Is Greg Dyke right? Has the Premier League become a farce?

September 7, 2008

Greg DykeIt’s been easy to laugh at English football over the past week, what with the comings and goings at Manchester City, West Ham United and Newcastle United and then the national team’s depressingly familiar performance in a 2-0 win over Andorra on Saturday.

I suspect many fans will find food for thought in the comments of Greg Dyke, the former TV executive and board member at Manchester United, and now chairman of division three club Brentford.

“I think what’s happened to Manchester City in the last couple of weeks is farcical. In the end the fans will walk away,” Dyke told BBC London radio, adding:

“Premier League football is increasingly owned by people outside this country, managed by people outside this country and played by people from outside this country.”

Trouble is, the national team aside, it’s also fantastically successful.

As I said at the start, it’s easy to laugh at English football right now. But what about at the end of the season when two, three or four of the Champions League semi-finalists come from the Premier League?

Will that make it all OK? Or should real fans of English football be following the likes of Brentford?

FILE PHOTO: Greg Dyke leaves BBC Broadcasting House in London after his resignation, January 29, 2004. REUTERS/Hugo Philpott


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I think the premier league is going to get worse, it is only going to take one of the rish owners to pull out and it will send football into turmoil.

Gregg Scott –

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If the rumours that the Dubai royal family are to make an offer to buy Man United are true, then I’m afraid that the end will be nigh.
I suppose that at least we wouldn’t be in debt, but it makes it all rather pointless from a competitive point of view,”My Oil Baron’s richer than yours” etc. Yawn.
This could be the final season of Premiership football as we know it.
Will the last English club to leave the country please turn out the lights?

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To answer your question: yes. It’s all ridiculous, but so what if it’s popular?

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Notice that Greg was not mentioning these thoughts when United were the “richest club in the world”. Sick and tired of those clubs who have been screwing all the others (Utd, Liverpool Chelsea etc) now moaning because suddenly they may not be the only pigs at the trough!

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Football is changing very much for the worse, it will ony be a few years before the whole fan base feels undervalued and unwanted. Corporate hospitality suites will not provide the passion and football will be lost.

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