Does Ronaldo’s strike rank among the greatest?

April 16, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo’s thunderous strike in Manchester United’s 1-0 win at Porto has been hailed as a wonder goal, but just how good was it?

Few could find such power on a shot from 40 metres, few would even try to shoot from there. The context of the game, where United needed to win to reach the Champions League semi-finals, also adds weight to the argument that it was one of European football’s great goals.

Ronaldo, a former Sporting Lisbon winger, was also playing in the cauldron of the Dragao in Porto.

Counting against the Portuguese is the fact that 49 times out of 50, such a shot would fly high over the bar or be easily stopped by the keeper.

The debate about what makes a great goal has always raged. A majority probably prefer a beautifully well-worked team goal to a long-distance individual strike that could have ended up anywhere.

What do you reckon?

PHOTO: Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo scores during their Champions League quarter-final, second leg soccer match in Porto, April 15 2009. REUTERS/Jose Manuel Ribeiro


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It was definitely one of the greatest goal ever scored by C. Ronaldo. As an MU fan in Malaysia, I have seen plenty of United goals scored in the past. But this particular strike is the very best! And watching Ronaldo scores at 2.45AM in this part of the world, what else can be better??

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Stands out right there with the greatest. Ronaldo is among the best in Europe right now.

Posted by Sifiso Gambahaya | Report as abusive

yes Ronaldo is the Greatest player ever produced by football….He is awesome

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> but just how good was it?

Paul Scholes used to make those strikes one after another. Against Barcelona: ZY
Against Aston Villa: rk&feature=related
Against Bradford: m8

and so on, and so on.

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The fact that many people hate Ronaldo for his diving, his tantrums & his pure flare for the game will always serve as a basis for bias in this debate. At the end of the day, that goal was not only one of the best ever scored in the Champions League (yes, even up there with Zidane’s wondergoal), but by far one of the best goals I’ve ever seen in my entire life. To strike from 40 yards out while the keeper is still on his line speaks volumes about the sheer power that the boy has. The scariest part is that the goal trully reminds me of what Sir Bobby Charlton used to do for United on a very consistent basis.

90% of the best forwards in the world can’t even dream of scoring from that far out. And the best part is: He’s a WINGER!


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Its a good goal

great well, so many to choose from, from a distance its up there

but great goals can be very different
such as QU&feature=related

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For the last fifty years Porto never lost a game at the Dragao Stadium against a English Team. It took a Portuguese player playing for an English team to beat Porto at home with a flash of incredible talent.
I just hish that talent was playing for Porto so we would be commenting not only on that extraordinary goal but also on another victory at home against the english teams.

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Not to distract from the historic nature of this discussion but 300 million Americans want to say, “What’s a strike?”

Posted by Yank | Report as abusive

well yank, in this context it means a goal (not like a strike in baseball).

Soccer forwards are often called strikers because they strike the ball towards goal. However a strike can be a strike wide of the net so it is not always a goal.

It is a very debateable point whether a header at goal can be classed as a strike. I would say no…a strike for me is only with the foot

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Strike of the season topper

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It just shows what Ronaldo is made of,MAGIC He may show his frustration and go through periods where he thinks the world is against him, bet hey no one can say he is not the best player in the world or even think he is not deserving of it. He may need guidance from time to time from his coach to bring him back to level grounds but surely with that kind of talent at such a young age we can forgive him for a little of his onfield tantrems.

Keep it up your the best in my eyes.
Manu fan Australia

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Watch the 2006 World Cup games involving Germany you will see many such shots. Power, determination and luck play a significant role in such shots. Others have attributed it to the recent technology in the making of modern balls with minimum diversions. Does such goals make a player the worlds best? May be, if he or she can make such winning shots day in-day out. Without doubt Rolando is outstanding active player and the goal was critically important for the defending champions. But Ronaldo is not in the caliber of the the world’s greatest trio of Pele, Maradona and Zidane. Let’s give him time to prove himself.

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I’ve always much preferred the real Ronaldo.

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What??? It was a superb strike but the goalkeeper was so slow to react. A really great keeper would have been better positioned, seen the flight of the ball early and got a tip on the ball. No goalkeeper should allow a shot that far out beat him, even with that amount of power.

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Good goal or not, the truth is he is nothing in comparison to MESSI!!

MESSI is the modern day god of football. Best player in the world by miles. ROnaldo looks inferior in talent and ability!

Posted by Amjad | Report as abusive

honestly, that wonder strike by ronaldo was one of the best shots ive seen. as a footballer i can tell you that to score from that far out is rediculous. he is also a winger. just a talent to watch.

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Ronaldos Goal : Given the distance ,accuracy and willingness to shoot from that position -I say Goal of the Season!!!

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Im tired of hearing how good potatoes are when you ask people about Onions….Messi ,Messi ,Messi …No doubt – a great player ,but lets be real …He’s competed with the likes of KAKA and Ronaldo for individual trophies for 3 season staight now ,and he’s been beaten to the number 1 spot – Lets place things into perspective-AT Man U…great players are generated & thats why they achieve Player of the year – Top Scorer of the season – etc…which player achieved higher greatness after leaving Man U???….Ronaldo ,with all his on field antiques ,is the best at the moment ,and having scored the way he did at Porto prooves that ….so all you MESSI fanatics….lets wait for another MESSI to be born to achieve what Ronaldo has…maybe that MESSI will play for Man U!!!

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That goal was as good as you’ll ever see at any level. Rome, here we come.

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not really, didn’t Agger score a similar one against Blackburn. Alex goal against Liverpool wasn’t too dissimilar. Gerrard Scores scoarchers like that every season.

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It was good. Very good, in fact. A few days ago the Adebayor goal was being christened the ‘Best Goal Ever’, when it wasn’t even the best in the Champions League this season. That award still belongs to Alex Del Piero, even after this good Ronaldo strike.

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If that was a goal by Steven Gerrard all the scousers would be saying it was pure class but because its by Ronaldo it gets judged. Ronaldo is the worlds best player and after seeing that goal you can understand why. Nuff said.

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It was a fantastic goal alright, but one of the best goals ever, don’t think so. My own opinion is that a well-worked team goal is always far more impressive than one cracking shot from 40 yards out. As Real_ist said, Agger scored a vey similar goal last week against Blackburn. Then again scoring the fourth goal against a defeated Blackburn isn’t the same as a winner in a Champions League quarter-final.

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the ability to strike the ball so accuratly that it does not spin as it flies through the air is something I’ve not seen in years, the greats from brazil back in the sixties Tostao, Rivalino and our own Bobby charlton and today Wayne Roony not seen yet, have that sort of power, to beat the goalkeeper with just power and didn’t need to swerve the ball.

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best goal this season , but rank among the greatest no , we have to count against what opposition the goal was scored.

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If there’s a better goal than that I’ll eat my hat.

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ThE bEsT cristiano ronaldo dos santos aviero the gool it’s super bravo hapy

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