Ronaldinho heads to AC Milan – your views

July 15, 2008

Ronaldinho is finally leaving Barcelona after months of speculation and will sign for AC Milan on Wednesday.

Many questions remain, however. Will Milan let him play at the Olympics? Barca said no and Milan also stopped Kaka going so it seems unlikely he can shoot off to Beijing.

How will he cope playing UEFA Cup football? Milan were poor last term and without a radical change in their style of play another tough season could follow.

Was he ever seriously considering Manchester City?

Most importantly, will unfit Ronaldinho ever regain the form which made him World Player of the Year twice?

Let us know your views. 


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As a fan, it’s great to see him move on from the nightmare that is now Barcelona. But I think every player reaches a burnout point especially considering the intense schedule of games in a season nowadays and even more so when you’re a player with Ronnie’s skill. The same will happen to Cristiano R. and L. Messi very soon. The Ronaldinho we will see in Milan will not be the one we saw at Barca nor at PSG or Gremio. From a soccer perspective I think Milan still have not reached a solution to their problems. They just need to inject the team with more talented youth. To get the best out of him, I think they should try to rest him for the important games, although letting him warm up at the Olympics would be a great idea. Finally, it was obvious he never thought twice about Man C.

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The nightclubs better get ready for Ronaldinho in Milan… that seems to be the thing he is most committed to. I really don’t expect him to recover his form, he will play the same lazy, no defense futbol he finished with at Barcelona. What a waste of talent!!!

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

If there is a burnout point, what happened to Maldini, Nedved, Keane, Zidane, Raul and the countless other aging players who play at the top level until they retire or retired!!!

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Flamini Gattuso


Maldini Nesta Bonera Oddo

looks like a good team but… we need better subs
our subs r all not super.. if u kno what i mean
like super subs?

ambrosini, kaladze, borriello…seedorf is good but too too old

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hes worth 36 mill?, thats insane maybe a few years ago! sina loghavi

Posted by Sina Loghavi | Report as abusive

Apparently Manchester City offered him $50M. He left $16M on the table just so he could go play with his buddy Kaka.

Posted by kovolikessoccer | Report as abusive

Ronnie and kaka and pato in the same team will dominate. Uefa cup trophy for sure

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

thenkju verimaq ronaldinjo

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You gotta admire Spanish clubs as business enterprises, Buy Ron at 18 mil at his peak, win trophies sell shirts and all then sell for just about the same. Someone teach the Englih

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I think he jsut needs some inspiration. Maybe this new environment will provide it. He still has the skills. Needs his heart back. check out that is how i found this post.

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I fear Ronaldinho will prove as bad a buy as Shevchenko and Henry. All players past their best and massively over-priced.

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