Ronaldo set for Real Madrid – your views

June 11, 2009

Manchester United said on Thursday they have received a world record 80 million pound ($131.2 million) bid for forward Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

“At Cristiano’s request – who has again expressed his desire to leave – and after discussion with the player’s representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player,” a statement on the United website said.

“Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.”

So Florentino Perez isn’t just stopping at Kaka. It’s shaping up to be one of the most amazing transfer windows ever. Will he go for Franck Ribery too or will United want him as Ronaldo’s replacement?

It’s not a done deal yet, Ronaldo wanted to go last year and it didn’t happen, but this seems pretty definite. How much money has Perez got?

PHOTO: Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is seen celebrating after scoring his second goal during their English Premier League match against Aston Villa in Manchester, April 5 2009 REUTERS/Phil Noble


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WOW!!!!!!!!! Its getting crazier everyday at the santiago bernabeu…hopefully perez got some money left to get a good centre back to compliment Pepe.looks like a good project plus will make the el’classico’s more intresting now.

Posted by mademen | Report as abusive

I thought Real were crippled by debt??!Nevermind. Ronaldo, so long the scourge of Fantasy League managers across the land, is no more. Hip hip hurray.

Posted by Graham | Report as abusive

im glad he is gone 80m a lot of money for a big baby that cry’s when he gets subed

Posted by michael mc garry | Report as abusive

Losing a world class player is not always good. However Ronaldo’s actions of late have been very childish, and he looked as if he was challenging Sir Alex’s authority. Sign Tevez, Nani needs to be given a chance to develop. Rooney will become the ace in the team.

Posted by Ahmed | Report as abusive

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we have lost the best player in the world allbeit for a sum of money that can help us in other areas of the pitch. we are in desperate need of a leader in midfield and a suitable replacement for ronaldo…ribery? we should let tevez go as we need a natural goal scorer someone like benzema would suit us perfectly.

Posted by Jamie Eblett | Report as abusive

good deal, as its a lot of money, they can take advantage of the credit crunch down the road and buy torres, gerrard, and mascherano.

Posted by Philip Clark | Report as abusive

have it

Posted by Philip Clark | Report as abusive

Fancy going down the libary after work J?

Posted by John Drake | Report as abusive

well phillip if those three players you mentioned were good enough for united then we would already have them! p.s hope your enjoying the mayhem thats going on at anfield as much as i am!

Posted by Jamie Eblett | Report as abusive

This is a good long-term decision and there will be life after Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

Absolutely crazy sums flying about from Real! Where are they getting this money from? Madness.Gonna miss Ronnie and his quotes – “When you’re surrounded by flowers, you breathe better” tball/ronaldo/Good luck to him.

Posted by Dou Dou | Report as abusive

Im personally a man u fan and if i was the man utd manager i would have snapped real’s hands off for that kind of money! I do think the price is ludacris as i dont think Ronaldos worth that much if Kaka is worth a small 56 million! His arrogance, mood swings and constant tantrums when he didnt get his own way wont be missed so bring on the next fergie prodigy!!

Posted by Ben Liddle | Report as abusive

It’s a solid business decision for ManU. Sucks for the fan; rooting for laundry is so useless.http://startingeleven.blogspot.c om/2009/06/ronaldo-to-madrid-for-record- transfer.html

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

£80million is going a tad overboard now. Real Madrid only need to splash out a further £20m and they can buy Newcastle!FIFA really needs to bring in some sort of cap. Top level football is becoming bloated.

Posted by FreeBets | Report as abusive

This is crazy! Is a human being worth so much money? I’m wondering how many more big-deal-transfers we are going to see this summer. Feels like a football earthquake.

Posted by guddi | Report as abusive

I have 2 points to mention here1. In on of your other blogs, you have mentioned 59M pound deal for Kaka highlights seria A decline, wht u have to say to this one ?2. what will ManUtd will do now as it was literally one man show for them for the past 2-3 years. Scholes, Giggs, Neville (almost gone of age), Tevez and Ronaldo gone from front, Hargreaves injured, midfield so week now. Berbatov a failure … what they will do now ? they can get good players off tht money but will they be able to settle in short time considering it takes time for players to settle in fast pase EPL ?anyone wanna comment on these points?

Posted by Umar | Report as abusive

Fair points Umar, On point 1 I would say that the decline of Serie A has been clear for a few years now, Kaka was just the tip of the iceberg. If Ibra leaves Inter then it really is a crisis. Ronaldo going to Real is to me a one-off involving a big personality. I dont expect Real or others to sweep up other top Premier League players now.On point 2 I agree that without him United have a bigger hole to fill than they did when Van Nistelrooy, Stam and Beckham left. Wingers who score so often are not normal.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

first Kaka now Ronaldo Real Madrid is gonna be nasty they are the dangeous watch them to take over. i cant wait to see how they play now.

Posted by Sergeo | Report as abusive

i think that the spanish league is on the come up watch out for it English league is no longer domninate. The spanish know how to play ball now dont sleep on them. They are spending money like the recestion aint hurting them

Posted by Sergeo | Report as abusive

I hate to say it, but I did the maths.Sir Alex Ferguson bought Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon in August 2003 for 12 million pounds. He sold him to Real Madrid in June 2009 for 80 million pounds. That’s a compound annual return of 37.2%. Of course, Sir Alex had to pay the player’s wages for those six years. By the end of his career, Ronaldo was being paid approximately 122,400 pounds per week, which works out to 6.36M pounds a year.Ronaldo was not paid that kind of salary at the beginning of his career with United. But with taxes, scouting, agent and legal fees, and other miscellaneous add-ons, let’s conservatively estimate that the total cost of employing Ronaldo was equal to paying him that top wage for his entire six year career at United. 6.36M times six years = 38.2M. Add to that his transfer fee of 12M, it cost United 50.2M to enjoy the services of one of the finest footballers in the world for six years (without adjusting for inflation).Today, however, we know that it effectively cost United NOTHING to employ Ronaldo. With his 80M transfer, United have made 29.8M on the player, even after paying his wages. The 12M outlay returned 29.8M after six years: a very sweet 16.4% compound annual return, quite apart from the haul of trophies and prize money he helped bring home to Old Trafford.Is there any other manager in the world who can routinely make these kind of deals? No. And that’s why Ferguson is a genius.

Posted by Tom Cowell | Report as abusive

every one new ron was going. now wayne rooney the the pillar of the team can shine

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

you are right Guddi, it is crazy money. Shame for you that he has a big tick on his boots!

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

By Reuters’ logic, the EPL is now in decline…

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I very much doubt that CR will be able to justify that kind of money with his performance on the field. The only thing Real is proving .. is how pissed off they are about watching Barca win 3 trophies this season .. they simply can not stand it .. Given the current economic situation what Real is doing is equivalent to what AIG did in the credit defaut swaps .. so in the end who will bail out Real Madrid now that Franco is dead?

Posted by RP | Report as abusive

BTW, I wonder where all this money (Real is spending) is coming from …

Posted by RP | Report as abusive

No problema….Ronaldo go away… MU still have NaniI think…. Ronaldo is a 2nd beckham…but… beckham is better than…..

Posted by MRd- | Report as abusive

I wonder if CRon and Kaka are compatible on frontline as they both hold on too much, and they are both weak in tackling. Real Madrid need very strong mid-field to support two tigers in one mountain.

Posted by Mario | Report as abusive

i dont know about anyone else but is it me or should Real Madrid be concentrating on their defence rather than their attack??? They’ve already 3 fantastic forward players with Jan Huntelaar, Van Nistelrooy and raul. Its the defence thats leaking too many goals. if it wasnt for the quality of Casillas it wouldve been much much more!against liverpool and barca the defence was shoddy and ridiculously slow, so who next….Terry, Vidic, Barzagli???? any thoughts??

Posted by ben liddle | Report as abusive

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I’m heartbroken at d transfer of Ronaldo…he shd’nt hv left…he ws d star of d Red Devils…eventhough he hs left utd…i think tht they still RULE…GLORY GLORY MAN UTD…!

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