EPL while perhaps neglecting the Champions league muahahah!

That being said, it seems Ferguson is really desperate to win the CL, resting his top players in a key match and all. Sorry fergie, you’ll never make 3… and even if you do, you’re still a long way off 5 and potentially 6.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

The best Chelsea have played for some time! However, an impressive performance in the first half does not qualify the Blues to think they have done enough to beat United to the title. I think that over the season United have deserved it head and shoulders over anybody else. Arsenal have looked good for large parts but not quite good enough whilst Chelsea have just continued from where Jose Mourinho left them.

The last two games of the Premier League season are sure to make for interesting viewing!

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

its a shame to both manU and arsenal fans that a team like chelsea which no one gave any chance to get to this point can humilate a so called strong manU side at a crucial period of the premiership. i keep reading the so many hateful words levelled at chelsea and yet that same team keep their heads level and keep wininnig their matches. they may not be the most entertaining team but am amazed that with all the highly paid players in chelsea, they do not reduce themselves by insulting other players in the league. And for all of you that think Grant is not good enough, i wonder what are the basis of your judgement. if a man can take a team at the stage he took them and is now contending for two championships, what better yardstick is there to measure success. Are you all myopic to see these things. for your information, i was with arsenal but i here by declare in this forum that i will no longer support arsenal agin. i take my support and my family’s as well to the only true champions CHELSEA!!!. am now a BLUE supporter from now on. i wish chelsea the best and whatever happens at the end of this season, they will still earn my respect and admiration henceforth. THEY HAVE INDEED THE CHARACTER OF TRUE CHAMPIONS. BRAVO CHELSEA.

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