Manchester United 1 Barcelona 0 – your views

April 29, 2008

A great European night following the dull first leg last week but did Manchester United deserve to win over all?

They were negative in the 0-0 draw at the Nou Camp and defended deep for long spells on Tuesday after Paul Scholes’ rocket had given them the lead.

That said, Barca failed to really open up United in either leg despite the silky skills of Lionel Messi. Samuel Eto’o was largely anonymous at Old Trafford and Thierry Henry was poor after he came on.

Was this the last European game for Frank Rijkaard as Barcelona coach?

The first all-English Champions League final beckons….in Moscow. I guess it’s too late to switch it to Wembley.

Lets us know your views below


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Manchester United definitely deserved to win this match. Say what you want about Ronaldo, but it’s the veteran Paul Scholes who pulled us through to the final. Glory Man United! We not only outplayed Barcelona today, but we beat them at their own game of pure attacking Football. Onto Moscow!

Posted by Darren | Report as abusive

It was apt that Paul Scholes would be the one to send Manchester United through. It’s been 50 years since the Munich Air Disaster and the ghost of Manchester United past haunted this game. A player who was in his prime in ’99 was the one to send United’ next generation of world beaters through to the final. It was a hand-off of sorts. Make no exception though, after missing out in 99, Scholes will start the game. You couldn’t write a more fitting script.

Posted by Andrew Rideout | Report as abusive

A great night for the reds! Well done Sir Alex. He has proved that he is the best manager in English football and he still has the fire in his belly to go on for another two seasons at least.

A big night for me and all those who love the game.

Posted by Albert Hecht | Report as abusive

The greatest night so far….Glory glory man united!!!!My personal best XI line-up for FINAL 2008 (in Moscow)
VDS Brown, Vida, Rio, Evra, Hargreaves, Carrick, Scholes,
Ronaldo, Rooney, Carlitos

Posted by Fem | Report as abusive

Only Barca! Even though they lost the game.

Posted by Beleth | Report as abusive

I am a Barcelona fan, and am obviously very disappointed, but I can’t take anything away from a very professional performance from United over the two legs, showing incredible concentration in defense.. hardly giving us a single clear chance over 180 mins.

Throughout the second leg United showed far more ability at breaking down our defense with a stinging attack style.. this with not even a full first team. United are undoubtably the worlds best club team at the moment. I just hope Barcelona can sort out their problems over the summer, we will be back!

Posted by Fabian Cruz | Report as abusive

It’s alright that Man U won the game but what bothers me is that Lionel Messi has so much more soccer in his head than Mr. Trickster “Ronaldo”.

With a good playmaker (Ronaldinho) in Barcelona, they would have won.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

manchester forever love the entire team

Posted by deniecefritz | Report as abusive

I am a manchester fan and they will always be winners in my mind.

Posted by deniecefritz | Report as abusive

I’m a neutral and agree with Fabian the Barca fan: United were excellent. The key factor? Their beautiful defending. Their defense is one of the reasons I stopped following them several years ago. I found them to be a really naive team. But this team, well, it’s not only stocked with the most talent that Sir Alex has ever assembled but it also functions like a perfect unit able to play any type of game and any type of opponent. Hats off to United. They are the team I want to win it all now…

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

Paul Scholes ended his tormenting seasons at Old Trafford by smashing that wonderful goal in the 14th minute.
Man Utd forever.

Posted by Sameer | Report as abusive

What a nightmare…

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

All Credit to United’s Defence

Posted by Abhinandan Mohan | Report as abusive

i am very happy the man u won it was a good performence by bacr..they just could never get back together after that amazing shot by scholes.i am very glad he is the one who sent man u to the final and i hope man u pulls off in the finals..GO MAN U

Posted by jordan | Report as abusive

they r playing really well ..
Scholes man , a moment and rediscovered brilliance ..

Posted by Apoorva | Report as abusive

Loved the game… although I would have liked to see a bit more scoring. Scholes’ goal was a gift, and the undoubted result of a terrible pass from the Barca defender (if juniors know to clear the ball in that situation!) But good on Scholes! Play this game again and the result will be dramatically different. These two teams are evenly matched and either will represent themselves well.

Posted by Charley | Report as abusive

Am I right in saying that if barcelona had scored an equalizer right at the end of the game, they would have gone through because of their away goal? If so, being 1-nil up and resting on that could have been a catastrophic mistake for United. I heard no mention of that fact on the commentary I listened to on ESPN in the States.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Michael, if you were a true footie fan, you would have known the predictament united were in. United for the double!! anyone offering a ticket for the final??

Posted by Allan | Report as abusive

Great game. Son and I were able to catch it. Defending was quite strong and I believe the turning point.

Posted by Mike Primer | Report as abusive