Spain win Euro 2008 after 44 years of hurt – your views

June 29, 2008

Fernando Torres scores

It took 44 years but Spain are finally European champions once again.

A well-taken first half goal from Fernando Torres sealed a 1-0 win over Germany in an open, attacking final which summed up the whole of Euro 2008.

Looking at the match and the finals in general, technically-gifted Spain probably deserved to end their major tournament hoodoo. Do you agree?  

Germany’s Philipp Lahm will wonder how he allowed Torres to beat him to the ball and slot home. In fact, the German defence was unusually creaky for much of the tournament. Can they bounce back for the 2010 World Cup or will Spain’s dynamic side continue to dominate? 

Let us know your views below.  

PHOTO: Spain’s Torres scores past Germany goalkeeper Lehmann during the Euro 2008 final at Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna. June 29 REUTERS/Christian Charisius


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Will Done Spain Gooood Luck in future

Posted by Raj Cheema | Report as abusive

Absolutely deserved. Hats off to another brilliant midfield performance. And the goal was beautfully taken.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

It is the exemplary performance and the passion to win the euro cup 08 has led the spain team to have the success.
They not only created the history of 44 years but they even beat the world champions Italy in the Quarters to make to the semis.On the whole finally the winning spirit of spain has continued to lift the euro cup 2008.

Posted by kasam srinath | Report as abusive

ya,SPAIN deserved to win!!!finally,,the best team win!!!with all the amazing&talented players like torres,villa,fab,senna,sergio ramos,puyol and casillas,they could win the world cup too!!!

Posted by freestyler | Report as abusive

Spain deserved to win, they played very well, the Germans could only stop them with faults. It´s a shame they didn´t score more goals, but it was a very exciting match. Congratulations España!

Posted by Elena | Report as abusive

Olé España, well done, excellent football. They showed for once a truly passion for the sport of football. Hope they keep the team work and make it also to the final at the World Cup.

Posted by Estefania | Report as abusive

When you don’t have skills to match go with your
luck, well you eventually run out of luck — and
lose. What the Germans had was simply bravado and
the Tutonic can-do spirit but not much individual
finesse. The Spaniards to a man were young, hungry
and more comforatble with handling the ball. In
other words, thankfully the better team won.

Posted by Zeyhilel | Report as abusive

well done espana

Posted by lisa | Report as abusive

spain deserved it. nice play.good transition.

Posted by puk | Report as abusive

I bet my friend $5 that Spain would win! I knew they had it it them! 😀

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Spain the best team of the world… beatifull

Posted by tury | Report as abusive

best team wines & thats spain . Spain deserved to win, they played very well . Will Done Spain Gooood Luck in future . the Germans could only stop them with faults. It´s a shame they didn´t . it was a very exciting match.Congratulations esp….

Posted by unmesh bhungavale | Report as abusive

Congratulations Spain ! You deserved to win and fricking AWESOME TEAM !!!
Fernando Torres “El Nino” is amazing and Liverpool is a great team too !
We watched on natinoal television here in the United States of America and were cheering for Spain ! Viva Espana ! yeaaaaaaaahhhh !!!!

Posted by Albert | Report as abusive

Good football espana. The strong team won.

Posted by Musichana | Report as abusive

Congrats Spain!!! it was about time, right? lol
After all the spanish team was the best team all along the euro.
found some great pics here nd-España/6824#match_photos

Posted by jan | Report as abusive

Well done Spain and very well deserved. The Germans have to count themselves lucky to even make it past Portugal given the blatant foul by Ballack that led to his goal but was not called back. The Germans also deserved the result.

Posted by kiwi | Report as abusive

It is something I was hoping for. After all their game had natural flair, compared to the monotony of German football.

Posted by Vishaal Bhat | Report as abusive

wow, 44yrs is a long time. it was a well deserved win though.

Posted by MMA Fight | Report as abusive

It’s been a very long time coming… It’s so good to finally be able to see the Spanish team fulfil its potential by playing to its own style and taking on all comers. I hope that, even though Aragonés is leaving, we’ll see some continuity of style as we come up to the World Cup qualifiers.

Posted by Gonzalo @ All In White | Report as abusive

Words fail me

Posted by William Kemble-Diaz | Report as abusive

congrats to Spain but it’s not who I wanted to see win.

The German defense looked creaky and the biggest problem with it, as it has been since WC06 is Jens f’n Lehman! He has no business being the #1. Kahn should have been the man in ’06 and if Löw had any sense he would have called on somone else.

Lehman has played about 4 competitive matches for club all year and his ability to marshall and organize his back line has been very much suspect since…well…forever.

Posted by papa bear | Report as abusive

spain deserved to win.

Posted by Marto | Report as abusive

SPAIN!! Sensational win. Stellar performance. Just classy and exceptionally TALENTED. Cheering you from USA. Go for the WORLD CUP.


Posted by Arun | Report as abusive

Spain was Sensational win. I knew that

Posted by pipa | Report as abusive

Spain’s bravery and talent have deserved this kind prize for years. Madrid and Barcelona reconciled under one red and yellow flag. Soccer rules the country…

Posted by ivan | Report as abusive

well, not exactly 44. They did win the Olympics in 92 with the likes of Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Kiko, Abelardo, Chapi Ferrer, Canizares, and Alfonso.

But Bravo nevertheless and here’s hoping we don’t have to wait decades to see Spain win another trophy.

Posted by IBES | Report as abusive

I am Ghada from Egypt …. Congratulations for Spain for winning Euro 2008 …. Hard luck for Germany …..

Posted by Ghada | Report as abusive

Congratulations for Spain for winning Euro 2008 after 44 years … Hard luck for Germany …. Ghada from Egypt

Posted by Ghada | Report as abusive

That was just great! Spaniards showed a wonderful game! Pienso que Espana era el equipo mejor en este Euro y su victoria es merecida!! ¡Buena suerte!

Posted by Olesya | Report as abusive

Finally, It´s the team that played the most appealing football as well as showed determination to win that succeeded! They were clearly and by far the better team. It was a joy to watch them play!!

Posted by claudio | Report as abusive

I´m a Spanish living in Madrid. I like football and i´ve followed the Euro 2008 tournament. We deserved to win without any kind of doubts! Viva Españñññññña!

Posted by cristina | Report as abusive

Spain have produced quality players throughout the years and it still took them 44 years to win a Major,yet we in England still bemoan our lack of success even though we produce players with no where near the levels of skill required.(apart from the odd one every decade or so). Another reality check! Well done Spain.

Posted by Harry | Report as abusive

very well deserved.

Posted by Saigolady | Report as abusive

Hmm……’s a disaster.Spain?win?i had never believed it.

Posted by su peng | Report as abusive