Galaxy rewarded by playing hard ball over Beckham

March 8, 2009

So often in the past we have seen transfer deals go through simply because the player asks to leave. Clubs fear the players won’t play to their full potential if their wish is denied so they cave in and take the transfer fee.

But recently, some clubs have started fighting back against player power and have been rewarded.

David Beckham asked to stay at AC Milan permanently but Los Angeles Galaxy were having none of it, especially when the Italians first offered a low sum the Americans said was “ridiculous”.

Galaxy stuck to their guns and have managed to get Beckham back for at least July until November.

A similar story happened last year when fellow England midfielder Gareth Barry wanted to go to Liverpool but Aston Villa would not budge on their asking price. He is still at Villa and could stay for good if they make the Champions League this season.

Are we seeing a new hard ball approach from selling clubs?   

PHOTO: AC Milan’s David Beckham controls the ball against Al-Sadd during the Jafal Rashed testimonial soccer match at the Jassim Bin Hamad stadium in Doha March 4, 2009. REUTERS/Fadi Al-Assaad


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Although in more free-spending days Milan would have made an offer that MLS-Galaxy wouldn’t have been able to refuse.

It is hard not to reach the conclusion that Milan have been very canny here – they get Beckham till the end of the season – avoiding any disruption and taking advantage of the player’s enthusiasm.

Then, if they wish, the can quietly forget about him in the autumn when Carletto or his replacement decide it is time to have a few midfielders not in their thirties…..

What odds on Beckham being at Man City this time next year?

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Yes, I get the feeling Milan have got a pretty good deal here. It’ll be interesting to see if they have a new coach next season and if he is as keen on getting Beckham back.
Man City is probably a good call on potential future destinations. Otherwise I think he should have a crack at Barcelona. It’s a city that would suit him well, and he’d be welcomed by the coach, I’m sure.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Who cares? We are being bombarded with too much information about this average player.

Posted by Vincent | Report as abusive

Ouch! That told us, Vincent. I think it’s a bit harsh to call Beckham mediocre. He’s not the best in the world, never was, but he still does a good job and it was a pretty good performance he turned in at the weekend:  /idINIndia-38406620090308

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Sorry Kevin, but Beckham’s quality does not deserve this level of media coverage. Go to the Serie A section and 50% of the news coverage is about Beckham. It is almost as if he is the most important player in Serie A.

Truth is that he is just a decent, hard-working, and professuional player. But he does not belong in the elite as personified by Zidane, Ronaldo (Brazi), Ronaldinho of old, Messi, Kaka, etc. He is not even the best at what he does best — taking free kicks.

The media coverage should be proportional to his importance to football and not his supposed celebrity status (such coverage should be in the celebrity section).

Posted by Vincent | Report as abusive

Good players should play for good clubs,american clubs are French 2nd ligue clubs,keeping this player is going to damage his career! Just because this US (soccer!!!!!)club wants to make a statement for fame!!!!! This is not fair for the player or FOOTBALL!

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[…] Galaxy rewarded by playing hard ball over Beckham […]

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