Thierry Henry, in the kitchen, with the egg-whisker

November 11, 2008

Sorry, couldn’t resist this one.

When Thierry Henry is given a day off from Barcelona it turns out he prefers cooking and amateur sleuthing to a night out on the town.

“I stay at home,” Henry said during an interview on Catalan TV, picked up in El Mundo Deportivo this morning. “Yesterday, for instance, some friends came round and I made them ‘torrijas’ (a revolting bread pudding type of thing).

“Afterwards we watched a film and played Cluedo.”

Who said footballers were anything but a wholesome bunch?

ALL IN THE WRIST: Barcelona’s Thierry Henry demonstrates the action required for the perfectly beaten egg (not really) during a press conference at the Nou Camp in Barcelona, Oct 16, 2008. REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino


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TORREJAS are very much like French Toast, and are not revolting at all (unless you can’t stand the sight of French Toast). They are actually quite sweet and tasty. I suggest you think (or at least google) before you speak…err..write, my dear ignorant friend Mr. Kylan. Or at the very least try something new on your plate every once in a while…..

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Hi Alfonso. I remember being given torrijas once while living in Barcelona and being appalled. Much worse than that over-sweet taste is the soggy texture. I still shudder.
But you’re right. Maybe I should give them another try. I’ve now lived in Germany long enough to appreciate the food in Spain much more!

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Top blogging!!

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Henry can cook for me any time…

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thierry is a jack of all trade i like him lots

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Next time,i will stay at home with him..

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