Ronaldo’s heart set on Madrid. Time for United to cash in?

June 20, 2008

Ronaldo reactsCristiano Ronaldo told Real Madrid what they wanted to hear when he reacted to Portugal’s Euro 2008 exit with a clear indication of what he has in mind for his future.

Ronaldo was careful never to mention the words Real or Madrid when he spoke to reporters in Spanish at the end of the match in Basel but his words still did not leave much to the imagination.

“Everyone knows what I want,” Ronaldo said. “But in the next two or three days you’ll have something new. (I made this decision) some time ago, before this competition. I didn’t want to say anything because we were in competition and these are important decisions.”

Asked about the likelihood of a move, he added: “The possibilities are big but it doesn’t depend on me and because of that I don’t want to talk about it.”

His comments came on the same day a senior Real Madrid figure called on Ronaldo to come out in public and give them an opportunity to start negotiations with the Premier League champions.

If Ronaldo really does want to leave, United may have to accept that the canniest move now would be to get the best deal possible from Real.

The 23-year-old winger’s ineffective performance in Portugal’s 3-2 defeat by Germany might just persuade Alex Ferguson that he is by no means irreplaceable and that 100 million euros or so might give him the chance to build an even better team.

Do you think United should let him go and pocket the cash? And if so, who could they sign to fill Ronaldo’s boots? Barcelona are trying to offload Ronaldinho, Deco and Samuel Eto’o and they could comfortably afford all three with that sort of money.

What do you reckon?

PHOTO: Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to Portugal’s 3-2 defeat by Germany at Euro 2008, Basel, June 19, 2008. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth


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If the guy wants to go, let him go for goodness sake, no point keeping a player who’s unsettled.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

I’d like him to stay, but if his heart is no more a united, i rather let him leave and never look back again . Sensational he is as a player, but at the same time could be crucial to united, that ever since he joined, they always stood by him till the very end. Just want you guys to think, that cristiano ronaldo is what he is today, because of whom ? and because of who build him up ? If the guy respect him, then he’ll never leave . Forever Man United ~

Posted by Devil | Report as abusive

Watching Ronaldo lapping up the attention in the mixed zone after last night’s match in Basel, it was hard not to conclude that United would be better off cashing in and buying two or three good players to strengthen their squad. When an individual player becomes such a massive story it must be hugely distracting both for him and his teammates, and it was obvious that Portugal’s chances at Euro 2008 suffered as a result.

Posted by Iain | Report as abusive

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I couldn’t be doing with this going on everytime there’s a international tournament; it seems Ronaldo is happy enough during the season but he openly courts the attention of other clubs once the season is at an end. It shows a lack of class and repect, fair enough if an opportunity is there but you can still have a little more about you than to string along a list of suitors, but more importantly the manager and the fans. We should continue to invest in great British talent like Paul Scholes, foreign talent is incredible but they have to want to play for the team and noone else…thanks Eric, you had it all!!

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

Its a very sticky one – on the one hand its daft to try & keep him if he wants to go & if the money is right. On the other hand he has a five year contract & if they don’t want to sell him, why should Manchester United give in to pressure from either Real or the player just because he’s decided he’s had a better offer?

If he is seen to be able to bust his way out of his contract then what does that say about the contract any player has? It becomes “open season” – any player can be pretty much be taken at will if you have enough money & that can’t be good for the stability of any of the clubs. There probably needs to be some kind of rule that prevents this stuff happening.

Besides, its not as if he’s badly paid now & Real will make the same offer every year. Ronaldo is young – he has plenty of time to go there.

Posted by IM | Report as abusive

Ferguson proved that Beckham was not irreplacable; he will prove that Ronaldo also can be dispensed with and still have a Euro-winning side. One player will never make a team. Portugal proved that last night against Germany.

Posted by G Smith | Report as abusive

Iam a life long Manu Supporter. Ronaldo believe one player make team. He is wrong. He is a good player but most his goals last season comes with Travez and Roos help.
If he do not have faith of his club make his todays player. We do not want him let him go good luck and there are many many more Ronaldos are waiting to have chance.R
Ronaldo thank you mate you diappoint us not for the first time second time

Posted by Sam Da Silva | Report as abusive

Eversince Ronaldo has been with Man U, he had played his heart out for the club. Even when he was jeered by the crowrd including Man U fans; after the World Cup Rooney incident; he didn’t leave the club and focused on playing and winning for United. I respect the guy and whatever decision he makes I’ll respect that too. Thanks Ronaldo for the fabulous years at Man U and good luck where ever you’ll be.

Posted by Man U Fan | Report as abusive

Go Ron go. Go where your heart is, go where your lack-of-morals tells you. Let him go Man, let him go. When that’s is done, at least in future should there be any look-back and if Ron is to find any scape-goat should anything turn sour, he won’t ba able to find it in Man U that says ‘Man U was the cause’

I am Chinese fan of Man U for decades, and in Oriental culture, we usually apply ‘software’, that is we solve a problem with a soft approach, soft power. Perhaps in the Western sense, one can call it ‘reverse pyschology’.

And having going to apply this, and that chap Ron still won’t appreciate, it will goes to show him to be utter lack of class.

Terence, Singapore

Posted by Terence | Report as abusive

let f****** him go! im sick to death of him, don’t think you could ever trust a thing he says. In an interview on pitch after the champions league final he said he staying, now he’s leaving! did he not do a similar thing after the euros when he got rooney sent off? let the chicken go!

Posted by webdog | Report as abusive

Ronaldo is a good player, but he is by not means the only player in Man U. When Henry became to big at Arsenal he was let go of and the same is applying to Ronaldinho at Barca. Great players are only great because they have a great team around them. Man U should just cash in and replace him…..they do have Nani in the wings and also have the possibility of getting Robinho as well.

Just let him go.

Posted by Babs | Report as abusive

sell him and buy kaka, i’d rather see a player like him in the premiership.

Posted by webdog | Report as abusive

I think United would be crazy not to sell him at a rumored price of nearly 100M Euro’s. United are such a large club that they must be looked at, and managed as a billion dollar company. The Glazers have thrown United into debt up to their ears(in excess of 400M pounds!). Anyone with half a brain knows that a company taking on debt like that will not thrive in the long run. However, wiser minds seem to disappear in the name of football.

SAF is a wise man and knows that he can ask for Sergio Ramos or Robinho in return for his golden boy along with cash. I think he’ll ask for Sergio Ramos to be quite honest. A back 4 of Ramos, Vidic, Rio, and Evra will keep clean sheets a plenty. SAF knows the two most important things for long-term success in modern football is an infallible back 4 and a team that turns profits.

Rooney, Tevez, Nani, and surely whomever they buy upfront this summer will provide enough goals. Anderson is a battler and will provide strength in midfield along with Hargreaves. They will also be able to take a large amount from the Ronaldo sale and pay back loans.

A club like Chelsea will at some point be run into the ground with reckless spending and no long term economic plan. Looking at a club like Arsenal, though yes they have been down in recent years, turn as high of profits as any club in the world due to their financial astuteness, and have built a long term economic plan to sustain their place as a top club, both on the field and financially. I’m sure United will be more than happy to take 100M for one player, and build the long-term brand of United to an even greater extent.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

ronald is without reasonable doubt the best player so far and am a manu a player for such a big club,one needs to be comitted and even respect.recently the man told said there was no way he was leaving after the champions league and all of a sudden he is at loggerheads.

anyway man u should not stand on his way if he realy want to leave.there are big names at the club and i believe it will cope considering the fact that when HENRY left arsenal ,everyone including DROGBA thought that it was the end of the club but they performed wonders.

Posted by harrisonphiri | Report as abusive

It will be very good if united sell C.Ronaldo to Madrid.
Keeping such a player will bring about lack of concentration to the player as an individual and to the entire united team.

Posted by David Allen Dwapu | Report as abusive

Since it is the will and pleasure of the Portuguese international to leave united for Madrid,i think Fergie should let him go so as to allow him(Ronaldo) play where he wants to play. Bravo to C.Ronaldo.

Posted by David Allen Dwapu | Report as abusive

Lookslike most of the United supporters on these comments want CR to go if he’s unsettled. As a Real fan, I would rather he stayed. I don’t think he’s worth the money, and his reported salary would probably unsettle the rest of the players at Real Madrid. Plus, technically, I think Real have greater need of players in other positinos if they want to win the Champions League.

Posted by Gonzalo @ All In White | Report as abusive

Man utd certainly got over the sale of Beckham to Real Madrid, but it took them several years to do so and build a new team.

How long would it take Utd to get over the sale of Ronaldo? No player may be 100% indispensible but some players come close, and in the last two years when Rooney, Rio and co have dipped in and out of form, Ronaldo has consistenly been the power engine behind the success.

It’s easy to just say ‘let him go’, but think of the consequences. Sir Alex knows this too well, and that’s why he’s reiterated that he won’t listen to offers. At the end of the day, Ron has four years left on his contract, so if Man Utd want him to stay, he’s going no-where.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

If he goes to Real Madrid I hope he makes the most of it, not like other football stars who have stayed in Madrid scratching his noses, going to parties and eating like pigs. It would be a shame, he´s a very young and talented player.

Posted by Elena | Report as abusive

Manchester United should not let him go to R. Madrid. Ronaldo has another 4 years contract with MU. He should learn how to respect the contract he signed. Salute to Beckham, because he is still loves the club.

Posted by Ahmad NS | Report as abusive

I wish ronaldo would just grow up , i am sick of all the rubbish should he stay or go. Let’s get one thing clear , he isn’t the best player in the world, not by a long way.He should just get back to United,and play his football there, Real Madrid aren’t the best team or the biggest .What is the big fuss of wanting to play over there? It’s a circus at Real , they change players every season , then they wonder why they don’t do well in europe.Anyway Ronaldo can’t be the best in the world, a few titles and a C.league don’t make you the best.He’s acting like a spoilt brat, just shut up and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, simple.Best player in the world ,WHATEVER.WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

Posted by franko73 | Report as abusive

If ronnie boy thinks he’s bigger than Manutd then he’s dreaming, and come to think of it neither are Real .He’s only going for the money , like some english players , who just didn’t seem to care at all if england got to the euros. Attitudes like “im getting 50k + a week , blah blah, all they’re worried about is their wages and ugly wags.Big time charlies, thinking they’re great players, Whatever.So ronnie , my message is shut your mouth and run to Real, don’t come back, TWINKLE TOE SISSY, you ain’t the best.

Posted by franko73 | Report as abusive

I believe that Ronaldo should follow his dreams, but Manchester created him to be the best player in the world. If he leaves that means he dosen’t respect us and the united crowd would make him suffer and weep.
Its good aswell for united coz they might get £70,000,000 and Robinho, he might be a bit lower on the charts but he still got the style and the skill.

Posted by nigarina | Report as abusive

We need to stop wasting time with the Ronaldo show and start thinking about which players we need for next season. Arshavin, Villa, Eto’o and Van der vart are just some of the players that spring to mind.The disgrace is not that Ronaldo wants to leave, but the way in which he has handled it. The character traits which have come to light through this have shown the man which will inevitably show through the player.

Posted by Freddy | Report as abusive

If he wants to go he s as good as gone, everyone knows contracts are garbage, im loving seeing ferguson squirm and get a taste of wot he s been doing to lesser clubs for years ha ha. There probably is nt a player available at the moment to replace him.

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

Let him go,hi may lernim where the Turkiye is.

Posted by Izzet sari | Report as abusive

Freguson is the one of the most successful managers in the league, Rich, im not being disrespectful, but lesser clubs obviously sell their best players as they don’t care much about the fans views on what the fans want, it’s a cut throat business , make money , club just ticks over.But big clubs want the best, united didn’t get where they’re now without the work of fergie and co.Ronnie is just a big time charlie, Id run rings round him !!!!He was good at sporting , utd bought him ,he got better due to the way utd operate.Bottom line is we are all sick of the rubbish with the saga,who cares if he stays or goes, simple.Oh there’s plenty of better players than ronnie boy, ronnie IS NOT THE BEST, I WISH PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

Posted by franko73 | Report as abusive

well every one know ronaldo is the best player and he also knows how important he is for his team /man. united/ but if he wants to leave the team then i think we cant force him to our coach is the best coach in the world who could build such a strong team in very short time and i garantee you that next season you will see such a talented player in man.united even beter than ronaldo

Posted by fikeru from ethiopia | Report as abusive

I think if he wants to go, United should put a price of £70 million, and demand money up front. Then we’ll see if they are serious to buy the best player in the world. With £70 million in the bank, United can purchase several top quality strikers….

Posted by Ben Sharp | Report as abusive

Definitely – negotiate the highest price possible, including payment up-front, then get him on his way immediately. Buy 2 or 3 players in his place with the cash. No one will miss him within 6 months.

Posted by Colin | Report as abusive

You’d think that after everything United and Fergie in
particular have done for him, he’d have the courtesy to
avoid playing these mind games and be a little upfront
about things – and to think of all us United fans who’ve been chanting his name at grounds across England and Europe. Sigh.

Scolari is “advising” Ronaldo about the future – and look
at what he’s done. Gone and joined Chelsea! Take a bow,
Mr Scolari.

Real Madrid are a great team, no doubt about that. However, their methods are underhanded and pathetic.

As much as it pains me to say it, I wouldn’t be sorry
to see the back of Ronaldo. All along I’ve always felt
we’d get more loyalty out of someone like Wazza. I guess
form is temporary, class is permanent eh ?

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Well I dont think Ronaldo is that big a player. I mean without the likes of Giggs, Scholes and other players there to support him he would not have been what he is now. Word is out that Real Madrid is offering to trade Robinho along with some cash for Ronaldo. If I were Man Utd, I would definitely take the option of getting whatever I can get out of this deal.

Alex Ferguson has always had an eye for talent and I am pretty sure he can find someone to replace Ronaldo.

Posted by Farhan | Report as abusive

I agree with Ben Sharp and Colin above, cash in but don’t let Madrid structure the usual buy now at one big headline price and 3 years down the line, end up paying less, which is what happened with the Beckham deal.
Front up the cash, secure Tevez and go out and buy Huntelaar and Sweinsteiger. Job done!

Posted by BOB | Report as abusive

I agree with most posts about letting him go – but stick a price of 100 million on him and tell Real to put up or shut up

Posted by Redron | Report as abusive

Money has become the only motivating factor in football the days of loyalties are long gone,its no surprise that Ronaldo now knows that his dream is to play for Real Madrid i guess he must have been asleep for 5 years while we carefully made him one of the best players in the world(not the best)so he can be replaced. Ronaldo should be allowed to go,not because we wont miss him but because we are united and it might take us some time to find a replacement but we will and this time we must tell the players as long as you are under contract to man utd keep your dreams to yourself cause those dreams are nightmares to fans.

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive

As a Man U fan for over 60 years I’ve heard it all before. “How are we going to survive without…. Johnny Carey, Charlie Mitten , Albert Quixall, Dennis Violet, Bobby Charlton, Brian Robson, Mark Hughes, Roy Keane, Eric Cantona, all of the boys killed or injured at Munich etc. etc.” But the fact is that we will because the one single factor, above all else, which has kept Man U alive and doing very well is the spirit within the club. What frightens me most is the fairly imminent loss of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, Both of whom, like the one’s listed, felt the essence of Man U deep within their souls. They were not mercenaries, there just for the dosh. We will even survive the retirements of the latter two, who, I hope, will then be found positions within the club they both love.
John Dando

Posted by John Dando | Report as abusive

i recon man untd shouldntlet go of ronaldo for the money they will not find a guy like him2 represent themor to fit into his shoes

Posted by soccer fan | Report as abusive