Is Scotland’s life ban for Rangers duo too harsh?

April 3, 2009

Rangers players Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor will no longer be considered for Scotland duty in a shock decision from the country’s FA.

The pair were dropped for Wednesday’s game against Iceland following allegations of a drinking session and were then pictured giving V signs while sat on the bench. Ferguson has also been stripped of the Rangers captaincy.

They have obviously been stupid if the accusations are true but do the punishments fit the crime?

If a future manager wants them back in the squad, I can see the decision being overturned.


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drinking – scotish – am i missing something here?

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I just read another article which stated that Rangers will listen to offers for Ferguson and McGregor.

I read a lot about this ‘drama’, but I still don’t understand why people have to take such severe measures. Of course, they’ve set a bad example, but doesn’t that happen more often?

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It’s too harsh.

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The Scotland captain (and goalkeeper) proving themselves to be little more that a couple of “daft wee fannies” to Club and Country deserves little less than deselection from country and the sack from club…these “role models” need a sharp wake up call !

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Good move I say.
Although, no doubt that any future manager who wants them in the team will have the decision overturned, as stated in the article.

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The move doesn’t surprise me. The Scottish FA have taken such measures in the past, for example with Willie Johnston – ws/idUKLN66816020081223?sp=true – Because of Johnston’s poor disciplinary record, when the chance came to banish him for good they took it. They never officially ‘banned’ him for life, but they advised any future national team manager to not include him.
He was no saint, but times have changed now and drinking culture in football doesn’t exist in the way it used to in the 70s.
A very harsh lesson for the Gers duo, but somehow I think they’ll resurface.

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About time people took the hardline with these wasters. They are symbolic of some sections of society i.e. no respect. They couldn’t give two hoots for the fans so why should their clubs give two hoots about them.

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Well said Kg…the parallels with the over medicate exploits (and other) of Willie Johnston don’t stand up to too much scrutiny..a bad prescription in Argentina and over-exuberance on the pitch are nothing compared to giving the boss BIG-V’s behind his back at work…would any of us lesser-mortals expect to turn up for work on Monday morning having be caught in such childish petulant nonsense. More power to Burley and Smith – even in the face of SFA ineffectual management techniques. As to them resurfacing, Burley will, most likely, survive any failure to get to South Africa with the carrot of the Euros in 2012 which makes Ferguson 34-35 years old, MacGregor younger, so maybe! However, why bother with a average-twat when Gordon (or somebody else) will have had 4-5 years to make the gloves their own.

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When you pay the sort of money footballers earn to people like Barry Ferguson & Allan McGregor you are asking for trouble. They can’t handle it. I quote Alan Sugar “If some of these people were not football players they would likely be in jail” He is probably right. Their attitude is:- Look at me I’m a big shot, don’t tell me what to do. They can kick a bit of plastic about but there is not much between the ears. I would ban them from professional football for all time, they are tramps

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