Poker obsession sweeps the sporting world

May 20, 2009

I am not exactly sure why being able to kick a ball or drive a car well means you would be good at card games, but the number of sportsmen indulging in professional poker tournaments has now reached ludicrous proportions.

The latest to declare his love for poker is the France soccer team coach Raymond Domenech.

“I want to take on the world champions in Las Vegas,” he told Italy’s poker-obsessed Gazzetta dello Sport this week.

“My job helps me as I have learnt the capacity to analyse an opponent. Like football, a glance is all that’s needed, a feeling.”

Former Italy striker Chiristan Vieri is thinking of making a career out of poker and a raft of other ex-soccer players with too much time on their hands are taking part in various tournaments. I guess they practiced poker a lot on all those long coach rides to Middlesbrough, Lecce and Celta Vigo away.

Formula One drivers have thier own poker tournament which is televised by an Italian network.

Personally, I don’t understand the attraction of watching 10 people sat around a table for a few hours, but I guess the world’s obsession with the Big Brother programme proves I’m out of sync.

Come to think of it, the whole thing is a bit like the Big Brother house. The poker tables have to be transparent so the cameras can sneak under to see what cards the players have while the sets often look like some wine bar on the 50th floor of a skyscraper.

PHOTO: Jamie Gold of Malibu, California becomes the new World Series of Poker champion, winning $12 million in Las Vegas, Nevada August 11, 2006. REUTERS/Tiffany Brown


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poker, how boring

Posted by Claudia | Report as abusive

I had watched my relatives played poker before but, even if they explained to me (or tried to) how it is played, I gave them a blank stare.

I suppose for me it is a case of practice makes perfect then.

This is pic is my new wallpaper lol

Lotts of money there

It’s all about that competitive drive to win, which I would hope are requirements for all serious athletes regardless if their sport is poker, soccer, mma etc.

Posted by JohnnyDrys | Report as abusive

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