Should fans be criticised for booing their own team?

October 13, 2008

Fabio CapelloSupporters are in the firing line after incidents at this weekend’s World Cup qualifiers.

England fans were criticised by coach Fabio Capello and stand-in captain Rio Ferdinand for booing Ashley Cole after his mistake led to a goal in the 5-1 win over Kazakhstan. 

Wembley supporters have a habit of booing their own team in recent times and Capello was at least grateful they gave his side a reasonably easy ride in a goalless first half.

But with tickets costing a lot in these troubled financial times, do fans have the right to boo if the standard is not up to scratch?

If an opera singer’s voice breaks at the theatre you can whistle and ask for your money back, but not at a football match. 

Cole, nicknamed Cashley by the British tabloids, probably got extra stick because he has a reputation for putting money ahead of pride.  

Italy fans have also been heavily lambasted for some minor trouble at Saturday’s goalless draw in Bulgaria. A few supporters made fascist salutes, burnt Bulgarian flags and threw bottles.

The head of the Italian FA has said all Azzurri fans should now be banned from going to away games. Is this an overreaction or is it the only way to make fans behave?

PHOTO: England manager Fabio Capello gestures during their World Cup qualifying match against Kazakhstan at Wemble, Oct. 11. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh


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I’m a regular at the Camp Nou where it is obligatory to boo and jeer your own team. In fact the only time that it is acceptable to actually get behind the team and support them is when they are leading by a minimum of a three goal margin – and only then if Barcelona are threatening to score another hatful. Anything less is provokes fierce criticism from the fans who cannot wait to get their hankies out, while the more extreme members will storm the presidents box and force anelection – or at the very least a resignation. . Personally, I hate that kind of support – but it doesn’t seem to have done Barcelona all that much harm over the years.

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Fans have every right to boo their own team…….however I’m at a loss to understand how booing actually raises the performance on the pitch, particulary during the match.


Posted by meatandmalbec | Report as abusive

Booing is the right of the consumer; whether Cole deserved it is another question entirely. Ashley Cole makes the big bucks, tough it up and deal with it. 10/starting-eleven-football-blog-roundup _13.html

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

If your team performs well, you cheer. If they suck, your jeer. Nothing more needs to be said. Being polite is for job interviews and first dates.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Totally agree with Stevie Gerrard who said that when you pay money – you are allowed to show your attitude to players. Cole made a horrible play and he deserved to be whistled.

Posted by vadimk | Report as abusive

At Lee – a regular at the Camp Nou!?
I, personally, am a regular at the NOU CAMP and hear no booing there.

Posted by Hans Moman | Report as abusive

Eh, fans have the right to boo their own team. Why fake your displeasure?

Posted by karen | Report as abusive