Scolari sacked by Chelsea – your views

February 9, 2009

Chelsea have sacked manager Luiz Felipe Scolari after just over half a season in charge.

“Luiz Felipe Scolari has been dismissed as manager of Chelsea Football Club with immediate effect,” a statement said on

Some would say it is out of the blue but others might not be so surprised. On the day Portsmouth also axed Tony Adams, it just goes to show the pressure on clubs in modern football.

Chelsea have been on a bad run for their standards but it is a big risk to switch coaches just weeks before their Champions League last 16 tie with Juventus.

PHOTO: A combination of file pictures shows Luiz Felipe Scolari watching Chelsea against Manchester United during their Premier League match at Stamford Bridge, Sept. 21, 2008. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez 


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“Chelsea have been on a bad run for their standards but it is a big risk to switch coaches just weeks before their Champions League last 16 tie with Juventus.”

I favored Juve to win the tie before Scolari was sacked, so it can’t get much worse anyway. Incredible how this team went from a CL finalist to a team not able to beat a newly promoted team at home.

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HAHAHAHAHA! As a Man Utd fan, i am chuffed to bits he has been given the boot. Chelsea are surely in disarray, the players will be wondering what the hell is going on. First Mourinho, then Avram Grant, now Scolari! It’s soon to take over as the hardest job in football from Newcastle.

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Poor rich Abramovich
Can afford any dinner,
But can’t buy a winner.
It’s sad but funny
With all that money!

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Strange timing – new manager won’t stop the rot this season and no silverware anyway – why do it now instead of in the summer? He would have then had a chance to turn things around. Perhaps Chelsea think they can poach another London club manager? I sincerely hope they will not try to prise Zola away from West Ham with him only serving 6 months of his current contract as Zola would be given a poisened chalice that he is not yet ready for.

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I just wish Scolari had resigned so Abramovich wouldn’t have been able to smirk. I’m glad he’s out though, working with that Russian fool must be impossible.
So Hiddink’ll get the job, lead Chelsea to the Champs League final and push United all the way for the title, then get fobbed off in May most probably. Oh to be a Chelsea player or fan…exasperating stuff.

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and heres me trying to raise money to help some teams survive, and you have clubs like chelsea with no morals in football….

Save your club @

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grant was good. y did Chelsea sack him? He got the team from a situation like the current on to be winners, without a lot of key players.

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Good news! But what I stiil dont understand is why it took such a long time to realise that the guy may be a good national manger with few matches but not intensive schedule like the premiership!

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HaHaHa!! as a fellow manchester united fan im glad to see the back of scolari . he was a disgrace during his time at chelsea football club,he has been leading them to their worst run for a while now and im sure their own fans could say that they are glad to see him gone for good as well .

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So they tried the unknown in Avram Grant and then they tried the big name in Scolari; neither worked very well at all.

I presume they have another plan since they’ve let Scolari go, but where does Abramovich and co go from here?

Does Jose Mourinho have a brother…

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im up for the job as chelsea manager seems to me that’s it’s the best paid part time job in the world oh yeah tony adams is lookinng for a job

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Shocking decison. Every manager needs time to show the best in them. okay we went on bad run of form but thats not an excuse to sack him. He should have been given till the end of the season. Even if we didn’t win any trophies then at least he has had his chance.

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Why sack Scolari. Some of the players should be sacked. The lack lustre performances of Drogba who is affecting the performance of Anelka and some of the other players. Even Cech doesn’t seem to be the player he was and we have sold Cudicini. If they all played with the commitment of John Terry and Frank Lampard, we could have a strong team. Anyway to get another manager (who wants the poison chalice) at this point in the season is making the problem far worse. Are there no younger players coming through the ranks?

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chelsea needs deliverance well we will wait patiently for movich to think right for the next coach to employ.may be rikarrd! i think thats good.

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It is a shame! A real shame. Scolari must have been given the chance. Chelsea is done for good. NO matter who comes to the club, the club cannot be saved.

The fans are ridiculous. THey don’t understand that football changes, and as their players get old, their quality drops. It is a shame to have dropped Scolari without giving him a chance to build a team.

It is hard to be a chelsea fan under such circumstances and it speak loudly about the dishonest way that perhaps Abramovich got his money to begin with. TO win you need to work hard, and obviously noone at chelsea’s board knows the meaning of HARD WORK.

it is a real shame and all the fans should be guilty and blame themselves for nor supporting the team, but instead crucify every coach because of past feelings. This is all about Mourinho still, and I hope all these chelsea fans turn into inter fans instead, so at least those true blue supporters can enjoy some preassureless football

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I’m no more proud of being a chelsea fan since coaches are not given time to perform. my name is get ‘result quick’. sign me!

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This has to be looked into by the fans & the FA in general. Hire & Fire as far as i can remember hasn’t worked for any football club, or anywhere else for that matter.

Probably its best for Abramovich to say goodbye to Chelsea & the EPL before he destroys one of the major club teams in world football. He’s gotta go, for the love of the game. I’m a Man U fan, yet, this leaves a bad feeling in the gut.

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i am very happy to hear such news because scolari contrbuted nothing but failure

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i simply felt relieved,our chances of better results seems to be revived

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Well, he was not really a good coach because matches that chelsea would have won had to lose because of his poor qualities. chelsea really needs a good manager perhaps.

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Firstly, to all that say that Avram Grant didnt do well we must bear in mind that we were inches away from winning the champions league under him and we were on level points with united on the final day of the season. Secondy, the passion is almost non existent in our players. With the exception of frank lampard, john terry and joe cole (who is injured for the rest of the season) the rest of our squad has seemed ‘lazy’ this season. Michal Essien is a major key player who has been injured all season, so all in all i feel that there was far to much pressure on scolari from the start. I feel bad because i like the guy, but we need someone who can intill the passion and drive in the players which we so desperately need. Where would we be if Mourhino was still with us? We miss you Jose, thankyou for what you did for us.

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It’s got nothing to do with “pressure”. Every club is under pressure to win, and always has been. just because there is more money around now does not mean that players or coaches want to win more. All the money has done has ensure that businessmen, with no feel for the game, run the clubs and think they can buy instant success. If Chelsea had any sense they would have sat back and let Jose Mourinho virtually run the club, as Alex Ferguson does at Old Trafford, instead of challenging his ego and effectively forcing him out. The fans loved him and he understood the concept of developing a team, with a team ethic, rather than buying in superstars who can’t play together.

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About A Good old Englishman with Proven Skills,,

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i personally think that it was a right decesion he was not very popular among the players and the fans and most of the time he didnt knew what he was doing. Chelsea is a massive and a great club that needs a magaer like the (special one) with a lot of fire in him .

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For a long time now i have thought ” we paying for a entertainment”
A lot of money no matter who is the manager or who the players are they are paid to entertain us .

got to say fans of chelsea we not getting that as apart from english players . these been there done it players .

are not bothered about the shirt the london pride .
they here to make as much as they can.

time for chelsea to get english manager and english players

english players for english teams like the job front

i thank you

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Scolari is good for a nationl side and not for a club.

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glory man united glory

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It is my wish that Avrat takes charge not hiidink goos

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Aithough i support the sack of Scolari,but i feel the timing is bad.He has failed to improve on the records of the SPECIAL ONE & Av. Grant.As an aphid supporter of the Blues, i appeal to John Terry & his men to add more zeal.IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL IS OVER

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Its good to realise that Scolari does not cut the mark. Chelsea needs fire as well as discipline this is something “the special one” seemed to understand very well. For Chelsea to win they do not need super stars but a team formed from scratch luk at Sir Alex as well as Wenger (who is not doing so well at the moment) they know to create a team from scratch and though they fail at times in most cases they are the main winners in the long run.

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Although i support the sacking, it is true that it is not the right timing especially with champions league coming up. I still think Jose Mourinho was the right one. He definately change chelsea into a better team. Hope he will be back though chances are low.

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I had seen this move coming from the celsea management as things where slipping from the hands of Scolari.

Although it will be tough for the side before the all important game against the italians.

Also this job is going to be very tough for someone new coming cause at chelsea ever game is required to be won, and we the chelsea fans need to understand that this can only happen at a span of time not overnight.

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It was a rash decision as Chelsea are unlilkely to find a better replacament before the end of season. And it’s not Scolari’s fault his ageing squad can no longer live up to expectations, it’s the owner who’s lost interest in his toy. A manager can only do so much.

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1* MAN UTD FAN…R.I.P. well atleast we now know international managers are not meant to manage teams in the league cos it is a fast moving world and only the strong survive and so enjoy retirement and i am sure we will see many more before the end of the season.

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yeah tuff luk scolary

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I agree with most of the comments,but lets be honest whatever the manager’s commitments, THE PLAYERS themselves are the real culprits,a few dedicated ones; but quite a few others are quite happy to get their pay, and ‘just go through the motions’,and head for the showers…

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Chelsea is headed for another drought season. Scolari needed time to acramitize to club football. Chelsea management has just worsen the situation. No one will bring little hope that we had in Scolari in the champions League and the Premier League. Good luck Scolari…you did your best but it was not coming your way.

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I hope he gets a rest now because he would have known the job he was called for and the position of the club before he came. But if he can not improve the club then he gets a sack. Just normal for his results. We need output and if you can not deliver the goods what then. Just a sack

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I’m sorry but some of the rubbish written on this forum, Juventus do not stand a chance at the true chelsea team, what scolari lacked was drive, he didn’t motivate the players enough. Once Chelsea get back there passion for the game there be fine, unbeatable again. I think players like Ferreira,Drogba,Malouda,Ballack,ALEX,Bel letti all have to go and players below 25 have to come in. Overwise we won’t win a major trophy any time soon

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When scolari started at chelsea he formed a winning combination.Anelka became the highest goal scorer in the premiership.Balak and Drogba stayed on the bench where they belong.Then he starts to introduce Balak on a regular basis,replaces Anelka with Drogba from time to time and plays musical chairs with Deco and Anelka at midfield.Do not forget that shamefull game of Balak and Drogba pushing each other over a free kick.Keep those two clowns off the field, get rid of Maluda and Kalou and allow Anelka to play his game up front and chelsea will be back on their winning ways.
That is just my opinion.

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It is just stupid dession for chelsea owner to sack coach and he will never get beter for hi club

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I like the decision, i can say clearly that scolari is not a Good coach, he can’t motivate his players,no bodymovement,lact of accurate passing,lack of Good attack, poor defence, lack of central gain ball by players,. Am hapi for the step by chelsea own and entire chelsea fan.

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I for one, am not happy with the way Scolari has been sacked from chelsea. He has not been given enough time and I think the press has been a huge contributory factor to his sacking, how? by making such comparisons with his predecessors, which made the big Phil to be way back the lines. For all the reputation he has enjoyed, I feel sorry for him being sacked, he should have been given atleast until the end of this season to prove himself.

Scolari is not the problem for chelsea and trust me on this, whichever new coach who may be brought in is also likely to fail to deliver to the club’s expectations..why?…the players have no zeal they had during the reign of the special one, Jose, they are themselves aging and the new coach will always be under pressure to deliver up to the mark set by the special one…Drogba has become a tourist on the pitch…Remember, Rome was not built in one day, so all in all, Scolari wasn’t given enough time!

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Chelsea have confirmed Hiddink will take over for the rest of the season. Interestingly, in their statement Chelsea talk about Hiddink’s great experience and say he was sacked by Real Madrid in the 90s after the club ‘proved impatient’.
Isnt that exactly what Chelsea have been in sacking Scolari and Grant??

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Scolari should have been given a second chance. But all the same it might be good for the club.If Mourinho can be brought back it will better for the club.

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