A special mission for Mourinho – saving Serie A

July 7, 2008

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, who hopes to sign Frank Lampard this week, sees winning trophies as just part of his job as the new coach of Inter Milan.

The former Chelsea and Porto boss also aims to help stuttering Serie A rule the roost like it did in the 1980s and 90s by serving up entertaining soccer and burying the troubled recent past.

Some English fans might question whether Mourinho has the credentials to preach the virtues of champagne soccer, given that his Chelsea side were not adverse to the odd ugly win.

Nevertheless, the arrival of one of sport’s most charismatic and successful personalities has already enabled the Italian top flight to regain some of the ground lost to the Premier League and Spain’s La Liga.

If the Portuguese makes a fraction of the big signings the media expect of him and Inter’s rivals splash out to keep up, so much the better for Serie A. A footballing renaissance could be on the cards.

Mourinho is also keen to do his bit in fighting hooliganism in Italy, speaking of the need to make “the fans more responsible and change their relationship with the police”.

He didn’t give details of how he could contribute to beating a problem numerous crackdowns and anti-hooligan laws have failed to solve, but Mourinho likes a challenge. If he can meet this one, it really would be something special.

Paul Virgo, Rome

PHOTO: Jose Mourinho is officially unveiled as coach of Serie A champions Inter Milan. June 3. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini


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Serie A doesn’t need saving…. as the Italians says Serie A is the “campionato piu bello dell mondo” and its true. It doesnt have the TV deals like Spain and England but the drama and passion of the fans is really only matched by the brazilian Serie A and the Argentine Clausura.

Posted by j | Report as abusive

Agree with you J – it is still the “campionato piu bello dell mondo”.

But it has also seen better days. I don’t like the style of the Premiership but they are buying the best players and managers at present.

On another point, Mourinho airing his views on hooliganism reminds me only that we are definitely in the dog days of football here – he’s not really interested in this issue.

I know it’s summer here guys but let’s discuss this – is it possible that given the support and good fortune (one of the key aspects of success in football) – Jose Mourinho could become the next Helenio Herrera of Inter?

He has the brains. He has the balls. He has the ambition. He has the personality. He knows only how to win.

What do you think of Mourinho possibly outdoing Herrera?

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

I don’t agree with you saying the EPL is buying all the best managers, because I believe that apart from Mourinho, and maybe Juande Ramos, all the worlds best managers are Italian. Prandelli, Spaletti, Mazzarri and even Marino are the real best managers in the world. Now Jose has joined the mix and its gonna be fantastic, he was my favorite manager when he was at chelsea and now hes joined our league so its fantastic. I think Inter will focus on the CL this year and may let the campionato slip to Roma or Juve.

I also think unless Milan sign someone quick, they will miss out on 4th place again. To me Adebayor is over rated. Drogba would be good even with his attitude, but I think Sheva would be my sentimental choice. Secondly they need another AM to play alongside Ricky Kaka. I do like R10 and I think he can get back to his best and I certainly wouldn’t be upset if they get him, but for me the best option for that position is without a doubt Thiago Neves from Fluminense. I hope that he signs with any Serie A team during this summer I dont care who.

As far as saying the EPL has the best players, well thats subjective. They have many top class players, but so does La Liga and Serie A. I think the difference is the squad players and the homegrown talent, and thats why I believe that as far as how competitive each league is, I would say Serie A and La Liga are most competitive. Teams like Villareal and Fiorentina seriously have a legitimate chance at winning the title but in England its the same 4 teams for the last 7-8 years finishing in the top 4. I don’t know about Herrara because that was way before my time but I think if Mourinho can win the CL for Inter within 3 years then he will become legend at the club

Posted by j | Report as abusive

I am a new supporter of Inter Milan after holidaying in Italy and seeing Inter playing. Serie A is a far supperior league to the English premiership which is now dominated by the so called big four whome themselves are far less entertaining when they play each other. The flair of Italien Football makes each game from top to bottom a pleasure to watch and Jose can only bring more of that not just to the Inter but to Serie A itself, and he will certailnly bring the european cup back to Italy.

Posted by Paul Stephen Murray | Report as abusive