Note to Real Madrid — let’s speed things up on Ronaldo, please

July 26, 2008

Ronaldo reacts at Euro 2008It’s come to something when even the good people at Marca are getting fed up of the whole Cristiano Ronaldo saga.

The Spanish sports paper devoted an editorial and a couple of articles yesterday urging Real Madrid to get on with the job and sign the Portuguese forward asap. Today, they have vox pops from fans saying much the same sort of thing and it looks like their campaign to get things moving is going to continue.

Presumably Marca are seeing a dip in sales as a result of Nothing Much Happening day after day. After all, if there really is no movement you soon run out of ways to spin the story.

Real don’t have to worry about selling newspapers (at least not directly) and they may well feel they can afford to wait. The player himself is currently injured, meaning it matters little if he only makes it on transfer deadline day.

But are they right to sit tight and hope that Manchester United eventually give in and accept whatever offer (reportedly 90 million euros) is on the table?

Only time will tell, but Real may find they have painted themselves into a corner.

This is a good Real Madrid team but not yet a great one. They won the league title last season comfortably but they look some way away from being good enough to win the Champions League. They need some kind of reinforcement, whether that’s in the form of Ronaldo or someone else.

Perhaps it would be wise, as Marca suggest, to make one final push for Ronaldo now and if that fails turn their attention to players like Van der Vaart, Fabregas, Kaka and Villa sooner rather than later.

It would liven up the front pages, anyway.

PHOTO: Cristiano Ronaldo during Portugal’s Euro 2008 defeat by Germany at St Jakob Park, Basel, June 19, 2008. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth


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I think that Ronaldo should stay in united because he is a good player and i think that tevez should shut his mouth because if ronaldo did go to Real Madrid because what is united going to do whitout him?

Posted by Nicole Vince | Report as abusive

The arrival of Ronaldo will push up Real Madrid’s flagging merchandise sales but that has to be balanced against a likely strife in the dressing room, unless Ronaldo learns more about humuility.


Posted by JohnST | Report as abusive

Hmm? One more year at Man U and then off to Real Madrid. I freally don’t know if Sir Alex will accept that.

Posted by kovolikessoccer | Report as abusive

Yeah, I can’t imagine Ferguson being delighted with that sort of agreement. I’d have thought he’d send him packing now if that’s the idea.
And sure, Ronaldo would bring back a bit of that galactico glamour, and push up merchandise sales. Far more than van der Vaart would anyway…

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

i think cristiano hould stay in england bcause there are lots of people whoreally don want him to leave this counrty,, but on the other hand its his choice to see where he want to go and live.

But all i want from him is to stay in ngland,, he has a great fottball team an he should stick with them and go with the good things that com towards him in th future..

Many Thanks

x jus for you cristiano ronaldo
i love you! 😀

Posted by deren | Report as abusive

Why don’t people just accept that he is not being sold and get on with their lives?He will be a United player for at least 3 more years……GET OVER IT

Posted by Clive From England | Report as abusive

Who cares

Posted by football | Report as abusive

ronaldo has won everything there is to win with united. he should go face new challenges…

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

‘Plan B’ has always seemed much more palatable to me: kep Robinho and the core of the existing team, supplemented by someone to replace Guti in the playmaker role (like van der Vaart) and Van Nistelrooy or Raúl up front (Villa)

Posted by Gonzalo @ All In White | Report as abusive

Yep, sounds like a much better bet, Gonzalo. It would also be nice to see a bit more of someone like Ruben de la Red. And if Ronaldo is so anxious to come, he can come in two years’ time, for a fraction of what they’d have to pay now.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

real madrid have won the league twice in a row but are not yet champions league quality they need van der vart and david villa to strenghthen their squad ronaldo wont make them win the champions league alone, they need more quality and they di=ont need to sell robinho what for? it will only weaken the team . look at teams like chelsea, and man u, barca, its all about quali

Posted by shore chizema | Report as abusive

United will not sell Ronaldo before they are ready for a very simple reason: if they did, it would be tantamount to conceding supremacy in stature to Real Madrid and you can’t do that at United, especially not after you’ve just won the Champions League. Moreover, if they let go of Ronnie, others (Tevez, Anderson, Nani) might soon follow. Fergie did not shelve his retirement plans and build this new side to see it torn apart by Real, which is what they are really trying to do.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

Ronaldo has a good thing going playing with Rooney and United. He is part of a scheme that tries to get him the ball early and often. If its not broke don’t fix it. Why would Ronaldo leave if not only for money.

Posted by kovosoccer | Report as abusive