Should video challenges be used in soccer?

July 8, 2008

Anyone who tuned into Wimbledon over the past fortnight would have seen how the world’s best tennis players have the right to challenge line calls they deem incorrect.

From the days when John McEnroe screaming ‘You cannot be serious’ was seen as the height of bad manners,  we have progressed to a TV-friendly present when Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and co have the right to question decisions — and have them reassessed on video.    

It certainly adds to the viewing experience and according to Tony Cascarino, the former Chelsea and Republic of Ireland striker-turned newspaper pundit, football would be wise to follow suit.    

Writing in The Times, Cascarino said: “Football should learn from Wimbledon’s use of technology. Managers should have ‘challenges’ when they can call for replays to review decisions. It would help to eradicate mistakes and reduce cheating.”    

The sound arguments for video technology — particularly to see whether the ball has crossed the goalline — do not need repeating here but, if it were introduced, the decision to seek video help should surely remain in the hands of the referee.    

Nevermind the flow of the game being interrupted, how about the damage to the referee’s authority? Would it really help football to give managers official licence to query their decisions mid-match?   


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Defenitle the video chalenge is used at present in Rugby,Tennis Swiming and this technology made the wrong decisions taken by corrupt officials right over and over again and for sure it would stop corruption in soccer by eliminating the power from refferes from deciding matchs like the recent case of Portugal with Germany. That goal should never be a goal and the resoult could have been different.



Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

Having a video challenge would definitely help the game out, if it is done correctly. There would have to be a limit to how many challenges you can make during a game and what you can challenge (offsides, a goal, foul in the penalty box). If the match is fixed, the referee’s will find another way to try and give the victory to the cheating time.

One last thing, if the team truly deserves to win the football match, they should be able to overcome all the obstacles thrown at them during the game, even if there is match fixing involved or not.

Posted by JosephB | Report as abusive

i don’t think so. let’s keep football humane

Posted by cahyo | Report as abusive

Yes to videos.

Yes to a “real clock”, viewable by everyone at the game and stopped and restarted for injuries; and an end to “added time”, thereby taking the – corruptible and almost always imprecise – power of Time away from the official.

Yes to an end to players kicking the ball out on opponents injuries; stoppages only on concussions and fractures; medical attention on the pitch, including removal of players by stretcher during the run of play – as in rugby.

Yes to an end to all physical play and obstruction – easily the biggest impediment to “the flow of play” in football.

Posted by Beautifulgamer | Report as abusive

The video ref is an obvious necessity. Not just for goal-line, but for all critical calls including PKs and offsides. It likely can be done with none or minimal interruption of the game flow. I wrote about it on my site, and I have yet to hear valid objections why it wouldn’t be doable as I describe it.

Posted by FF | Report as abusive

Yes Yes Yes! The premier league involves so much money, how can the fortunes or otherwise be down to one man who could be mistaken? How many times have we seen on TV the results of top games been wrong due to referee & linesmen getting it totally wrong (for whatever reason)?
How can there be any question? the referees would not be comprimised by having this tool that tells them the truth, I think anyone who says no to it is as blind as some of the referees & linesmen that we have had every year that causes so much contovesy by poor decisions.
There would bo no need for bookings for players dissent because of the refs. own making, the players would play a better game without feeling that they have to play against 12 or more men.

Posted by martin | Report as abusive

In my opinion the most important thing for the paying support is FAIR and fastflowing football. However, this is not going to happen until we get the cheats sorted. Introducing video reply must help with this, why not use it to judge cheats durring or after games also. Give the ref the power to send players who continually get in their face to a sin bin for 10mins, before long this will stop. This probably kills more time than anything and depriving fans of football.

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