Things we should all love and hate about football

May 21, 2009

Soccer magazine FourFourTwo has published a superb article this month: 49 Things We Hate About Football — Even Though Its Still The Best Thing on the Planet.

I reckon every real fan would agree with almost all of the things we probably hate about football and I give you a random selection of their choices, in no particular order:

— Fans booing their own players
— Contrived goal celebrations (“Give it up, even your own fans think you look stupid”)
— Immediate post-match interviews (“always rubbish”)
— 23-year-old’s autobiographies (“Bought exclusively by well-intentioned but misguided mums two days before Christmas”)
— Irrelevant mascots (“at what point did Gunnersaurus Rex play a part in Arsenal’s long and distinguished history ?”)
— Manufacturers claiming to have made “the roundest ball ever”

and my personal favourite:

— Sky Sports News interviews with fans outside the ground (“Its 11.24am on Tuesday and the only supporters around are a deranged pensioner wearing 837 club pin badges and an alcoholic maniac with a thin grasp of reality who is almost certainly outraged. Pointless.”)

Well with this season drawing to a close it got me thinking about what I still love about football — besides seeing my own team win of course.


— The day the new fixtures for the coming season are published

— Going to the first match of the new season

— Going to a new ground for the first time

— Managers who say: “Yes, I saw the incident clearly and my player throughly deserved that red card. I’d like to congratulate the referee for getting that decision spot on.” Thank You Alan Shearer.

— The same as above only for penalties.

— If a second player on the opposing team is injured and his own trainer is already attending someone the way the other team’s trainer immediately sprints on to help him.

— Players who can have a laugh on the pitch. One of the greatest football photos ever? Old mates Bobby Moore (West Ham) and Jimmy Greaves (Spurs) pictured twirling around each other arm in arm.

— Fans who can applaud the other team when something truely outstanding happens

— Teams playing away fixtures in their “proper” home kit

— Impeccably observed one minute silences

— The way David Beckham crosses a ball

— The way you just “know” Fernando Torres is likely to score when he bears down on goal.

— Jose Mourinho’s fashion sense

— Brazil’s kit.

— Cup finals which end in 90 minutes.

— Watching Match of the Day if your team has won

— Reading the Sunday papers if your team has won

Your turn…


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I hate the way some top players dont seem to actually like football. They play it because they are good but couldnt care less about their results or soccer in general. It’s a real kick in the teeth for those of us who love football but are useless at it.

I love how lower league stadiums try to pretend they are an ‘arena’ not just a few constructions around a 100m field.

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I hate it how Man you somehow conjures up a goal and Liverpool never seem to

I hate it how decisions always seem to go Against teams that are eventually Relegated

How Refs sometimes Make games no contests

How Those crucial games have to start at 6.45, and on Setanta!

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Another cheap shot by FMT, Gunnersaurus Rex is a loyal servant to the club and does not deserve this abuse!

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I love:
a)the Premier League standings
b)Last year’s champions League final
c)the prospect of the same outcome in this year’s final
d)when Benitez and Wenger say “we’ll try again next season.” They sound like a broken record.
e)Watching Real Madrid get thrashed.
f)watching all Italian teams get thrashed.
g)my living room, which is a Manchester United shrine and has been dubbed “little Old Trafford” by my mates.
h)the real Old Trafford. I’ve only been there once but I hope to visit again the theatre of dreams, the temple of football and the most dreaded ground for all away teams.
i)Rooney’s commitment, Vidic’s tenacity, Ronnie’s stepovers and Sir Alex’s undiminished appetite for trophies.
j)when my team wins, even by virtue of a dodgy penalty or a dubious offside decision.
k) watching rival fans suffer whenever my team beats theirs.
l)In case any of you are still in doubt, I love:

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