If Inter are the best in Serie A…

February 25, 2009

My dad was a sports journalist too so he has seen a fair few matches in his time.

After Inter Milan’s 0-0 Champions League draw with holders Manchester United at the San Siro, he sent me a very abrupt text message.

“If Inter are the best team in Serie A then the rest must be rubbish!”

(He didn’t actually use the word rubbish, I’ll let you guess the real word he used.)

Does he have a point? Jose Mourinho’s side were played off their own park by United in the first half. The Italian champions, nine points clear this term as they seek a fourth straight scudetto, continually wasted possession in the final third.

Mourinho hailed Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s performance (even though I thought he was average), saying: “I think it’s right to talk about Ibrahimovic, he had a wonderful game and let’s remember that playing against Manchester United isn’t like playing against Bologna.”

Isn’t that exactly the point? Inter have little competition in Italy at the moment and are again running away with Serie A without playing especially well this season.

They also have a big chip on their shoulder about the European Cup having only won it in 1964 and 1965. It makes them get unduly nervous. They were well beaten by Liverpool at this first knockout round stage last season and struggled through this term’s group stages.

AC Milan were easily beaten by Arsenal last season and the Gunners, despite their troubles in the Premier League, should have beaten Roma by more than 1-0 on Tuesday.

Can Serie A and Inter recover? An away goal at Old Trafford on March 11 would help…

PHOTO: Inter Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic (R) challenges Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United during their Champions League match at the San Siro, Feb. 24, 2009. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini


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Here we go again… The tie is not yet over. Inter needs only a score draw at Old Trafford to knock out Man United. Will that make the rest of the EPL rubbish?

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I’m afraid your Dad has just jinxed us. The God of Football does not take kindly to mere mortals pontificating about football, especially sports journalists and on the world wide web of all places. We are doomed for the 2nd leg now. Doomed.

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I have to agree with it, I have watched how the italian teams have been eliminated very easily by the english teams, I still remember the 7-0 that Manchester scored to Rome.

I think that the only Italian team that is kind of different on Champions is AC Milan. I know that last season they were easily beaten, but you have to admit that they were not playing well on their league either (they didn’t qualify for this Champions League edition), as a matter of fact I see AC Milan like Liverpool, they could have not been playing very well on the premier but what about Champions?.

I wouldn’t like to say it, but it does seem like the italian league has become something like Eredivisie, where PSV usually dominates but they cannot go further than the Group stage.

Best Regards

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I don’t know why people are writing off the chances for InterMilan to qualify at the expese of Man Utd. The so called dismal display by the Italians was primarily not to conceed a Goal, something that they have managed. The return at Old Trofford means that Man Utd need to win at all costs, whereas for the Italians a draw might be enough.
I think that the pressure is more on Man Utd than the Italians.

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the best player in all world cristiano ronaldo this is true yes u are ronadloooo give me your add ! ciao all the best

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manchester united is the best team in all world

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Father knows best, and is correct in his assertion that the Serie A is rubbish these days. There are not even a shadow of its former 90’s self.

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Only stupid people can judge a team from one singe game.
Mu played better but ther only real gact is the score.
you played so good but…0-0.

and the next game will say us if MU is so much stronger then inter or viceversa.
remember that is soccer each game is a different and unique game:)

i am for inter as u can see but..i will admit MU supremacy if you win with facts and not with words.
And i am almost sure you would not do the same in case you go out from champions.

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Well, Inter, the Serie A leader, did not impress…They were not impressive against an ageing AC Milan team either…This may not be a true reflection of the quality of the entire league but it is…telling. Some newspapers said that Inter has an advantage because thet drew at home. I mean AT HOME. At home, you do not draw. You WIN for God’s sake. If Ibrahimovic and Adriano could not score against a young gun like Evans and pass a diminished O’Shea, what makes them think that they will do so against Ferdinand and HIM? Well, Football bloody hell! Maybe…But UTD at OT does not draw when it matters. We win. Inter could score. But we will OUTSCORE them. Remember the title of this blockbuster: VIDIC and the HOLY TRINITY. Inter is scared. Inter and Jose Mourinho are scared…

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Inter were rubbish !!

Old Trafford will be their last game in this years Champions League !!

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Please tell your dad a rubbish country can be defiend as a country which cannot qualify for a world cup and relying upon an Italian coach. End of story.

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Ooooooooooh nooooooooooo. I really hope the God of Football doesn’t read this thread. The 2nd leg has got banana skin written all over it. Mourinho has done this before, doesn’t anybody remember the Porto tie in 2004 where the combination of a team of divers and an incompetent ref saw us go out on away goals minutes from time??? In the first leg the ref was like no other I have ever seen ref us in Europe, he was almost too nice to United. That will not happen at OT. I expect a scrappy game with the South Americans barely able to stay on their feet and a referee only too happy to dish out cards and send a red hero off. DOOOOOOOMED by all of you.

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Inter milan had a bad game. They are better than they performed. United are better,will be playing the next game at home with Vidic back. The only pressure that United will feel (after 200 games in European competitions )is the pressure they place on themselves to perform against the standards they themselves have set. Enough debate about who has what advantage.It’s halftime in the tie and it’s 0-0.Anyone can win.

Watch Rooney as he will definately start the next game!!

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slow down the horses Mark, this is a two leg affair.

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Easy to get carried away on the evidence but it is over two legs and I wouldn’t bet against an upset at Old Trafford for United. For all their domination and with THAT strike force Ferguson is understandably concerned about the return leg. We can only wait and see – I just hope that United or not made to pay the price of not scoring. But back to the point, surely Inter are better than that.

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We’ll see how Inter match’s up against the EPL teams, maybe not as well as they hope


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Why are you telling me to go tell my dad I am from a rubbish country that relies on an Italian coach ?

I’m Romanian thanks, not English.

Pupa m-ai in cur iubitul meu 😉

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