Vlog on the pitch at QPR – Can money buy lasting success?

July 3, 2008

Can money buy lasting success in football? This week vlog on the pitch host Owen Wyatt hangs out with some models to find out.

West London club Queen’s Park Rangers have spent the last 12 seasons outside the Premier League, but with Formula One tycoons Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore now at the helm, the hoops will be looking to get back to the big time.

Do you think that Briatore and co will be able to replicate their success on the circuit and turn the club around?

Let us know your views.


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one day i will be able to go on a website and be able to watch abloody video not this one though dont work

Posted by simon blake | Report as abusive

rangers are going up!

flavio is a class act

if you want to rub shoulders with the best london has to offer, then loftus road on a saturday afternoon is the place to be :) premier league is where qpr belong

Posted by Tony Murphy | Report as abusive

As a Manchester City supporter this is a subject of real interest to me at the moment. Our Chairman, former Thai Prime Minister Dr. Shinawatra, seems intent on trying to bring back the good times at City, (yes, i’m old enough to remember them,) by throwing his cash at the project. Only yesterday for instance, we signed a relatively unknown Brazilian, Jo, for a reported £19m.
Some would say you only have to look at the achievements of Roman Abramovich at Chelsea to prove that you can buy success in football. Previous to him there was Jack Walker at Blackburn Rovers who arguably bought them the Premiership title a decade ago. However, there have equally been many wealthy chairmen who haven’t managed to reach such heady heights. Sullivan at Birmingham and Fayed at Fulham sping to mind. Equally there are some who would say that money isn’t everything and point to the likes of the prudent Arsene Wenger, who has built a squad to die for on a relative shoestring compared to what the likes of Chelsea have spent.
I think it really comes down to how much money is actually available. I think it would take £500m over a three year period to confidently jettison a club into the top four of the Premiership and even then there is no absolute guarantee.
Good luck to QPR, they are a great club and one of my favourites in the capital. I’ve spent many a happy afternoon at Loftus Road.

Spike www.mancityblues.com

Posted by spike | Report as abusive

As a lifelong QPR fan & season ticket holder i have once again a swagger in my reply to the often asked “who due support”. I am excited & for once in a long time can’t wait for the season to start.Like most men in their mid 40’s there is always something to moan about and it is usualy trival, but this one is not THE CLUB BADGE it represents the past, the history and the pain we as lifelong fans have had to bear for a very long time the old badge reflects those times and will make any future success we may have that little bit more sweeter,i for one disliked the old badge but this one well its ugly if you take the two vases off antiques roadshow off the sides then you have something that recembles a simple badge that represents its surroundings and one that schoolboys can draw on their excercise books with relative ease during the more boring lessons they are the future the futures bright the futuRes got an R init!

Posted by mark casson | Report as abusive

Yes Money can buy success .
Go for it QPR lets have a bit of glamour in Whie City.

Posted by geoff miller | Report as abusive

as a life long rangers fan i was overjoyed when the takeover happened, after the past 12 seasons we have sat through some dark seasons with players who should’nt have graced our shirt. but i do have some major worries and fear the likes of myself and my family will gradually be priced out (if this seasons price hike is anything to go by )it wont matter to the men in charge that we have been here through the bad times and sat in a half empty stadium, the new glory hunters will now appear and gladly take my seat and that will be a sad day for us loyal supporters for we may be rich as a club but when we sell our soul we will forever be poor

Posted by dan spring | Report as abusive

Learn to spell your name geoff!
Can I have the bird that the reporter didn’t go through?
Rangers are on the up, UUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRS!

Posted by The Ram | Report as abusive

I do not believe you need a lot of money to improve a performance of a team.

You need someone who knows how to improve and maintain the existing talents of each player on the squad, and bring out hidden talents that they do not even know that they possess.

Compared to such marketed soccer names as that of present day soccer player David Beckham, or soccer coach Arsene Wenger, etc., my name as a soccer player and now coach is not as well marketed, but in 1980 I flew to England and attended preseason training with QPR as a 20 year old from college back in Texas, USA, and I succeeded in playing two exhibition games, I started, and played the whole match…I was even called by a nickname, ‘JR’ from then popular TV Series called ‘Dallas’…but when I asked the club if they wanted to sign me, then club manager, Tom Docherty, told me there is enough young talent in England, he doesn’t need to sign me, but thanked me for coming out and doing such a great job, and if I ever needed a soccer reference, to call him…well just last year when I was upgrading my professional soccer coaching license in USA, I asked Mr. Docherty for that referral, but he did not provide me with one…

My point is, I would love to coach QPR, or even be just a finishing consultant, and I could get QPR to win their league and get them to the premier league with the existing players on their squad today, without any need of purchasing additional players.

But because I don’t have a soccer agent at this time, and no one believes that a player can be improved in a very short period of time, my chances of being signed as a coach or a finishing consultant at QPR is very remote, but if I was, I would have no problem in bringing QPR up to the premier league, and winning the premier league the first year.

Presently I am searching for a soccer agent, because I also interested in filling the newly vacant national team coaching position in China. I would love to take China and win the next 2014 World Cup. As far as the validity of historical documentation, I believe China is the country with the oldest documentation of playing a team sport that is similar to present day soccer, and this documentation goes back 3000BC…

My goal is to prove to the soccer world, that today’s top-level soccer is at 50% of its potential, and has a lot of room for improvement. What is holding the level of the game down is are old outdated and incorrect soccer theory standards, it is time for a major revamp. But if anyone has ever tried in changing any kind of standard, they know that is a very formidable task to undertake, but I believe someone has to start the effort, and I have taken on that challenge.

If anyone is interested in working with me, or representing me as an agent, please contact me accordingly.

I love the game of soccer, and I want to show the world the true bueauty and art of the game, tha we are not seeing today, and this is not the fault of the players playing the game today, it is the system of old and outdated coaching methodology and content that each player is offered throughout their present day developmental career. However, the good news is, today’s existing player can be improved in just a very short period, to add the other missing 50% of ability they lack now.

All the best,

Peter Hason

Posted by Peter Hason | Report as abusive

I touched on this subject on my blog, but basically, I can’t understand the choice of Iain Dowie as manager. How could QPR make so many admirable moves off the field, yet appoint someone so mediocre to manage the team?

http://www.gamewellandtrulyover.com/2008  /07/qpr.html

Posted by gwto | Report as abusive

Dowie? Oh dear.

Look forward to a frustrating season of hoofball. On the rare occassions the ball descends below cloud level you will notice that it has snow on it.

At the end of an unsuccessful promotion charge, you can then look forward to the theatre of him falling out with the chairman and leaving to “go north to be with his family” – and then join Brentford 2 weeks later.

Possibly England’s most over-rated manager – and I include Maclaren in that.

Posted by Rolls Eyes | Report as abusive

What an entertaining Vlog today. Great work from Owen Wyatt, bringing in two attractive, informative, and truly inspirational co hosts in the shape of the Cheeky Girls (Wyatt, i hope you got me the blonde’s number). I hope they will make a guest return to Vlog throughout the season, as a possible replacement for Brambles, Darcey or Smith to add a bit of glamour to the squad.

In response to the Ram, sorry, i reckon Wyatt went through them both. And in response to Peter Hasons appeal for a coaching job – do any other of our regular vloggers want to offer their skills to a major sporting club?

I for one would like to offer myself as an ambling, creative centre forward to both Liverpool and Real Madrid, and would work for free in any capacity for any Swedish netball/beach volleyball teams.

Posted by Riley | Report as abusive

Briatore has definately got the money to make rangers push for promotion this season. They’ve already bought in some world class players like Peter Ramage from Newcastle so they’ve got a big chance.

Posted by jeff boycat | Report as abusive