Can anything stop Germany at Euro 2008?

June 26, 2008

Germany made it into the final of Euro 2008 despite playing some truly awful football against Turkey.

The question now is can anything stop them winning their fourth European Championship in Sunday’s final in Vienna?

Fans back home in Germany missed some of the second half after a storm in Vienna caused a problem with the TV signal. That was a shame, because it was only in the last few minutes in Basel that Germany actually started playing the way they should have done all along.

In the first half they were far too careless with the ball, seemed to underestimate how dangerous Turkey could be and deservedly fell behind to a goal from Ugur Boral.

Germany equalised with their one moment of quality in the first half, when Bastian Schweinsteiger clipped in from Lukas Podolski’s cross, before a talking-to from coach Joachim Loew at the break served to sort them out.

“I told them we have to play more seriously, and stop losing the ball,” Loew said.

The dressing down worked and when an otherwise anonymous Miroslav Klose headed in on 79 minutes, Germany looked to be on their way. Another twist saw Semih Senturk equalise before Philipp Lahm bagged a 90th minute winner.

Germany win even when they don’t play well. Can they really be stopped?


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Yes. Russia can stop Germany. We have young & dynamic command and they don`t afraid anybody.
So Ole-ole-ole-ole, ROSSIA, VPERED!

Posted by Konst | Report as abusive

Even at their worst they beat teams. Germany is going to win it all and I’m going to be dancing in the streets!

Posted by papa bear | Report as abusive

Hold your horses Konst, Russia still has to beat Spain!! And I think España is going to make it this time to the final and stop Germany. We´ll see how it goes tonight. Anyway I´ll be celebrating near Brandenburg Gate either the German or the Spanish triumph.

Posted by Elena | Report as abusive

I am glad Germany did not play all that well last night, yet we won. The team has amazing mental toughness and i am glad that we might be the underdog regardless of if we play Russia or Spain because Germany plays the football everyone knows it can play when its regarded as the underdog.

Posted by Tarun Treon (London) | Report as abusive

Yes, hopefully by the Russians!
The German team has its qualities: if they get the chance to make a goal, they´ll usually not fail to grab that opportunity. If they play focused and with determination (see match against Portugal)they are difficult to stop. However, their biggest problem is psychology: if they think that they have the upper hand in a match they play terrible football (see match against weak Austrian team –> they seemed to be totally clueless. The same applies to yesterday´s match).
I truly hope that the Russian team wins. Simply because they should be rewarded for their offensive football.

Posted by C | Report as abusive

No one. eventhough Spain and Russia have played some very good footbal i still believe this is Germany tournament. I think German will be European Champs on Sunday.

Posted by Rod | Report as abusive

It’s certainly a shame for Turkey, but at least we were spared the same result after yet another penalty shoot out and more of Ballack’s Stamford Bridge-like carping.

Both Russia and Spain have a good chance of knocking Germany into touch on Sunday. Russia especially have been really worth watching this time around, and Spain have the talent in their side – that they can get over their performance anxiety is in question though.

Lat night’s torrent in Vienna meant that at times we were watching football on the telly but with radio commentary, which was just great.

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

Russia can stop Germany? LOL Sorry only in your dreams. I don’t even think Russia will against SPAIN.

Defeat GERMANY??? LOL LOL LOL ONLY a silly russian would’ve thought of this.

The final will be

Germany VS Spain

And Germany will win, they have the height factor.

Posted by Beast | Report as abusive

Its a really arogant article because you don’t get a cup with playing “nice” soccer. You get the cup because you win and Germany did a really nice job in that aspect.

So coming back to your question: Nobody can stop Germany in winning the cup!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

I agree with lots of the comments, the german’s didnt play the best soccer, but somehow i knew they will come back, i hope will see a better team on sunday?
i definetly will be glued to the tv…ha-ha
Proud to be a german-american

Posted by M.M. | Report as abusive

go germany,,,i know they didnt play the best game, but comes sunday will see a better team.

Makes me proud to be a german american.

Posted by M.Mohr | Report as abusive

For all the accolades heaped upon Russia, I’m still not buying the fact that they are capable of beating Spain. Sure their young and are unafraid, but it was some 2 weeks ago that Spain mauled Russia 4-1. While Arshavin has impressed me thoroughly, and Spain defeated them without Arshavin, I seriouslly doubt Russia has the goods to compete with Spain tonight.

Does anyone forget David Villa ran Russia’s back four absolutely ragged. Apparently not. Not to mention Cesc is one of the most complete midfielders in the world. This isn’t the Spain we’re used to. They are young, dynamic, and haven’t lost in 20 matches now. Spain are a dangerous team, and in my opinion have all the qualities necessary to be world beaters. A team that is not confident in itself cannot walk into a penalty shooters against the world champions, and the world’s best keeper and keep their mettle. I think Spain will win handily.

Just an honest opinion from a neutral.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Spain hash just demolished russians. The ugly germany football will be crushed, resistabce is futile. OLE ESPAÑA!!!!!

Posted by Alf | Report as abusive

yes, Spain can and definitely will

Posted by klompen | Report as abusive

No way, the Germans will win the cup and with their uniqe players. Spain did a good job yesturday but it was nothing more than a workout because the Russians didn’t play soccer yesturday.

Go Germany Go ….. and bring the cup home!!!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

I predict that the Spaniards not only win but will thrash Germany if they continue playing the way they did against Russia. All the dynamic nature of Russian squad was frozen like a Siberia ice by the great defense of Spain. The offence combination they have will be fatal and penetrating for the German oldies. I expect a 3:1 and Spain lifting the well deserved and truly earned Euro 2008 cup.

Posted by Mathew | Report as abusive

Germany will certainly Lift the Cup!
On Monday,they will show the World Class German Football.

Posted by See | Report as abusive

If they can re-gain the WC 2006 spirit, no.

If they play again like Wednesday night, yes.

Hope the side displaying better football wins. Which seems to be Spain so far. We’ll see.

Posted by monar | Report as abusive

fernando torres…..iguess

Posted by aatish | Report as abusive

We just did tonight!!

Viva Espana

Posted by Nadalito | Report as abusive