United’s Champions League victory — your views

May 21, 2008

Van der Sar celebrates

A little after half past one on a rainy night in Moscow, Edwin van der Sar leapt to his right to save the 14th penalty of a nerve-shredding shoot-out and clinch victory for Manchester United in the Champions League final against Chelsea.

The Dutchman’s save spared Cristiano Ronaldo, who had earlier missed a penalty, what would surely have been the worst night of his sporting life and won the European Cup for United for the third time.

While United were celebrating, it was heartbreaking for Chelsea, and particularly for John Terry, who slipped just as he was taking the penalty that could have given his side victory.

More from Moscow later, but for now let us know your thoughts. Did the best team win? Or after hitting the post and the bar can Chelsea feel they just endured rotten luck? And what was Ronaldo thinking of with that penalty… Let us know in the comments. 

PHOTO: Manchester United’s Edwin Van der Sar holds the trophy as his team mates celebrate after winning their UEFA Champions League final soccer match against Chelsea at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow May 22, 2008. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh


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United dominated the first half, scored a nice goal and had two shots virtually cleared off the line. Chelsea scored a lucky goal, hit the woodwork twice but had a man sent off. I guess in some people’s eyes that means United deserved it.

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well done!!! Man Utd deserved it, they worked so hard for both trophies.

well played Chelsea but the better team won!!!!!!!

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football can be cruel at times as it showed today. chelsea dominated the game overall, hit the woodwork twice and then again as terry slipped while taking the penalty. i guess luck favoured man u yet again (1999 final drama)

Posted by rohan | Report as abusive

Why did Terry take that penalty?

Posted by owen | Report as abusive

flair triumphed over organisation. There was a nasty undertone of petulance on the part of chelsea cole in particular which detracted from the game which actually did us all proud

Posted by grant | Report as abusive

thought we were goin to get robbed like we did at chelsea well fxxk you we will rule you we will rule you

Posted by karl | Report as abusive

It was a awesome match, very well contested between both the teams, and in the end the red devils had the last laugh, they truly deserved this trophy because the quality of football they played,well done Man Utd you completely deserved this one.Boy in red u rock!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

GO MANU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How is that people seem to think that chelsea dominated the game. They dominated the second half. United dominated the first half and the 2 halves of extra time. At the end of the game, only one team could stand above the other and that team was rightfully the team in red! Congratulation to Man United and their fans (including me!)!

Posted by DK | Report as abusive

Well done man. U. I have ben supporting Man.U. since the Munich crash. Well done boys. SELL THAT FERDINAND WHO IS FOND OF PLACING THE BALL IN HIS OWN GOAL. HE IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH.
Chelsea you are a bunch of cocky little b…..ds, especially that ill amnnered drogba.

Posted by Thomas Mathew | Report as abusive

Well done Man U.
Sell that ferdinand an absolutely useless player who likes to put the ball in his own net. he has done it many times. Throw him out fergie. My sympathies with the cocky littlew b……s o chelsea especially that Drogma.

Posted by Thomas Mathew | Report as abusive

Manchester united deserve it but i feel sorry for John Terry …… NOT!!!!!

Posted by calum beckett | Report as abusive

am going to say what everyone are are thinking, chelsea lost the final because grant made another bad decision letting john terry take that penaty. i knew john terry was going to miss the penaty before he took it. i just feel sorry for lamps,essien, ballack, makalele, cech. but hey thats football

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united deserved nothing less than they achieved.they were disciplined,with the best player in the world,a good teacher in ferguson. no one could stop them especially an english team that had just failed to stop them from snatching the premiership.

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united deserved nothing less than they achieved. they were disciplined through out the season, had the best player in the world with a good teacher in ferguson. no one could stop them especially not an english team which had failed to stop them from retaining the premiership

Posted by williams | Report as abusive

At the end of 90 minutes, neither side deserved to win. What if United did have the lion’s share in the first half? They didn’t return to the dressing room with a goal advantage. I’m no Chelsea fan, but it was such a shame to see another title claimed through Russian roulette.

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Glory GLory Man Utd. For those of you who miss the final match, dont worry… Visit http://www.goacentre.com to watch the highlights! :)

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I am very happy that Chelsea did not win. They have lived too far and too long outside of the rules and conventions of football. And after Mourinho left as manager they really were a renegade team. New manager Avram Grant really had no control over his players. And yet that Chelsea team was “this” (He puts his thumb and fore finger close together) close to be champions and being able to write history in the way Materazzi and Grosso’s Italy of 2006 were able to write history. Let’s face it, Chelsea were a talented and determined team. You might even say they were as “skillful” as United. Which is why I am calling United beautiful this morning instead of skillfull. United was something “better” than Chelsea and it wasn’t just skill. I feel now – though I argued against it during the course of the season- that United do uphold the values of the beautiful game, whereas Chelsea contradict those values whenever they can.

Case in point is what Drogba did to get himself red-carded late in yesterday’s match.

Reuters Mike Collet says that Drogba’s act contained “shades of Zidane”.

But if you look at it from a “beautiful game perspective”, Drogba’s act was really “shades of Materazzi”. If you examine the incident closely you will see very clearly that not only did Drogba hit Vidic in the face but he was trying to provoke him – just as Materazzi tried – successfully – to provoke Zidane during the entire 2006 World Cup final.

And so on this basis and on the general basis that Chelsea has over time become a fouling, referee-harassing, player-baiting, cheating team and that United atleast tried to play good football within the rules and spirit of the game, I am today very happy that Terry missed that penalty.

You can never count on justice in football or in life but in the case of that missed penalty and Van der Sar’s Champions League winning save – justice was served.

And beauty won.

For once.

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

I realised ever since the game started that Victory belonged to Man U. And I wasn’t surprised even when it got to the P.K and Manchester decided to explore and take over UEFA Champions League 2008 season marking the third time in it’s history of taking the Champions League title.

Posted by Michael Dammy | Report as abusive

Couldn’t let beautifulgamer away with so much codswallop! Could s/he please explain why and how Ferguson gets away with screaming in the face of the ref as they come out of the tunnel at halftime. And why after this does the ref not give any other than the very very obvious decisions against Man U.
Overall a great game that at times both teams deserved to win and at times both deserved to lose. And best of all the winner was an England club!

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As a neutral.
United were superb in the first half. The fluke of a goal gifted to lampard seemed to totally un-nerve them. Chelsea failed to take advantage of this tho they dominated second half. Extra time? I felt United were better.
Chances. Chelsea a couple off the woodwork. United a couple off the line.
All pretty much even.

Petulance…. all Chelsea. To see Cole in particular doing his monkey inpression by rubbing his head, complaining harassing the ref etc…Drogba… his usually sulking, diving self….who was he complaining about when he missed with that free kick? Did he deliberately get himself sent off?

Penalties… Ronaldo deserved to miss, Terry didn’t.

Fitting that United’s 2s oldest players finished the game.
Overall… Utd thoroughly deserved it.
Their approach has never had the disjointed swagger of the self-opinionated ( over- opinionated) Chelsea. No sulks, no astinishment that the other side did not let them win.
Lampard reminded me of Arsing Whinger ” The better team did not win”.

I hate seeing it go to penalties…but as it did the right team won and it was a fitting memorial and anniversary.

Posted by Tony B | Report as abusive

John Terry or JT as many fondly call him wanted to take the glory all of it, the split second he saw Van Der Sa go the other way he could see the headline MR CHELSEA…
The same thing happened to Beckham.

Posted by MOSES KASIBANTE | Report as abusive

Chelsea should have had a penalty for a foul on Malouda around min. 75. That means with 100% good refereeing they most likely would have won it.
Funny almost nobody mentions it.

Posted by FF | Report as abusive

Although Chelsy made a great efforts to win a game I think ManU deserves it more becouse it shows more orginized and beautiful soccer then Chelsy does. Despite that Chelsy has a good number of great players, they play soccer that does not have any good play signature so to speak and I’m actually very suprised that they could take second place in the EL and CL. They should hire a good couch first and then create a good team atmoshpere like in ManU or in Liverpool that everyone respects each other not hates as it is now. Chelsy has a worst climate in a team. Why do they keep Sheva on the bench and do not sell him if he is not needed anymore? Also Drogba helped ManU to win the title by actively getting a red card.The reason that he acted like this was he was tied and could not play the way he used to. He could have made a penalty kick instead of poor Terry who terrible slipped and missed. What a drama! I feel sorry for all Chelsy supporters though.

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[…] United’s Champions League victory — your viewsPHOTO: Manchester United’s Edwin Van der Sar holds the trophy as his team mates celebrate after winning their UEFA Champions League final soccer match against Chelsea at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow May 22, 2008. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh. […]

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I came to this website looking for a photo taken by a reuters snapper which was published in the international herald tribune and distributed to at least one u.k. journal. The caption says “english fans clash with russians” As somebody who was involved in the incident, I would like to point out that the whole thing was set up, presumably by the photographer,who seemed to magically appear.It was a completely unprovoked attack by the russians and the only blows thrown by me were in self defence.
The person in the foreground of the shot was my son, who was hit in the mouth for merely questioning these idiots’ motives.
In the 3 days that we were there, I saw not one incident of any trouble between United and Chelsea fans. We shared the same hotels, bars and restaurants and the behviour was impeccable. In fact the piece below the photograph stated pretty much this, but i guess it doesn’t make for good copy without the”ubiquitous violence shot”. Shabby journalism & potentially very dangerous.
Oh, and the game? Excellent advert for the EPL, heart attack material towards the end, but we managed to scrape home. Well done to both teams and both sets of fans

Posted by john manchester u.k. | Report as abusive

While I think Chelsea have the more talented players.
Man United have the better team and the depth to prove it.
GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!!!The best is yet to come.
Over my dead body Ronaldo is not going anywhere.
This victory meant more to me than all three Patriots Super Bowl wins combined. We are one striker from true dominance over the next five years. Eat your heart out Chelsea fans…..BOO HOO HOO!!!!!!LOL LOL LOL

Posted by Mary Carter | Report as abusive

I lived my dream being there and watching us win in the most dramatic of circumstances. We earned it.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

Mannchester deserved it but if the prod guys in the team CHRISTIANO RONALDO can lead the team to a trophy less season next season.Where is saha we liked that strong dude alot.Ronney boy keep up the strengh in you.I am a liverpool fan but i like evra,rooney and saha to be brought in anfield if they will warm the bench next season.Sir alex you deserve the Name you were crowned with. Kennedy from dubai

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[…] was little on show in last year’s game between Manchester United and Chelsea so why are so many people expecting this year’s contest between United and Barcelona to be so […]

Posted by A Champions League final with no fear of failure… It could be a classic – Posted In UEFA Champions League | Soccer News Info – Soccer News Info | Report as abusive