Ashley Cole’s word of advice on autobiographies

January 29, 2009

Chelsea are back up to second in the Premier League ahead of Sunday’s glamour clash at Liverpool, but life as a professional footballer is not always so rosy – especially if you write a book.

England and Chelsea defender Ashley Cole recently warned players not to release an autobiography if they are already enduring a bit of a rough treatment from the press and/or supporters.

“I think in the case of the book, I’ve probably done it out of frustration but it made everything 10 times worse,” Cole told the BBC.

The 28-year-old released “My Defence” in 2006 in response to the criticism he received for his conduct in his much publicised transfer from London rivals Arsenal to Chelsea.

Cole was close to crashing his car in shock when told that Arsenal would only offer him a weekly wage of £55,000 and accused the club of lacking ambition in their attempts to keep him. 

Media reports have said the book sold only 4,000 copies while it didn’t go down well with one half of north London — he described his former Arsenal team mates as ‘lazy.’

It is easy to see why Cole feels he has been given an even tougher time following the book. He has hardly done himself any favours.

Why does anyone feel they have the right to release an autobiography at such a young age anyway?

PHOTO: Chelsea’s Ashley Cole reacts during their Champions League second leg quarter-final match against Valencia at the Mestalla, April 10, 2007. REUTERS/Victor Fraile


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Isn’t Rooney currently working on his 15th autobiography or something?
Ridiculous individuals footballers.

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It is impossible to comment on anything to do with Cashley, without resorting to profanity and abuse.

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So many people release auto biographies these days cannot believe a footballers life is so interesting to write book at this age.

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It’s not just footballers. Hasn’t Jordan released 2 autobiographies already? The fact that 20 somethings release defies belief. As for footballers doing it, you can understand Ferguson, Robson et al releasing one. They’ve had amazing careers, been involved at the pinnacle of their sport and been involved in some of the greatest sporting moments of our generation, but the fact Cole can release based entirely on one transfer shows that someone has thought ‘we can make a few quid out of this’ without considering how absurd the whole situation is. Not forgetting of course the fact that the footballers themselves probably invited a ghost writer to do it for them. Its cobblers.

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Sporting autobiographies have become a joke. They are written by journalists who fancy a easy buck for lazy writing. The sporting teenagers who provide the subject matter probably don’t even read their own books. As for Ashley Cole, he can’t believe Arsenal didn’t give him a measly £260,000 extra a year (more than most people could dream of earning in a year) and he cheated on his wife. Not a good role model. Paul McGrath wrote a good autobiography because he had a story to tell and had finished his time in sport.

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If you have read Ashley Cole’s my defence, then you should know that it’s NOT an autobiography! It’s simply his response to a lot of the press he received during his transfer from Arsenal to Chelsea as well as his privacy case against the Sun and the News of the world newspapers- who implied he had taken part in a gay orgy.

I wish people would give Ashley a break, after all we don’t know him personally. And remember none of us are perfect!

And if Ashley did decide to write an autobiography there is nothing wrong with that. There are lots of young aspiring footballers and fans who would want to hear how he started out and what set backs and opportunities he has faced in his career.
So give Ashley a BREAK!!!!

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Hi Joanna. You sound like an interesting bloke. When’s your autobiography coming out?

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I find it quite outrageous that spheroid-kickers earn something approaching my annual salary PER WEEK! Do they save lives? No. Do they set a good example as role models? No. Do they make any real tangible positive contribution to others’ lives (save their own petty little circles)? No. Therefore I suggest in this new dawn of financial constraint we give these over-rated clowns a salary which truly reflects their contribution to society. Oh, and a wee note to the corporate sponsors of this lunacy – if you have so much spare cash to support these activities, try charging less interest (banks) or less for your services (other industries) or maybe you should pay more tax so the more modestly-remunerated people of this world could pay less tax and improve their standard of living……….

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