Beckham to AC Milan? Your views

October 22, 2008

It’s not totally confirmed yet but it looks like David Beckham is joining AC Milan on a short-term loan deal.

The LA Galaxy midfielder, desperate to keep his fitness up and impress England coach Fabio Capello during the U.S. close season, is taking a big risk in coming to Italy.

Milan generally do not play with wingers, especially 33-year-old ones who have never had a great deal of pace and are in the twilight of their careers.

They brought in Ronaldinho, Andriy Shevchenko and Marco Borriello in the summer amongst others and there seems little room for a player who has no experience of Italian football and has been playing in a lesser league for a year.

After a dodgy start, they are looking like Serie A title challengers and coach Carlo Ancelotti, despite what exciteable chief executive Adriano Galliani says, may not want to rock the boat too much.

Does this mean Beckham’s plan to boost soccer in America has failed? Or is it a superb idea that will make sure he is on the plane to South Africa in 2010? (Assuming England don’t throw away a great start to qualification…)


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Win-win, I’d have said. Beckham stays in spotlight and has a chance to show he’s still got it; Milan get a load of publicity and the benefit of a player who can still make an impact from the bench.

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No, a win-win-win. Becks stays in the spotlight; Milan gets the publicity; and Posh gets to shop.

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Milan gets to shift shirts. Adidas shirts. Beckham will probably play the last 10 minutes of every other match…

Posted by gwto | Report as abusive

I say it is a win for everyone. Beckham can still make a difference. Milan has a good solid team and he can help with his experience, but he HAS to play. He will stay in shape and play for england in the 2010 WC (or at least i hope). England isnt the same w/o David Beckham on the team. He is the heart & soul of that team.

Posted by Kenny | Report as abusive

I’ve expanded on the ideas above in this longer analysis piece. ws/idUKLM1061420081022
It seems most of you think it is a good move but there are real dangers…

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Why does every article about Beckham mentions his impact on shirt sales? Is there a real audit into the number of shirts he moved whenever he switched team, especially now that he is in the twilight of his career? Or are those unconfirmed pronouncements taken from the press releases of his marketing and publicist team? Maybe in his prime, he really moved shirts but since his decline as a player and switch to LA, why would a real football fan (I imagine even those in the less sophisticated market of the US) want to buy the shirt of a has-been? After all, this is a guy who is more interested in self-publicity and self-marketing, whose move to the US is driven by all those starry Hollywood celeb parties (especially for that stick of a wife of his) and movie premieres, who has no qualms about pimping out his kids and family even naked to the world?

At least Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are genuine football superstars with World Cup win.

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Agree with poster above that Beckham unlikely to sell a lot of shirts this time – who invests money in a name and number of a loan player who is leaving in a few months?

It is an odd move though – as Mark says in his piece, it is hard to see where he would fit into the Milan midfield and being an ‘impact sub’ doesn’t exactly work in terms of proving his fitness and form to Capello.

Still, why not? No-one really has anything to lose.

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At least Posh will be happy, nice shops in Milan! As Wuhan said.
Seriously though, why not? He’ll be playing a far better class of football in Milan than LA, not offence, but it’s true. Milan are a top side, world wide support etc etc.
Seems to make sense for him at the stage his career is at.
He’s a marketing dream for anyone and I reckon that will continue even after he retires from playing. Milan would be as good a place as any to end.

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How many times is Beckham going to move teams. He came to America for money what will he go back to Milan for. I just don’t get it.

Posted by kovolikessoccer | Report as abusive

I don’t think AC Milan needs Beckham as a player, I don’t know about other aspects.

Posted by ekkei | Report as abusive

I can’t see how this helps Milan on the pitch. I suppose it might sell some shirts, are Milan supporters so “fickle” that they would buy a Beckham shirt for a few month’s work?

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Beckham to AC Milan? Your views…

It’s not totally confirmed yet but it looks like David Beckham is joining AC Milan on a short-term loan deal.
The LA Galaxy midfielder, desperate to keep his fitness up and impress England coach Fabio Capello during the U.S. close season, is taking a…

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AS it seems he hasn’t find him self there. It would be dificult for him to play in the Seria A

Posted by Jola | Report as abusive

How does anyone see this as a win-win. Beckham is the only one who prospers here. Certainly the Galaxy don’t; they couldn’t even make the playoffs with this guy in the lineup. Milan certainly doesn’t; Beckham playing 20 minutes a week in Serie A is a stretch at best. Whose spot in the Starting Eleven would he take? And please. Don’t give me the nonsense of him keeping fit for England’s sake. Abysmal. This whole thing is wrong on so many levels. 10/beckham-maneurving-his-way-out-of-la. html

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What a great player, so dissappointed in him not giving something back to british football by signing for one of our clubs. surely he dos’nt need the money.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

AC Milan does need Beckham for the time being because, let’s face it, despite having Kaka Milan is not the same without Pirlo and his extremely precise passes and freekicks. So with Pirlo expected to be out for several months due to injury I think Ancelotti will try to fit Beckham as a replacement because his passes and freekicks are just as accurate. The question is whether or not he’ll be able to perform the same as center midfielder because that’s most likely where he’ll be playing.

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I think David Beckham will do fine for AC Milan whereever they play him in midfield. He’s been to the best teams in the world and has gone in and out of different positions throughout his career. As a natural right winger, he’s the most dangerous. He can play just fine in the center as well and wish him the best.

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He’s doing good in Milan. I’ll be glad if he stays there.

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