Mourinho poised for City as geese attack Ronaldo

November 12, 2008

In quiet weeks there always used to be transfer news to mull over but now with the advent of ‘the window’, we have been deprived of major gossip until January.

Silly season, when the media make the most of the slightest hint of a story to fill pages and airwaves, is traditionally during the lazy summer months yet it is currently in full flow in November.

The lack of Champions League or international matches this week has led to a host of bizarre stories.

Apparently Manchester City’s mega-rich Arab owners are throwing loadsa money at Inter coach Jose Mourinho to tempt him back to England.

This is despite the fact the owners have backed boss Mark Hughes, ‘Mou’ has only just started at Inter and last month the media said he was destined for Manchester United (a story which also came out during a quiet week).

The lead story on some websites in Italy on Tuesday was earth-shattering news that Reginaldo, (a Brazilian who plays for Serie B side Parma if you didn’t know) was splitting up with Christian Vieri’s ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis….

El Mundo Deportivo broke the story of Thierry Henry cooking and playing Cluedo on his nights off while Britain’s Sun, the place to go along with Germany’s Bild for the real top stories, is genuinely worried for the safety of Man Utd’s players.

FOREIGN birds are driving Cristiano Ronaldo wild again . . . after Manchester United’s training ground was invaded by Canada geese. The fowl keep dive-bombing Ronaldo and team-mates including Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs as they practise.”

Sepp Blatter should abandon the transfer window…if only to give us some proper news!

PHOTO: Yes they are geese and they are flying over Manchester, returning from the north to their winter feeding grounds. Oct 2006 REUTERS/Phil Noble


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Trouble is, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction these days. Maradona the new Argentina coach? Don’t make me … what was that? Oh.

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I think you are the first person to tell the truth
about the media writing rubbish at quiet times.
As far as the geese are concerned, I would love for
them to pick Ronaldo up, take him to Real, and bring
Lionel Messi back to United.

Posted by david johnson | Report as abusive

That looks like a promising attacking formation (in the photo)…

Posted by Tom Pilcher | Report as abusive

This is hooey. Fail. 11/debt-doubt-surround-liverpools-future .html

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

I read just about every story in the printed press with a pinch of salt these days. Some are excellent for a good laugh though.
But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, like Kevin says about, who would ever have believed Maradonna would be coach of Argentina? Surely that is going to blow up spectacularly!
Well, whatever happens, you can bet the press must have been rubbing their hands together when that story broke. Just think of all the stories they can write now.

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Birds are a good luck sign to Ronaldo and team. Good obsevation Pilcher, thats an attcking formation indeed. Maybe Ronaldo and team are being encouraged to go all out and attck.
As for the gossip,how about Benjani for Tortenham?

Posted by Isheunesu | Report as abusive

i think the pic is a subtle reference to the film The Wild Geese, and Mark is making a comment about footballers being mercenary. I may be wrong, of course.

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