Champions League draw — your views

March 20, 2009

So, here we go again. For the fifth successive season, Liverpool will face Chelsea in the Champions League.


Villarreal v Arsenal

Manchester United v Porto

Liverpool v Chelsea

Barcelona v Bayern Munich


Manchester United or Porto v Villarreal or Arsenal

Barcelona or Bayern Munich v Liverpool or Chelsea

Liverpool will perhaps be marginal favourites in the all-English quarter-final after knocking Chelsea out at the semi-final stage in 2005 and 2007 but their fans will need no reminding that last season, when Chelsea got to play the second leg at home, it was the Londoners who came through.

This year? Once again, Chelsea will be at home for the second leg. Will that make the difference again?

Otherwise, Man Utd must be pretty pleased with a draw that pits the holders against Porto in the quarter-finals, with a possible semi-final to come against Villarreal or Arsenal (and Arsenal will be pretty pleased as well, you’d think … at least with the first bit).

All those expecting an all-English final, watch out for Barcelona, who should have too much for Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals, with a clash against Liverpool or Chelsea up for grabs.

Barcelona v Man Utd in the final?


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Manchester United could not have got a better draw, could they? They;’re in the final already.

Posted by Kay | Report as abusive

As a United fan, I am really pleased about the other half of the draw too – whoever comes out of it will be battered and brusied in the final, which we will win emphatically.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

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man u fans though they will be very confident need not be reminded what happened the last time they play Porto, though that was then, and u can expect Manu to come out hard , arsenal must be thanking the stars for this draw, chelsea and liverpool again that will be the one to look at, and really the form Barcelona in right now ,I cannot see bayern beating them but again this is champion league anything is possible

Posted by damien charles | Report as abusive

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As a United supporter myself, I am okay with the draw. But for me personally, the quarter-final tie to look forward to has to be where Barcelona is facing Bayern Munich. Two attacking teams facing each other.

Posted by diana | Report as abusive

I wonder if we’ll see see a more positive approach from liverpool in the first leg, with benitez telling his side to play with the same aggresion and passion as against real madrid. or will be in for the same “safety first” approach as in previous years.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Damien Charles: We need no reminder that we were robbed against Porto last time round, when Scholes had a perfectly good goal disallowed for “offside” on the stroke of halftime, when we were 1-0 up. We will thump them this time and then dispose of Arsenal too, march into Rome and come away with the trophy. Veni, vidi, vinci.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

Sorry, man u fans, but FC Porto has also an astute manager.
I can predict a year like 2004.
FC Porto champions league winner

Posted by Fred | Report as abusive

As a Porto fan, I’m not very pleased with the result of the draw but I’m confident. We’ll be pleased to defeat Reds again

Posted by Carlos Monteiro | Report as abusive

The draw favors Man Utd. a spot in the final are waiting them. Sorry to these past 2 Porto Fans who think they will beat Man Utd. Benfica rule the Portuguese league first off!!! Barcelona vs Chelsea i think will end up being the Semi’s with Man Utd vs Barcelona for the CL Final. Messi vs Ronaldo; everyone will hype it up.

Posted by Kenny | Report as abusive

Can’t ruddy wait for the matches to kick off…
Man U to beat Arsenal in a thrilling semi, while Barcelona will come unstuck against an inspired Liverpool. The final? Anyone’s guess…………..

Posted by Graham | Report as abusive

That’s just what we needed the draw wasn’t so bad at least there still in it.

Posted by DR. Big Toe | Report as abusive

Funny that the anti-spam word is toast. Because Porto will roast, whoever we play in the semis is toast and towards the trophy we shall coast. UNITED IS MY RELIGON, OLD TRAFFORD IS MY CHURCH.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

Goal Differences (Uefa Club Comp. Record)

VReal (+51) Arsenal (+111) [Arsenal win]
ManU (+215) Porto (+110) [ManU win]

Lpool (+268) Chels (+115) [Lpool win]
Barca (+431) Bayern (+301) [Barca win]

My prediction, ManU v Lpool for the final

ManU is running with one of the best starting line-ups in club history who are aching for 5 trophies this season. This is van der Sar’s last season playing football for both club and country and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an exceptional goalie show his most exceptional work in the final three games of the tournament. He will be the man to watch.

Lpool is running both hot and cold, during minor games they have drawn too many times and during major games they have shined like the sun. I personally could not find a match history list of Liverpool vs. Barcelona except for a Liverpool 1-1-1 record against Barca. Each time the two teams have faced, there has been a substantial amount of different players on each side. This game could go either way. Although my prediction is Lpool to win, Thierry Henry will be the player to watch. Having played with Arsenal for nearly 8 years, he should have no difficulty taking shots against an English defense.

If Liverpool can face Barca, this will be the most exciting game of the tournament. ManU should have no problem sliding into the final while Liverpool must face an equally sided Chelsea and a 1st place Barcelona. Many people see the current quarter final drawing and suspect ManU v Barca for the final due to both of their country’s league standings but fail to realize Liverpool have ousted ManU twice this season, including a 4-1 win in Old Trafford (The Vidic red card and the score was a little over the top). So in my opinion, Liverpool v Barca to play ManU in the finals is a far greater game to hope for and to watch than either a rematch of the two English teams or a ManU v Barca final.

Posted by C Rose | Report as abusive

as a liverpool supporter, i am bit nervous to see liverpool vs chelsea again in champion league but i am confident to see liverpool through to semi final

Posted by gulzar | Report as abusive

as a turkish football supporter i am so sorry for any turkish football club in this list. last year fenerbahçe saw quarter-final but this year unfortunately. so i think liverpool through to semi final.

Posted by futbolmekan | Report as abusive

as united fan i am happy to face again fc porto and we more confident taht red devils will reach final.

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Posted by cristiano ronaldo | Report as abusive

all i can say is good bye chelsea. the final here we come and it doesnt matter who we play because we (liverpool) will win it

Posted by revitkev | Report as abusive

Here we go again, the Koppites are here to stay. The Stamford bridge is down, mayb the devils needs a new trafford. Barca/Bayern can’t stop us. we are going for the double. WNYA

Posted by O’Pel | Report as abusive

Here we go again, the Koppites are here to stay.
The Stamford bridge is down,
The devils needs a new trafford.
Barca/Bayern can’t stop us.
we are going for the double. WNYA

Posted by O’Pel | Report as abusive

It has to be the worst draw possible, the worst match up possible for the Uefa Champions League Quarterfinals. We will be having champions pairing up with champions while non-champions plays non-champions.

Manchester United (World Champions) vs Porto (Champions of Portugal)
Arsenal (non-champions) vs Villareal (non-champions)
Liverpool (non-champions) vs Chelsea (non-champions)
Barcelona (Champions of Spain) vs Bayern Munich (Champions of Germany)

This is really the worst pairing up possible for this season’s UCL and it has really devalue this season’s UCL campaign as non-champions will now have a possible path into the semifinal, without the need to face any champion in this quarterfinal. This is Sad!

And Liverpool escapes United that was hunger for revenge, I trust most United fans are disappointed that they did not pair up with Liverpool. United has a toughest of the 4 premiership clubs as they have to play Porto, the portugese champions, a team they lost to few seasons back. While Arsenal probably got the easiest against Villareal. Chelsea & Liverpool got each other, just like they have each other in the BPL, level on points in 2nd and 3rd spot behind United. They have to fight it out again in the UCL just as they did in previous few UCL, where Liverpool had the better of Chelsea. Chelsea would fear Liverpool more than Liverpool would fear Chelsea. Liverpool got lucky again!

Another sad case is the fact that it is not possible for United to meet Arsenal in the Final. (if they meet, it would be in the semifinals.) It is sad because United & Arsenal plays beautiful football as compared to their other 2 local rivals. But United will be hoping to go into the final and meet Liverpool there, we still want the chance want to hurt them. May our wishes come through and come true.

Posted by Seen Ka Lan | Report as abusive

chelsea can win liverpool, belive it or not is ur business. fr chelsea fan in nigeria with hiddink chelsea are sure of wining liverpool .we losse to liverpool because of our poor performance under scolari but with hiddink we are save.

Posted by daniel oloche ngbede | Report as abusive