Should Arsenal give Gallas the boot?

November 22, 2008

For 12 years, Arsenal fans have been used to a manager so loyal it borders on the belligerent, but that quality appears to be lost on the team’s captain, William Gallas.

According to reports this morning, Gallas has been stripped of the Arsenal captaincy. For the sake of the club’s future, the manager may have to go even further and boot him out altogether.

Arsene Wenger has irritated almost everyone in the footballing world with his answer to any question regarding even the most blatant infringements from his players – “I did not see it.” William Gallas on the other hand sees a lot and he doesn’t mind sharing it.

In media reports on Thursday Gallas criticised his team mates for not being brave enough, openly discussed dressing room bust-ups and complained about a mystery player who “insults us”.

Does “Gallas the Grump” really expect this to boost Arsenal’s chances, inspire his players or endear him to the fans? He is either remarkably naive or he just doesn’t care. Either way, Alex Ferguson, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Rafa Benitez must be laughing their Christmas stockings off.

Arsenal’s last Premiership campaign was on track until their draw away to Birmingham sentenced them to a third straight trophy-less season.

That game ended with a petulant strop from Gallas, who kicked down advertising hoardings, refused  to play after Birmingham were awarded a penalty and only left the pitch after getting a hug from his manager.

What a captain!

PHOTO: Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas talks to William Gallas during a team training session at London Colney, September 29, 2008. REUTERS/ Eddie Keogh


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Wenger should go back to his drawing board this is not the time to blame or ascerting descipline but a time left to correct tatical error in the team. Gallas has made his view known and i dont think that was a mistake but he has hit the nail on the head.Wenger don`t disappoit us this more. GUNERS FOR LIFE!

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Gallas is typical of the rich, pampered football generation. It is about time players stopped whining about each other and just get on with playing. Wenger is right to keep him out of the team as managers should punish players egos when they get out of control.

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I think Gallas should be sold, teach him a lesson. On the other hand Arsenal don’t have any central defenders, so maybe they should keep him for now.

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You are absolutley right Joe. As an Arsenal fan, I am shocked at the lack of disrespect and professionalism shown by Gallas. The only mystery appears to be how he retained the captaincy for so long after the Birmingham fiasco, a game which, ultimately, was the cause of our end of season slump. Surely it is inconceivable that Wenger can even be considering putting him back in the team after what he has said. Are Arsenal players going to watch what they say in the dressing room from now on? Gallas’ position is as you suggest untenable, and it seems very unlikely the rest of his team mates will ever truly accept him as a “team player” again. It is time to get rid of him, and bring in a captain who is able to rally his troops at bad moments in a season, not simply moan about the them.

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He’s certainly not the captain today, anyway. In fact, he’s not even in the squad: ballNews/idUKLM29819220081122

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I was beginning to feel that Gallas was showing leadership qualities in the last few premiership games, most notably in his rather touching interaction with Theo Walcott who appeared to respond well to direction from the captain. However much I revel in Arsenal players who show a little spunk, no fan can tolerate disloyalty, particularly when Wenger is involved.

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Well, his team mates proved Gallas dead right today.

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Wenger should not have made Gallas captain in the first place. I am happy that he has realized his mistake or in fact, Gallas has been kind enough to show us that he is not capable of captaincy for Arsenal

Posted by Razib Ahmed | Report as abusive

Who would you choose as the next Arsenal Captain?

Posted by nicola | Report as abusive

I personally do not think Gallas should be the scape goat for Arsernal woes. Fine he is the captain but the point is that the truth will have to be said, the only offence Gallas has committed is is to to said this openly. Arsernal players are playing like secondary school boys, they should be brave and fight like men on the field of play and that is the point Galls is trying to say. Galls as a captain does not want to be associated with failure but success hence his outburst . Arsene Wenger should go and buy experiened and quality players rather than relying on all these small boy players.

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Bullshit. As captain Gallas needs to be strong when his team is weak. He is the voice of the manager on the pitch, he actions and mannerism matter much more than any other players’. Its a responsibility and an honour to be a captain and Gallas does not realise this. Some of the blame must go to Wenger as well, because he seems to be unable to handle big egos. In my oppinion, Wenger has been making mistakes since the first day Gallas arrived, after giving Gallas the 10 shirt (worn by Denis Berg.) and making him captain, he should have punished him after the Bermingham game.I don’t think its fair to blame one player for a teams bad run of results, but when that player is the captain and his negative attitude is visible to the opposition, then you need to ask yourself ……………………. Y WAS HE EVER MADE THE CAPTAIN.

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It is only a matter of time before he starts to threaten to score own goals…again.Maybe he’ll also take another move across London. Tottenham anyone?

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Isn’t the point that Gallas now wants a move away? I think it’s a bit of a mountain being made out of a mole hill. This wouldn’t have been in the news at all if it weren’t for the fact that Arsenal are second rate this season. Wenger needs a defensive midfielder and a world class central defender. He should be worrying about that…not a few loose words from his captain.

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This has been coming for a long, long time…remember Adebayor and Bendtner last season? Wenger’s worked miracles in the transfer market, but you do get the impression he’s gathered a bunch of people together that hate each other.

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I think this situation’s inherent of what Arsenal are all about these days – egos and more egos. There’s Gallas on the one hand who, rightly or wrongly, walked straight in to the captaincy and evidently thinks he has some god-given right to air his opinions, however harmful they may be to team spirit.Then there’s the likes of Van Persie, who it is said sees himself as the most pivotal player in the squad.And who’s managing these overpaid, over-hyped egomaniacs? The biggest egomaniac of them all, Wenger. To say you could see it coming doesn’t do the phrase “understatement” justice!!

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If Gallas was half the captain Arsenal needed him to be, he would have taken himself aside after his display of disloyalty, given himself a damn good talking to, done a few trust exercises with himself and politely but firmly asked himself to apologise to his teammates. He wasn’t, so he didn’t…or did he?

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