Vlog on the pitch – why do English players slip taking penalties?

May 22, 2008

David Beckham slipped and missed a key penalty for England against Portugal at Euro 2004 and now John Terry’s loss of footing has handed the Champions League to Manchester United.

Is it nerves or a lack of technique? Vlog on the pitch regulars Owen Wyatt and Jon Bramley are joined by Pedro Redig to discuss Wednesday’s final, with some fan reactions also included.

Jon thinks Chelsea deserved to win and Pedro wonders if Andriy Shevchenko should have played. Let us know your views.

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I on earth is highest goal scorer in Champions League History (active) sitting on the bench? He has won the CL title on penalty shots and he has also lost. With that experience alone he was a no brainer! I will not be surprised if we see Sheva come back and haunt us with another team. He is not that bad. Im stunned that he didn’t even play.

Posted by Tony C | Report as abusive

I totally agree, grant not playing Shevchenko is the biggest caoching blunder in recent history.

Posted by skillz | Report as abusive

Bonehead Grant deserves to be sacked for not playing Sheva in the finals.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

sheva should stay at stamford bridge. Grant would have replaced carvalho with shevchenko at 119 as fergie substituted anderson for wes brown. Grant need to use his mind in big games….

Posted by vinay | Report as abusive

I am gutted that Chelsea lost.
I have supported them all my life.
Shevchenko should have been there to take a penalty.
Great vlog Reuters

Posted by geoff miller | Report as abusive

Sheva didn’t come on to take a penalty as Belletti did and he scored, all subs were then used up. get some sense

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

Shevchenko should have played instead of Anelka.
The penalty Anelka missed could have been easily converted by Sheva who is an execellent penalty taker

Posted by D-man | Report as abusive

This is rediculas! Not use Europe’s third biggest all time scorer on a such important game! Sheva is the most experienced player in the squad and should have started! Im very dissappointed in the game and especially in Grant’s player selection!

Posted by Bogdan | Report as abusive

yes, but substitute Anelka did not score the decisive penalty..

Posted by berkut | Report as abusive

why do English players slip taking penalties?

Well, ’cause they are not german 😉

Posted by J Smith | Report as abusive

Jose Mourinho killed Shevchenko not letting him play and critisizing him even when he played well. Now Grant continues this trdition.
Another reason is that there has not been a good climate
inside the team, at least for the last 2 years. It is very noticeable. Competition is a good think and has to be in every team, but for some reason it is not healthy in Chelsy.
From another hand if Shevchenko wanted to save himself as a soccer player he would have done something about this, but instead he is waiting for something to happen. So looks like the money is more important for him then his career.

Posted by vbsoccer | Report as abusive

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Posted by Vlog on the Pitch: A Videoblog for Soccer Fans | All About Technology | Report as abusive

grant is an idiot. Anelka was useless from the second he was introduced and sheva just scored in his last game.whith alll that said grant had the choice and new penalty shots were coming and he declined to use one of the best. Grant is an idiot.Im sure Sheva was physically fit to take that penalty…..and to play 10 min he would have been more useful then Anelka. What was grant thinking. Anyone gets a team like Chelsea they should accomplish much.He gets no credit for being an idiot on the big stage.

Posted by Sgt. Stadenko | Report as abusive

coração valente ,guerreiro tricolor ! washigton é matador ! fluminense eterno amor !
manchester united was better , is better …forget about the penalties ! and sheva is many times better then anelka…who is anelka !!! terrible player!! ronaldo and carlitos tevez ? fantastics ! the best moment : when ronaldo ..”pipocou” pro goleiro …unicos que jogam bola no chelsea…o goleiro ..chac ? e o lampard …o negão marrento da costa do marfim é RÍDICULO…DROGbA FANFARRÃO !!…
and reds ! fluminense will see you in japan !!
são paulo ÍA pra TÓQUIO e “acabou” em WASHIGTON !!!

Posted by arnaldo | Report as abusive

Sheva is a top example of world class players wasting away on the benchs of the Premier League.
Nice to see a different, more international perspective from Pedro.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

mighty mighty STUPID for grant not to put sheva on the pitch. why anelka? this is not englad, this is freakin moscow!!!! whoever in chelsea is trying to hurt shevas reputation – it’s not gonna work. i will never believe he does not deserve to be in a lineup on any team.

Posted by dova | Report as abusive

Thought I stumbled across a SHEVA fan club here, and it appears no one has watched Sheva play this year. 9 goals in 47 appearances for Chelsea (00.19 per game) since joining – while with AC Milan he scored 126 in 207 appearances (00.60 per game). It’s not rocket science that he hasn’t played as well for Chelsea as he did for ACM, so it should come as no surprise he sat in a jogging suit and watched this game from the bench.

Posted by Christopher | Report as abusive

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Who knows what Sheva would have done. He might have missed worse. More importantly, had each one of you been the coach, imagine how lop-sided the final score would have been. Man U. wouldn’t have needed penalty kicks to win.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

My point was that it’s easy to second-guess a coach on a single decision — one that obviously failed — and claim (after the fact) that your decision would have resulted in a win. If you’ve ever coached football, as I have for 9 seasons, you know it’s much more challenging to make decisions in the heat of the moment.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Well I’ve coached for ten years and if Sheva played in the game, Chelsea Wouldnt have needed penalty kicks cuase he would have scored one if not two goals during the game.

Posted by skillz | Report as abusive

I thinks Sheva still being one of the best strikers in Europe, but he’s been pushed back by Jose Mourinho,due to ambitions against his talent,and unfurtunally now Grant following with Mourinho’s plan. I’m not a mamber of Shevchenko’s fan club,but I respect him as well as Lampard,Ballack,J.Cole and I think if he would play instead of Drogba then Chelsea would not need even play an extra time and penalties,because Sheva has much more experience in Champions League and especially he was the best in big games. Also seems to me that Grant forgot that Andriy scorred a goal at last minute at the same stadium in Moscow and kicked out Russia team from the way to World Cup Championship. I think Shevchenko should go to another FC as none of Chelsea coaches respect him as big player and then to prove himself again as he did in Dinamo Kiev and then in FC Milan. All the best to him

Posted by Natik | Report as abusive

Couldn’t agree with you more Natik. I think Grant was paid NOT to put Sheva in. Shevchenko was bred to score goals especially in CL….Just doesn’t make sense. Im not a huge fan of the guy either, but you have to give respect when it is due. I think we haven’t seen the end of Sheva in CL….he will come back and haunt or Blues. I just hope Grant/Jose are around to watch what they missed……

Posted by Tommyboy | Report as abusive

The only reason why Drog scored so many goals last season was because Sheva played regularly and was double and sometimes triple teamed….Drogba is great, but not near where he was last year……Coincedence?
I think not…Sheva was underplayed this year and Drogba fans know it….What a joke! How do you have a guy like sheva sit on a bench in the CL final?

Posted by Kris | Report as abusive

John Terry has no business taking penalties, especially when the stakes are so high but he is not to blame. Anelka should have given a better account of himself as a striker.

This boils down to a mental block as I believe a Chelsea team under Mourinho may yield different results in a shootout.

Posted by JohnST | Report as abusive

football has a spirit. Even if Andriy Shevchenko played,it wouldnt have changed the result.This season is for Manchester united.Where was this Shevchenko when Liverpool came from 3-0 down and levelled up 3-3 and eventually won the CL final on penalty shootout?Result of soccer can go either way if decided on penalty. Sacking Grant or getting the best coach in the world would still not have affected the result.After all Grant is the first coach to have taken CHELSAE FC to CL FINAL.I CONGRATULATE Grant for that wonderful achievement thank you.

Posted by Sunday | Report as abusive

The problem Chelsea FC has is the proprietor of Chelsea that thinks that having money to buy the best players in the world is the solution.Let him handle the club for just one season and see if he can achieve any meaningful result.I promised if he trys it the club will go relegation.

Posted by ALI | Report as abusive

The problem Chelsea FC has is the proprietor of Chelsea that thinks that having money to buy the best players in the world is the solution.Let him handle the club for just one season and see if he can achieve any meaningful result.I promised if he trys it the club will go on relegation next season.

Posted by ALI | Report as abusive

Players should be judged not by how many games played and goals scored, but minutes played and goals scored, and Sheva here has better stats than any of Chelsea players:
http://www.footballanorak.com/Andriy-She vchenko-pid-1526.html

Posted by Yura | Report as abusive