Eto’o proves transfer talk is not always tittle-tattle

July 18, 2008

Very few people believed the story that Samuel Eto’o was considering a move to Uzbekistan’s Kuruvchi.

All of sudden it turned out to be true with Barcelona’s Cameroon striker speaking at a news conference in the country’s capital. Despite mega money being thrown in his direction, Eto’o will probably not end up there but at least they got him to go out and talk. Even if it was just a publicity stunt, it worked.

San Marino champions Murata also tried to coax Romario out of retirement to play in their Champions League first qualifying round first leg. He turned them down but with former Brazil team mate Aldair already on Murata’s books, they almost managed to convince the striker to pull on the boots again.

Tales of unknown clubs bidding for household names make a refreshing change from what has been a turgid transfer window.

It took AC Milan three months to sign Ronaldinho while Inter Milan are still chasing Chelsea’s Frank Lampard and Liverpool seem to be no closer to taking Gareth Barry from Aston Villa. I haven’t even mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo…

Every day the papers have said there will be crucial developments in the next 48 hours and yet we are still left waiting. Why do close season transfers drag on so much? Should a cut off point of ‘three bids and you’re out’ be introduced?

More radically, should soccer take on America’s draft system? Then Eto’o and Romario really could end up in Uzbekistan and San Marino. 


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My only question is will this move take Eto out of the limelight? Are Kuruvchi’s games broadcast anywhere so the masses can see?

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I think the trading system used by American sports teams would have an interesting impact on transfers. By trading players, teams that trade away good players would, in theory, receive good players in return to keep them competitive. Trading would limit the mega clubs from raiding players from smaller clubs, as they would then have to give talent to get talent. Clubs may also be better rounded, as trades could be used to patch up roster holes. However, it can be argued that by selling players, small clubs can utilize money raised through player sales to support the club as a business.

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48 hours have passed..still no new riveting trade news…

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i want eto,o to move to inter to meet good and intelligent man like marino and to impove his playint spirit

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it will be well ok

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I don’t see how this worked as a publicity stunt at all for Kuruvchi. At most, it made people aware of who they are and drove some traffic to their website, but in terms of credibility or brand awareness, I don’t think it made any difference. All they ended up doing was wasting everyone’s time.

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I do not think if Eto can give a new contribution to his
football carrier history,both to his country & internationalwise! So,what next if not looking for a
big sum?

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