A Super League is a non-starter

March 18, 2009

Comments by UEFA officials that the body’s president Michel Platini is “dead set” against a European Super League must come as a huge relief to a vast majority of Europe’s clubs.

“People should not mix up philosophy and reality. As far as the president is concerned, such a proposal is a non-starter,” a senior official close to Platini told Reuters.

The statement came several hours after France Football and Gazzetta dello Sport had published, without naming sources, detailed plans for a three-tier continental league to replace the Champions League and UEFA Cup.

For most national leagues in Europe, which would have to be reorganised to allow Super League teams to play in both competitions, that would have been the final straw.

How would anyone benefit from shredding the Premier League, Europe’s wealthiest and most entertaining national championship, into five groups of four teams and a subsequent play-off so that Manchester United and Liverpool could compete?

Would it not turn Europe’s top leagues into a mockery and the Premier League trophy into a piece of worthless scrap metal?

Nevermind that it would also devalue the continent’s other leagues, whose clubs would never stand a chance of reaching the Super League’s elite tier.

Most of them find it difficult enough to qualify for the Champions League in its present format, with the top five nations regularly providing more than half of the competition’s group stage participants.

Denying clubs like Danish champions Aalborg a fair chance to impress if only for a day, like they did in their 2-2 draw at Old Trafford, would in all likelihood drive many fans away from the beautiful game.

Or, maybe you would rather watch Europe’s elite clubs lock horns several times every season even if it meant condemning the other clubs to complete oblivion?

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A Super League would certainly help a team like Inter, who could bore and grind their way to European glory rather than having to raise their game for knockout football.

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Quite possibly, Mark. Imagine how boring it would get with the Premier League’s top four likely to finish in the top five or six every year.

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This sort of thing should just be left to the ‘Create a League’ option on FIFA or Pro Evo.

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As a spurs fan we would obviously be omitted, I would turn my back on football for good if this super league ever came into being.

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