Vlog on the Pitch — who’d be your England captain?

May 27, 2008

Fabio Capello has named John Terry as captain for England’s friendly against the United States on Wednesday, which may be some slim consolation for that penalty miss in the Champions League final.

Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard have previously held the captaincy under Capello. who will presumably make a decision on who gets the job on a long-term basis before England start their qualifying campaign for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Owen Wyatt was at Capello’s news conference this morning and he’d like your views on who the Italian should go for. Personally, I’m beginning to think Owen Hargreaves might be the man for the job — he can take a mean penalty, at least — but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of other ideas. Let us know in the comments, or with a video blog of your own.


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I thought Capello was meant to be a hard line manager who didn’t pander to player’s egos. Well, how wrong I was. He’s clearly just made Terry captain to make him feel better about himself after his penalty miss last week. He won’t travel to the next England game and the arm band will be given to someone else like it’s a hot potato. Capello should just make someone the captain and stick with it. In my opinion it has to go to Rio Ferdinand; he’s consistently proved himself to be a fantastic leader all season and is one of the best centre backs in the game, he’s also a nice lad, who the players respect. Unlike Mr Terry, who is one of the most horrible people on the planet – the only reason he took the penalty on Wednesday was because he wanted the limelight. Other than Chelsea fans who wasn’t cheering when he missed that pen.

Posted by Luke Goddard | Report as abusive

Make Stevie G captain of England. There is simply no player in the English game who responds better to being given the responsibility of the captain’s armband than ‘El Gigante’ Gerrard. And my, how much do England need the scouse dynamo to put in big performances, driving our dire national team to success above their station, like he has done with Liverpool (most notably on the biggest stage of Champs league and cup finals) over the last few seasons.

‘Stevie G, Stevie G, wear that armband just for me’

Posted by Riley | Report as abusive

Here are my candidates:

Rooney, Lampard, Gerrad then Terry

Soccer fan

Posted by Al Sefati | Report as abusive

I agree 100% Hargreaves for captain.It’s an obvious choice.I don’t see much leadership ability from those other candidates at all.

Posted by Jay Cutler | Report as abusive

JT, no question.

Posted by Dan Drage | Report as abusive

Hargreaves is a great shout for captain and as Capello seems to be giving everyone a go on the arm band I’m sure he’ll get his chance. But will he remain, I very much doubt it. It has just become annoying that Capello won’t make a firm decision on the captaincy – I mean what benefit does it have making Terry captain against USA tonight, it’s a meaningless friendly that’s hardly going to light the fire in his belly.

Posted by Luke Goddard | Report as abusive

As a Liverpool fan, i’m favouring Stevie G of course but really, England should concentrate less on who wears the armband and sort their football out first.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

Does it matter who gets the armband. Most of the players that Capello is relying on should of quit international football if they had any pride after the performance they put up to try and qualify for euro 2008. It is not all Maclarens’ fault.

Posted by Michael Burwell | Report as abusive

England didn’t qualify for the grown-ups cup, so let’s see which player is left in the squad for the next major campaign.

BTW – Wales v. Iceland. C’mon Cymru!

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

What i feel is Capello is just changing the armband just to give that extra fire to the person who would permanently have captain’s armband.In a way just showing his power.In no way or the other i feel there is a better option then JT….look his performance against USA…he can go fwd..score gaoals and makes last line of defence so strong.If you call taking the fifth penalty when Drogba is red-carded limelight then probably u dont understand Football my friend.Owen hargreaves probably needs more time to win ARMBAND…..

Posted by NIKS123 | Report as abusive

You need a captain to be a great leader – in both victory and defeat. After the CL final, JT should have been consoling the younger lads in the squad – instead he just blubbed like a big girl because he kicked a ball squiffy. You never saw Stuart Pearce do that! And his outrageous accusations against a referee this season proves he’s neither sporting nor a gentleman either. Terrible choice.

Best candidate is Ferdinand – he has proven at Utd that he can do the job well, the other players respect him and by learning from his past mistakes he is a good role model for younger lads in the squad. Gerrard as a back-up – although he clearly doesn’t need the armband to inspire himself or others.

Posted by Rolls Eyes | Report as abusive