What price Barca retaining the trophy in the Bernabeu?

May 28, 2009

Manchester United palpably failed to become the first team to retain the European Cup in the Champions League era but few would bet against Barcelona managing the feat next season.

And where would be the perfect place for Pep Guardiola’s stylish side to achieve it? The Nou Camp? No, next year’s final is in Madrid and the Barca fans I spoke to in Rome after the game could not think of a better venue to show their rivals and world football that they are undisputed kings.

May 22 next year is a long time to wait for the first Saturday final but Guardiola will quickly turn his attention to that quest once he recovers from all-night revelry. (When he was hurled into the air by his players during the on-pitch celebrations, he looked a little scared their weary limbs would not support him).

What’s scarier still is that Barca easily overcame United 2-0 without needing to play especially well.

Barca were definitely not at their best in the semi-final with Chelsea and yet still they went on to complete the first ever Spanish treble.

Guardiola is 38 and in his first season in charge. He must think this management game is easy, and I guess it can be when you have players of the class of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. (Were Inieista and Henry ever really doubts for the final? They looked in fine fettle to me)

Their 6-2 thrashing of Real recently just shows what they are like when they are really on form.

Perhaps they’ll leave their best performance for the Bernabeu again next year…



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he’s not scared. their limbs not weary either. WE are ready. WAITING for Barca-Real confrontation on May, 22, 2010. Forza Barca!!!

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IN 1996 a 12-year old player, Andres Iniesta, came to Madrid with his parents to become part of Real Madrid youth teams. However, the parents were horrified when they checked that his son would live in a cheap hostel in one of the worst areas downtown Madrid -surrounded by prostitution and drugs-. This was the option for the boys whose parents didn’t live in Madrid. Then the parents received a call from Barcelona. What a difference the facilities: a house and wonderful facilities where the young players live and train -La Masia-
So a Barcelona success next year in Bernabeu with a team where most of the players are home-grown would shame the team with the highest budget in football,Real Madrid, which has ignored in-house talent for years -just 2 players, Raul and Casillas, both living in Madrid, play regularly- and has wasted millions of euros.

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abiton says

Mark meadows comment is good and nice for everyone can accept regarding Barca retaining the trophy and also Well, it’s shocking and needed an immediate attention to sort out at the earliest.


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[…] to Source Share and […]

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Great photo!

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Mark, you’ll eat those words next May 22 when United come roaring back to win it again. United 4ever.

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Atletico Madrid v Barcelona. The dream final at the Bernabeu next year!

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As an football fans and NFL jersey lover, I wish every player will perform the best.

Try your best, guys!

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