Are Liverpool right to sell Alonso to Real Madrid?

August 4, 2009

At last, Real Madrid have got their man. Liverpool agreed on Tuesday to sell Xabi Alonso, a Real target going back at least six years, for a reported 30 million euros.

It’s decent money for a player Rafa Benitez appeared happy enough to consider selling 12 months ago but Alonso is the sort of assured holder and passer of the ball who is hard to replace at any price.

Certainly, anyone Benitez has his eye on will be a risk. Latest reports say Roma’s Alberto Aquilani could be the man, while other names mentioned include Stephen Defour of Standard Liege and Valencia’s David Silva.

Real Madrid fans will certainly happy. I’m just back after a couple of weeks in Spain and the papers were full of editorials praising Alonso to the skies and saying how lost Real would continue to be without him.

Alonso will be expected to pull the strings in midfield for Real … but were Liverpool right to sell him?

PHOTO: Xabi Alonso takes a penalty during the Champions League final against AC Milan in Istanbul May 25, 2005. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh


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xabi, you will be missed at anfield!

Posted by Bryan | Report as abusive

yep, they’ll be mourning on the kop.

Posted by Kev | Report as abusive

This is a great day for Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and United! Not so great for those of us who support Liverpool.

What a horrible summer; Owen is unwanted and signs for United, we replace a good right back with a slightly better at a cost of £13,5 mill and one of our best 3 players are sold to Real Madrid. Ouch!

Posted by Vindaci | Report as abusive

He would have been an unhappy player and since they paid up. Videos of Aquilani are quite promising but we won’t know till he is here. He is Injured. Its Alonso’s Goal at Ataturk I will remember him by. Thanks for the Memories, but did you really have to leave?

Posted by njau | Report as abusive

Indeed it’s a good buy for Real Madrid. With local player ruling coming up, Real couldn’t have look for a better midfield holder. I think it’s a player of Alonso’s caliber for its position is what was missing for Real all these years. When RM attack they have the possession and when not, loses the ball easily.

..and i think Real should be done with buying for the summer. As Perez said when he’s electing, he eventually did shop for 3 seasons =)

Posted by Razeen | Report as abusive

As a Liverpool fan personally I don’t want anyone in the team who is looking over their shoulder at another team, goodbye Xabi, thanks for the memories but don’t let the door hot you on the way out!!

Posted by Trev, Manchester | Report as abusive

the premier league will miss him as much as liverpool fans will.

Posted by wllmhll | Report as abusive

i dont even know why we need alonso i mean we have 2 diarras who are world class and a gago who will die fighting for the ball florentino is crazy i never wanted this deal to happen but hay.

Posted by blanco4life | Report as abusive

Welcome Alonso¡¡ This player was the last piece that need Real team.

Posted by RealDream | Report as abusive

Definitely a loss for Liverpool. I just hope Rafa has something up his sleeve to fill the gap otherwise we’ll be looking very thin once the season starts. The money’s no good if you don’t spend it.

Posted by henrietta | Report as abusive

Lucas is way Underated. I think he will prove as wrong who doubt him, Rafa sees him day in day out and likes what he sees. The Boy needs a shot of Confidence and its Samba time!

Posted by Gatoho | Report as abusive

Have you noticed the differance between the comments regarding Real Madrid’s spending and Man City’s. People are talking about Real Winning the lot this year and the only people saying the same thing about city is… wait for it….the CITY fans!!!!!! Because normal football fans understand the differance between a world class team with a squad full of superstars and a below average team with a couple of OVERPRICED summer signings!! Alonso is possibly the last piece of the real jigsaw. I think he’ll bring stabillity to what can sometimes be a shakey real midfeild. With kaka and ronaldo in the same team and benzema up front i think they will take some beating this season.

Posted by A Glasgow Rangers Fan | Report as abusive

I think that the RM has bought a great player and now is almost a great team like barca.

Posted by real fun. | Report as abusive

Big loss for Liverpool, whose midfield will be sadly lacking in creativity now. Lucas seems to be the anointed sucessor, though what Rafa or anyone else sees in him I’ll never know. Even if Aquilani, Defour or Silva come in, Liverpool’s squad now looks lighter than at the start of the summer. No cover for Johnson at right back, no centre back options alongside Carra expect for the increasingly injury prone Skrtel and Agger…I think we’ll slip behind Chelsea and maybe even Man City. How scary is that?

Posted by Irish Red | Report as abusive

Liverpool did the right thing for the simple fact that Alonso wanted to leave. Can’t keep a player against his will.
Great loss, but Liverpool is far from doomed as many fans (even scousers) seem to think. Players like Johnson, Aquilani, and a possible offensive addition, will shift our balance toward a more offensive style of play. And Mascherano should be convinced to stay back and cover the defense. Liverpool will win EPL, but Barca and Real will be the best contenders for the champions league.

Posted by Redshine | Report as abusive

Real Madrid has bought a great player, Liverpool lost a great one , very simple … wish he have stayed ..

Posted by liverpool | Report as abusive

Are they right to sell him? Not sure. Did they have much of a choice? With debt and a player that seemingly didn’t want to be at the club anymore, I doubt Rafa had much choice but to sell him.

It’s true enough, they did get a decent price for him, but they’re spending £18m of the fee on Aquilani who I’m not entitrely sure will be that good of a signing given his injury record and lack of games.

Not sure Liverpool are doing the right thing at all.

Posted by footybanter | Report as abusive

liverpool done the right thing by selling alonso. because he did’t want to fullfill his contract. and there is no place for such player in our team. liverpool is a great team. and great teams are not weaken by this set backs. i think liverpool need a striker like david villa.

Posted by liverpool fan | Report as abusive

good player very important to liverpool hwoever like all great teams they are not reliant on one or two players. utd lost 2 great players but they ll find away to fight back always have done. so will liverpool .

Posted by mosh | Report as abusive

whats wrong with you raffa ?

Posted by walk on aussie | Report as abusive

This is madness. Gerrard is good but if injured what do we do then?

Benitez won in Istanbul, but can we let him carry out this blunder?

The only way to recoup this is to bring in Deco.

Posted by Reality | Report as abusive

liverpool didnt have a choice, if a player wants to leave the club, any club, then they will go. you cannot keep a player at a club just because he is under contract, contracts mean nothing these days its all down to the player personally

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

In response to maid, perhaps it is the old chestnut that one ought to look to where the fellow is from. Ronaldo has gone home, Henri went to a country relatively close to his homeland, and with Alonso back in Spain, perhaps having a predominantly non-UK make-up to the team is not sensible. We’ve learned the training regimes and picked up some of the skills training, why can’t we now bring on our own British youths in a more evolved footballing educational system and produce supreme talent?

Posted by Reality | Report as abusive

I take the point that when a player really decides he wants to go then it might be best to let him. That was certainly the case for Alonso, who, I’m told, made it perfectly clear to his team mates that he’d be going at the end of last season.
But was it Benitez who made him want to go, with the Barry saga last year?

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

[…] It may well be, then, that the signing of the impressive, energetic Glen Johnson at full-back turns out to be a more significant bit of transfer business than the much criticised decision to sell Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid. […]

Posted by Johnson can provide home comfort Liverpool need – Posted In English Premier League | Soccer News Info – Soccer News Info | Report as abusive