Euro 2008: Our predictions, your predictions

June 6, 2008


Click on the video above to see just a few of our correspondents here in Austria and Switzerland giving their views on what to expect at Euro 2008.

At the end of the video we give our predictions on who’s going to win and we’d like you to follow suit. Feel free to upload your own video views somewhere (if you send us the link and we like what we see, we’ll showcase it here) or just let us know who you think is going to win in the comments below.

And yes, you can come back and gloat when all our predictions turn out to be spectacularly wrong.

Kevin Fylan, Ascona


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Predictions are for the birds in a tournament like this. And odds go out the window. I wouldn’t want to be a bookie for the Euros. Who to pick? What to pick? I’m predicting only one thing: beautiful football. May the best and luckiest team win this beautiful tournament.

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

I agree that Spain have been the underachievers of European football, although I hadn’t realised they’ve not won a title since 1964. They went out in the early rounds, along with Germany and Italy, in 2004. I don’t think there’ll be a repeat of those early upsets this time around.

I haven’t forgiven Portugal for a spectacularly poor effort in the 2004 final either.

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

Going to have to agree with the boss on this one and say it’s going to be France’s year and think, although he’s clearly bias, Patrick might be onto something with a France v Germany final.

My smart money’s usually not that smart at all, but I’m taking a punt on Spain and Sweden NOT to make it out of Group 4 as well…

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On the subject of Simon’s comments, there’s a piece about the “tiqui-taca” style of Spain here os-estilo/dasopi/20080606dasdaiopi_3/Tes

And beautiful gamer, go on … pick a team … you know you want to.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

C’mon the English team lost their qualification games in spectacular fashion.

If they’d been in the tourney, they’d probably be knocked out with losses to Poland, Turkey and Austria.

Saying that the tourney will be good, even though England isn’t in it, is blatantly insulting to the teams that knocked England out in the qualifiers.

Posted by RobD | Report as abusive

I think it could be any one of Italy, Germany or Portugal. They look quite balanced and the latter two might just bust out in attack, but you never know in these tournaments nowadays. Certainly not Austria.

Posted by Diamonds Soccer | Report as abusive

I’m with that Kelvin Fylan character, I’ve never known him to get it wrong before, and his prediction for a Spanish victory looks like a very shrewd call to me. Unless of course he has personal reasons for backing them, but he seems a man of too much integrity for that…

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Hi Soccer fans ,
I am surprised and appalled the way FIFA governing body operates under the imperialist framework. England,Scotland and Wales represent themselves in olympics as Britain but in FIFA world cup they get recognized as sovereign countries. Aren’t we living in 21st century and in a democratic world.On what basis only these 3 kingdoms get represented separately.I appeal to all Soccer fans the world over, to challenge this distinct and blatant partisan treatment. WE NEED TO DO SOEMTHING TO ENSURE THAT IN FUTURE WORLD CUPS WE PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY TO TWO MORE RECOGNIZED COUNTRIES AND RAISE THE STANDARD OF THE GAME AND NOT TO CONTINUE WITH THE IMPERIALIST HEGEMONY OF FIFA.

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Why is everyone backing Spain???? Simon has it right Aragones is falling into the Eriksson trap of picking the best 11 players rather than the best team. their midfield, just like the italians is too similair. The Russians will get out of that group and the Romanians will get out of Group C, but i still think the Germans for the title

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Great blog, it gave us the chance to meet all Sport journalists covering the event. Keep up the good work! …and I´ll keep my fingers crossed, let´s see if España finally wins this year. Hope Aragones keeps his mouth shut during the tournament.

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well, rich, you kind of got away from the original question on which teams will make it to the euro 2008 final and who will come out victorious, but i do think you bring up another interesting subject. nevertheless, i will stick to euro at this moment. my heart is calling for a final between portugal and spain, however, i deeply believe that the germans will get the upper-hand on penalty kicks against portugal in the semi-finals. thus, leading to a final between germany and spain, germany the winner, and spain with at least another 2-year wait before they can attempt to end their title drought in what would be the 2010 world cup in south africa.

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#all together now …………

“Oh you can’t put your foot up in Europe
You can’t show your studs on the ‘nent
They take a dim view of a slightly raised shoe
So think on if you’re up against Ghent, my lad
Think on if you’re up against Ghent”

(Chords A, B, E)

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Spain are going to win!

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