Vlog on the pitch – can Arsenal thrive in the Champions League?

November 26, 2008

The William Gallas saga behind them, Arsenal have reached the last 16 of the Champions League after a 1-0 win over Dynamo Kiev.

A late winner from substitute Nicklas Bendtner was enough to send the Gunners through with a game to spare but will Arsene Wenger have to change things if his young side are to progress further in the competition?

Vlogonthepitch regular Owen Wyatt discusses Arsenal’s chances with Joe Brock in the video above. Let us know your views.


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Loved the ‘knife through butter’ comment.

How HOT is Mr Wyatt?!

Posted by luciana lawlor | Report as abusive

I was at the game and thought Ramsay played better than Gilberto has for years. Gilberto rubbish. I did think Arsenal played with an almost suicidal lack of positional discipline.

Two words. Yaya Toure. He the answer to all our problems.

Posted by Titus | Report as abusive

Yeah, Arsenal have got problems. It is time they got some older, experienced players. No longer can they be happy with pretty football. Trophies please!!

Posted by Baron | Report as abusive

As a Tottenham fan, one of the few pleasures I have had so far this season is watching the early stages of Arsenal’s inevitable slide to mid-table mediocraty. It’s a shame we’ve got Harry Redknapp – you need him!

Posted by Evsy | Report as abusive

Joe Brock what a hottie – can I have his number?

Posted by Fottiebabe | Report as abusive

As a Tottenham fan, one of the few pleasures I have had so far this season has been watching the early stages of Arsenal’s inevitable slide to mid-table mediocraty. It is a shame you haven’t got Harry Redknapp to rescue you!

Posted by Evsy | Report as abusive

I completely agree. The last thing we want is an under 25, hot-headed team led by an inexperienced and pressurised youngster. Give me the oldies any day.

Posted by Clee Brock | Report as abusive

Hi guys thansk for the comments.

Titus – Yaya Toure is not a bad shout, but why would he want to leave Barcelona who are having such a good season to join Arsenal at the moment – other than to play alongside his brother? I think what you really need is a leader to slot in at centre back – someone like Mexes from Roma could do a job for you!

Posted by Owen | Report as abusive

I agree with Joe about not having a consistent scorer upfront, BENDTNER what’s going on….!?

Posted by alexmac | Report as abusive

I agree Alex – people say Adebayor wanted to leave over the summer and was not allowed to do so – with the money Arsenal could have got for him Wenger could have brought in two decent strikers.

Posted by Owen | Report as abusive

Completely agree with Joe about Fabregas but how depressing that we can only hope to keep him a bit longer by offering him the captaincy.

Posted by Helen Greaves | Report as abusive

Agree with Joe Brock on Fabregas. Good point. Smart move by Wenger. But will he let Gallas go or will he try and re-integrate him? And why did Wenger let three defensive midfielders go in one year? Was that an example of…dare I say it…bad management?

Posted by jeremy | Report as abusive

I think Joe summed it up pretty well!

Posted by Freddie | Report as abusive

Nice to see two articulate guys who know what they’re talking about discussing football.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

I think Joe’s point about Fabregas is an excellent one, keeping him is vital for the team, but the worrying thing is that another possible reason for his appointment was a sheer lack of options. Because of the youth of the team, there are very few responsible leaders, other than perhaps Toure, who is injured, and I agree that there is a need for a Patrick Viera. However, these players don’t grow on trees and I have to disagree with Owen when he says that Arsenal shouldn’t have let Gilberto go, he seemed to be barely moving on the pitch by the time he left, and it was his dip in ability that marked a change in fortunes for Arsenal in the first place. I also think Owen was a little harsh on Arsenal’s performance on Tuesday, I entirely agree that they were pretty toothless up front, and desperately need Adebayor back, but to say that Kiev were “carving them up like butter” is a gross overstatement, Almunia made one good save all game and that hardly represents a team being under the cosh.

Posted by Lozza | Report as abusive

I think Joe’s got it absolutely right though it may not speak very well for Fabregas.

Posted by Charlotte | Report as abusive

Owen, great to see you in action! The link to the vlog is pretty popular, so thought I’d see what you were up to at the moment! Very interesting content too, eloquent handling of a disquieting gunners’ perfomance! Jud

Posted by Jud | Report as abusive

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