Chelsea sack Avram Grant — your views

May 24, 2008

A drenched Avram Grant leaves the pitchChelsea have acted quickly and some might say ruthlessly to their Champions League final defeat by Manchester United, opting on Saturday to sack Avram Grant.

There is no explanation on the Chelsea Web site, but then again none is really needed, I suppose. When you spend so much money on putting together the best team you possibly can, you don’t really want to settle for second place, do you?

I personally feel a bit sorry for Grant. I don’t know him at all, but he came across as a very likeable chap in his dealings with the press at the Champions League final. I particularly liked his parting shot to the media on the eve of the final: “I know you all care about me because you’re always asking if I’m going to stay or go,” he said.

But what do you think? Was this is an inevitable reaction to the defeat (as well as the player unrest that’s bubbling away), or did Grant deserve a chance to build his own team rather than doing the best he could with what Mourinho had left him?

And who on earth are Chelsea going to sign as his replacement? There’s a rumour in Italy that Mancini might be about to announce that he’s standing down. Maybe it’ll be Mourinho to Inter and Mancini to Chelsea…?

PHOTO: Avram Grant leaves the pitch after Chelsea’s Champions League final defeat by Manchester United,  May 22, 2008. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh


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May be a nice bloke but he couldn’t get things right for the biggest games. Therefore had to go.

Posted by Luc | Report as abusive

Avram can hold up his head high. i think he deserved a pre-season and a full season to make a satisfactory impact. Lets not forget he improved chelsea’s record in the champions leaugue. He is Avram The great, not average avram. i hope this brings a new chapter of attacking football to chelsea.

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jeni te mrekullushem vazhdoni keshtu e mbani drogbaen ne chelsea e mos e lin te shkoj ne inter se huo chelsea pa dide drogben

Posted by florjana | Report as abusive

you win some you loss some

i think avram grant did graet!
never mind that- his talent will be apreciated by another team soon!

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

I believe he had done enough to warrant another season, he took the ream into uncharted territory and came so close. I feel sorry for him….and I was on the terraces in Moscow.

Posted by Barry | Report as abusive

This sacking is an absolute violation of a mans integrity. Did they tell him when they appointed him a third of the way through the season tat he had to win trophies with a team that wasnt his or he would face redundancy – I think not. That Kenyon is a disgrace to football and when will Roman see that it is that weasel he should be sacking and not a manager with a record at Chelsea that most would be proud of. I am ashamed.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

I feel sorry for him – and Chelsea have been ruthless. I think Abromovic is like a big selfish baby that has big tantrums and throws toys out of the pram and in this case threw out his old buddy Grant.
Anyway I remember Grant grinning and gleaming like an evil cheshire cat, with Abramovic a few months before when they conspired against Mourinho.
So I don’t have that much sympathy for Grant. Like they say about Karma

“what goes round – comes round”


Posted by Eddy Jawed | Report as abusive

Avram is a great coach he did great in chelsea but Chelsea like MAN UTD is a winning winning winning team i am sure if Man utd had any other coach he would have been sacked if they got a trophyless season Chelsea want a manager like Fergusion a manager who wants to win everything even after 20 years i would love to See the Special one back again we will never forget u.

Thanks Avram for everything u really saved us face this season.

Posted by Sultan | Report as abusive

He’s a nice man, but not a good manager, despite what some of you think – I’ve lost count of the number of players who have questioned or challenged his decisions or ability, from Drogba to Ben Haim to Ballack to ex-player Kezman and most recently Anelka. Something must be very wrong when your own players don’t respect u. And he left Chelsea’s trophy cabinet bare for the first time in 4 years, since the days of the other “nearly” man, Ranieri. In Mourinho’s own harsh but forthright assessment, this year Chelsea “nearly” won the Carling Cup, “nearly” won the League and “nearly” won the Champions League. If you say you are proud of that record, u are a loser.

Posted by K. Chew | Report as abusive

I think his behaviour towards the media was his main undoing. If you make it clear you’d rather not be in a press conference, the media arent going to like you

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

What the hell is wrong with Chelsea? They played well in the Champions Leauge final, their loss was a shame.
How can they expect a decent team when all the time they change the manager?. Man U do well because Alex Ferguson is a rock he lives and breaths the club. He will go down in history, there is never any question if he will get fired if they lose.

Posted by Sarah Collins | Report as abusive

he should have been given longer,well if chelse go for wholesale clearout they should have that weasel Kenyon leading the line.

Posted by Tel | Report as abusive

was decent bloke he did better than i expected from him at first but he was never good enough for chelsea we needed better and justh hope we will get that and win some cups next year :)

Posted by orian | Report as abusive

I agree with the sacking.. it was the right decision. he should never have been appointed in the first place. i first of all belive he infulenced roman in the departure of mourhinio.. and then wormed his way into being chelsea manager. hopefully the chelsea board has reconised that, and will bring back jose! (very unlikely i know!) hes done a good job, but the players obviusly are not 100% behind him. i hope jose comes back although he will never want to.. maybe zola would be a good choice ; )

Posted by True Blue | Report as abusive

the world has gone positively bat sh** crazy when a guy can some into a team that is in shambles, finish second in the league and second in the Champion’s League (something they have never done even under the much beloved man he replaced)and be fired.
He is a bit of a schlub and not all that exciting but he did a decent job.
Oh and I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but anyone with that much talent around him is going to do pretty well no matter what, so it’s a waste to drop a ton of money on a manager (just ask the overhyped, overrated SAF). I’m guessing Grant was cheap so it’s a bargain in that sense.

Posted by papa bear | Report as abusive

Avram Grant has done well but any manager who succeeds Jose Mourinho has to be exceptional or at least put up an exciting show while trying.

He did not rock the boat and continued with Mourinho’s style but he was not able to win trophies. Nothing could have saved him in this respect.

Posted by JohnST | Report as abusive

glory glory man united. grant done fantastic though cant believe he was sacked complete joke but i dont care man u were the best team in europe this season and he could do nowt aboiut it

Posted by turkey | Report as abusive

Every manager at that level is judged on Silverware, he didn’t deliver :simple as.

his record for games was right up there but failed when push came to shove.
He picked the best players but not the best team.
Punched well above his weight, he’d be better off starting at Bolton.

Posted by farbets | Report as abusive

avram make some bad team selections,joe cole on the right,essien at right back, malouda on the pitch,and the joke of the season anelka who mist the penelty no remorse could’nt give a monkeys. avram had to go along with the has beens at the bridge

Posted by lee phillips | Report as abusive

Avram Cant was not a proper manager, and didn’t have the experienced required to manage the biggest club in europe! This was proved with our runner up positions. Bring back Jose!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Daniel White | Report as abusive

this is football. chelsea want the best and if grant hadnt lost to spurs, barnsley, man utd and the premiership he would still have a job. everybody feels for him of course, but this is football.
good luck for the future Avram top bloke.

Posted by keeping the faith | Report as abusive

roman .. as aowner of chelsea have right to sack grant.. but he also need to sell john terry because he failed to score goal on penalty shoot.. not grant.. if grant shoot .. roman can sack him but when john terry not score goal roman not take any action. it unfair…

Posted by decko | Report as abusive

My views are those of Jose Mourinho – no friend of the pure beautiful game I revere – “almost is nothing”: id=538795&cc=5901

As much as I wanted to see Cheating Chelsea lose the CL and as much as I can’t bear Mourinho’s shrill, win at all costs approach – Avram Grant and Roman Abramovich come off looking much worse than The Special One.

Jose is so right. You have to win.

Winning is beautiful.

Would be a good slogan for a sporting goods company.

There was Just Do It, then Impossible in Nothing, then… Almost is Nothing.

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

Beginning of the end for Chelski. The two club who are traditionally the most successful in England have shown that stability in the managerial position leads to consistency. Here you have an owner who thinks he knows about football but doesn’t. Grant actually did a better job than Mourinho at getting the team to actually play football instead of grinding out results. Too bad, because they’ve certainly made the league more interesting. Oh well, all the better for us.

Posted by Austingunner | Report as abusive

Chelsea is a Frankenstein football club – put together with mercenaries on Russian money. And Kenyon is the epitome of all that. Grant was always going to be the sacrificial lamb in a culture where instant success is seen as a substitute for tradition, loyalty and decency. It’s nice to know that there are still some things that money can’t buy.

Posted by Jill Scully | Report as abusive

While José did all the job he (Grant) is running “with the flowers”… I am glad he’s gone now. Hope we have someone who’s at his place at chelsea Fc … As Mourinho was, A Great (and not grant) manager !

Posted by Laurent | Report as abusive

Indeed,Grant was a nice man but lacks d quality nd charisma requied of a manager.Having said that I think ROMAN should stop interfering in the managerial job.JOSE’exit stil a big mistake 4 chelsea!However,Grant’ succesor needs 2 work very hard if he wants 2 remain in the club.its either u are a champion or u leave

Posted by yemi esq | Report as abusive

Following Mourinho, Grant was doomed to fail. Any manager was doomed to fail. This time, if it’s Rijkaard, Mancini, or whomever, and they don’t bring home important silverware, there won’t be an Avram Grant to blame. Fans will start to look higher on the org chart, straight at Peter Kenyon and Bruce Buck. After all, Abramovich can’t fire himself! 05/starting-eleven-football-blog-roundup _27.html

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

roman .. as aowner of chelsea have right to sack grant.. but he also need to sell john terry and anelka because they failed to score goal on penalty shoot.. not grant.. if grant shoot .. roman can sack him but when john terry not score goal roman not take any action. it unfair…
and nobody is remembering Drogba his bad attitude. And nobody knows what kind
of result the teah would has with JM. Avram made a miracle staing in a such good team conditins after 8 month of being with the team. Roma-dengi eto ne vse, razberis s igrokami. Grant is a real coch.

Posted by Emmanuil | Report as abusive

It has now become circus at chelsea. The whole bunch of them heads dont know what to do and dont have a heart to appreciate the good one does. How the hell do they think by prophesy or word of mouth they can win everything. Or do they think money kicks the ball? Do they at any momment ever realise that on the soccer pitch there are two teams and each team prepares adequately to conquer the other? Look guys, this is a game and all teams cant be first. The same Man U who are champs at some time were not doing well but they stuck on with the same coach. what we are seeing now are the results of patience. This justifies that Jose shouldnt have been fired in the first place. I hope all prospective coaches are aware of what lies ahead of them if they pick a job at circus chelsea…Suppose let Roman coach the team then there will be nobody to fire…come guys let us have feelings for others and the game…..

Posted by Dawson | Report as abusive