Can Owen revive career at Manchester United?

July 3, 2009

On the face of it, replacing world player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo with an injury-prone forward whose side just got relegated does not seem like a great bit of business.

The British media is certain that Michael Owen, a free agent after leaving Newcastle United, is on the verge of joining Manchester United if he passes a stringent medical.

Has Alex Ferguson gone mad? Far from it. Having banked 80 million pounds from the sale of Ronaldo to Real Madrid, he is poised to bring in one of English football’s most renowned goalscorers for free. And Owen is still under 30.

Even if Owen only ends up playing half a season, he will still be able to contribute and his England partnership with Wayne Rooney always looked promising.

However, United fans will hope Owen and Wigan’s Antonio Valencia will not be the only new recruits.

What do you reckon? An inspired signing or a gamble doomed to failure?

PHOTO: Newcastle United’s Michael Owen reacts during their FA Cup third round replay against Hull City, Jan. 14, 2009. REUTERS/Nigel Roddis


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I almost choked on my cocoa pops when I heard about this… My first reaction is that it’s nuts but I suppose ferguson has his reasons. Owen is still young enough to have a few good years, I suppose. IF he can stay injury free.

Posted by Kev | Report as abusive

Without CRon, fans will instead divert their expectations to Owens who by comparison must not disappoint fans in the coming season. Pressure on his performance is unduly high. But if he can manage to score opportunity goals, without holding on too much like CRon, this recall is worth it for United. I have no worry though.

Posted by Mario | Report as abusive

I have one question, What has gotten into Sir Alex these days. Bad decision after bad decision. It all started last season when he did not play more than 3 of his best starters in the FA cup match that for sure they could have won. Then comes his decisions in the UEFA champions league, I mean he could have set up the attacking forwards much better than he did (he should have put Rooney in his natural position, for sure he would have scored, Rooney struggle on the right wing and it’s obvious he would). Another big mistake is letting Ronaldo go. I have been a great fan of ManU they played well as a team even let’s say Ronaldo is cocky, i liked his skill and the team unit. But now one of the best playmakers is gone, they are in trouble and won’t do well anymore, add the fact they didn’t sign Tevez when he was the most instrumental in the United successes last season and the season before that. The latest blunder is signing Owen, who is pretty much past his prime. What is Ferguson thinking. I’m very disappointed at Ferguson I respected him as a coach but now i’m questioning him with his bad decisions that keep racking up. I’m no longer routing for United i’m going for Barcelona because they have a good team and their coach is now way ahead of Ferguson and Pep has great decision making abilities plus the team play well.

Posted by people’s champeen | Report as abusive

All I got to say is, from his blunder line-up in the FA Cup last seasone (there’s no excuse to putting more starters than the number of starters he had put in) to his mistakes in the formation and position he put players in against Barcelona in the Champions league, to the releasing of Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez who are very much instrumental in the clubs successes to now acquiring Owen who is past his prime, Ferguson has something going on and it has not been good of late. He is making huge mistakes one after the other lately. His decision making is horrible. I supported Man U but now all these things are happening I don’t think Man U will be on the winning edge. Ferguson’s decision has been disappointing. I respect him but of late he has been failing. I’m now routing for Barcelona. Pep Guardiola has great decision making abilities. He out performs Fergie and provides better decisions than Fergie who is an aging veteran for his club. Look at Barca, the best. I applaud their efforts and team play under Pep. They are an excellent team to follow. Simply better than ManU simply the best.

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Ferguson has been making bad decisions sincs FA Cup to Champions league (both line-up problems) to letting CRon and Tevez go who are key to ManU success. Owen is the latest he is already past his prime and those who don’t think so is not in their right mind. I respected Fergie and followed ManU now with everything going on I question him and know ManU will be struggling hard. Barca is the best and Pep is an awesome coach. Barcelona is a great team.

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His history of injuries is scary, but that just calls for spare usage – SAF can’t ride him for more than 10-15 EPL games.

I think he could be the Henrik Larsson of the season – a steady hand to bring on in late game situations who is a composed finisher and has experience in pressure situations.

And he and Rooney did combine beautifully in a friendly vs. Argentina not too many years ago

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for any doubters out there, it’s now official d=%7BB4CEE8FA%2D9A47%2D47BC%2DB069%2D3F7 A2F35DB70%7D&newsid=6635648

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No chance!
Owen is finished, this is like when Fowler re-joined Liverpool. Fergie is wasting wages on him. Barca, i bet, are laughing!

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Am I missing something here or Owen going on a free? A proven goalscorer but now with a dodgy injury record, granted. 10 mins remaining 1-1 Owen comes on and toe pokes it in from 2 yards. Hardly seems like a gamble to me. The alarm bells need to ring if Sir doesn’t sign anyone else.

Still can’t believe he didn’t sign Tevez.


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Owen is over and out, I really don’t understand why Man U is interested in him. A waste of money.

Posted by Boss Hoss | Report as abusive

I think Sir Alex will prove right once again. The statistics are there & they prove that Michael Owen is a proven goal scorer. By the end of next season other Premier League clubs will rue not signing him.
On the subject of Liverpool fans saying that Owen id disloyal. That is pathetic because for a guy like Owen the sport is a trade.

Posted by Jag | Report as abusive

I think it’s a very good move. Owen can score goals, his contract is supposed to be based on performance, not appearance, and even though he appears to be injury prone, all footballers are one bad tackle from being unable to play again. So all signings are a gamble against injury, but not many players can score like Owen. He’s not over the hill, he’s just been on a bad team, and a striker is pretty much dependant on the basic ability of his midfield– with Manchester’s being much higher quality than his former club. With all of the money he got for Ronaldo, Sir Alex can afford to make a few mistakes, and this one could come out very nicely. I can’t see how this is not a good gamble.

Posted by Tim in SF | Report as abusive

haha i love all these man united ‘fans’ who post their views on forums and ring up phone in’s convinced that they know better than the very man who has almost single handedly turned them from a mediocre prem league team to arguably the best team in the world over the last 2 decades. ronaldo didnt want to stay and if u have a player that doesnt want to stay he is going to disrupt morale and at the end of the day if a player that big (or any player come to think of it) wants out of a football club they will get out end of. same thing goes for tevez he didnt want to stay therefore hes off, u cannot hold a player to ransom under there contracts it does not work. as for the owen thing only time will tell, but as far as im concerned fergie deserves the right to do wat he feels best for man united football club, not these idiot fans who wouldnt even know where old trafford is let alone been there.

Posted by Maid | Report as abusive

I think some of you guys need to relax and face facts. Ferguson has won the last three premiership championships, not to mention countless other things. The fact that some of you are saying he’s a bad decision-maker is laughable. He’s obviously a proven leader and coach and he will prove his critics wrongly once again with the selection of Owen. Plus, from what I understand, Owen’s pay will be based on the amount of games he plays and goals he scores. And like some have said in this discussion, Owen’s goal scoring record is pretty ridiculous.

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Owen will be able to get his career back on track playing alongside the wonderful Wayne Rooney, this might suprise alot of people.

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I think Owen is one of the best english football players of all time and even though it’s risky, Manchester should give him a chance.
Corinthians gave Ronaldo (31) a chance in Brazil while many people were saying that it was about time for him to retire and it worked.
Why not give Owen a chance as well?

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Nice topic.Manchester United is the richest club in the world. The Red Devils have won 16 English league championships, eight since the start of the Premiership in 1993. The club’s commercial potential was tempting enough for Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer to buy the team in 2005.

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