Tevez should stay in England, whatever Diego says

January 13, 2009

Diego Maradona has advised Manchester United and Argentina forward Carlos Tevez to join Inter Milan.

Then again he also thinks Atletico Madrid striker and compatriot Sergio Aguero should do the same. Who’ll be next? Barca’s Lionel Messi, another Argentine?

Tevez, whose bustling style of play seems at its most effective in the English Premier League, would surely be wasted in the rather drab confines of Serie A.

Tevez’s style has been a constant source of entertainment since he arrived in England.

It’s a shame, then, that after hitting 19 goals during United’s Premier League and Champions League campaigns last season, Tevez has been a peripheral figure in 2008-09 following the purchase of Dimitar Berbatov.

If Alex Ferguson continues to favour the rather languid, nonchalant style of Berbatov over the hardworking Tevez, the Argentine is going to have to make a move, and where better than title-rivals Liverpool?

With Robbie Keane and Fernando Torres struggling, perhaps the dynamic Tevez is just the man to complete Liverpool’s forward line.

PHOTO: Manchester United substitute Carlos Tevez applauds the crowd as he warms up during their game against Chelsea, Jan. 11, 2009. REUTERS/Darren Staples


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I think you’re right that Tevez’ style really suits the Premier League and it’d be a shame to see him go. But if he’s unlikely to stay (keeping four world class strikers is just too unrealistic it seems), then which English team can afford him? Chelsea can’t, Arsenal won’t and Liverpool look like they’re after Heskey on the cheap come June.

If he does go then, it looks like it may by necessity have to be to Serie A. Unless of course Mark Hughes continues to eye up West Ham’s relegation-dodging squad of two season’s ago to invest City’s fortunes in?

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Please tell me you’re kidding? Liverpool? You might as well consign the poor guy to a life in the Darlington reserves.

I agree that he is a bustling dynamic player, but there simply isn’t a club for him in England.

For me he should leave for Spain. He speaks the language, eats their food, digs their weather, and would probably have more success out in nightclubs.

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Great comments. I absolutely agree that Tevez would not be a good fit for Serie A play. And, I think that there are a number of teams in the EPL that could benefit from his hard work and goal scoring abilities. I am not sure that he would get the playing time that he deserves at Liverpool but how about some of the clubs that are just below the top 4?

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I enjoy watching Tevez play but one thing that has become clear this season is that Manchester United will not sign Tevez come the end of his loan deal.

The reportedly massive transfer fee required is not altogether justified and Ferguson cannot fit him into a side that prefers to include Berbatov and Rooney.

Let’s hope that he remains in the Premier League, however if he does I think Manchester City will be the only team with enough money to make that so.

Posted by Neil | Report as abusive

Maradonna is going to make a mess of his opportunity to advance the Argentina Team. He will only succeed in alienating managers of the team that his players play for. But he has never showed that he thinks, what he does or say, all the way through. He will be a problem for Argentina.

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“With Robbie Keane and Fernando Torres struggling”

are you sure of wat u say here?

Posted by LFC fan | Report as abusive

Brilliant post Tom!
I couldn’t have said it better myself :)

If they can’t appreciate a gem like Tevez, we can. I can imagine the Tevez + Mascherano combo *drool*

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Thanks for all the interesting comments, and it looks as though on the whole people agree Tevez should stay in England.

I certainly hope he doesn’t jump on the money-grabbing bandwagon and head to the other side of Manchester. His talents are superior to any other City player and I think a top-four side should make a bid, preferably Liverpool. What about Keane out, Tevez in??

Thomas O’Brien makes an interesting point and one that hadn’t crossed my mind. The Argentinian FA knew they were taking a risk when they appointed Maradona, but if he continues to say what the bloody hell he likes, what will that do for an already fragile team spirit in the lead up to 2010?? Interesting, very interesting. I wonder if Diego reads this blog…

And finally, to LFC fan, your website tells me that so far this season Torres and Keane have only 13 goals between them. Stevie G has that many on his own, so if that’s not struggling then please tell me what is. I know Torres has been out with injury, but maybe Tevez is your man then? He rarely seems to be out with injury…

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I don’t think so. I think that Tevez can be a superstar in every top league in Europe : Spain, Italy and already England. Because his talents and also his determination, he’s not some lazy guy that just wait for a ball and don’t help his teammates defence. And I absolutely hope that Tevez can move to other club rather than being only a sub at Man U. His worth is more than only sitting on a bench.

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From United to Liverpool!? Never. And he would be a perfect fit for Inter or any other Serie A contender, he would form a formidable partnership with Ibrahimovic. Unfortunately, we will probably lose him at the end of the season.

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Sooner or later Tevez needs to move, otherwise his lack of action will cost him his place in Argentina starting eleven. Liverpool is the best option but Ferguson would not let that happen.

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sooner or later Tevez has to move. His lack of playing time will eventually affect his place in Argentinian national side.

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