City’s spending spree makes sense in battle for fourth place

August 6, 2009

There’s been a fair bit of speculation, here and elsewhere, about whether Manchester City could actually win the Premier League title but a more realistic goal is a top four finish. That being the case, the summer spending spree seen by some as being brash and uncoordinated is actually very shrewd.

Look carefully, and what City have managed to do, with the recruitment of Gareth Barry from Aston Villa and Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure from Arsenal, is to weaken two of their rivals for fourth place.

Last season Villa and Arsenal fought tooth and nail for that position and with his transfer policy Mark Hughes has struck an early couple of blows in this season’s fight.

Note that City also have their sights on defender Joleon Lescott from Everton, another team with Champions League aspirations.

Add to that the hugely satisfying signing of former Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez and there would seem to be a pattern to their spending spree — even if results are not yet going their way.


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if there is any truth to this article (personally i think its utter garbage) then mark hughes would be the worst manager in the prem, wat kind of transfer policy would it be to just sign players from rivals to weaken them? its nonsense u cant build a team like that there would be no cohesion between the players if it was done like that, i think that wat he has really done has bought a group of players not interested in playing for him or for man city but for the nice big cheque they will receive at the end of every week, hughes obviously knew who he was goin to buy before the summer and its no coincidence that the players he has signed, tevez, adebayor, santa cruz, toure and barry all b*tched and moaned last season about either money, team underachieving or not playing enough, and if hughes isnt careful he will suffer the same with these players under him, and i for one really, really, really want that to happen.

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i’m a city fan and i think this is spot on. if u look at who they’ve bought, they’ve signed players from only the top 6 teams in the prem – and these world class players, if they have any ambition, wouldn’t go to a club not challenging for top 6, or even top 4 or higher. City have bought players from the top 4 as a sign they wanna get there, simple as

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haha thats the point these players obviously dont have as much ambition to succeed as they do to make loads of money! look at gareth barry for example saying he would only leave for a champs league team last season and rafa benitez said he even bid for him this transfer window, and you didnt even get in the europa cup which to me speaks volumes, yeah u wanna get in the top 4 but buyin most of the bad apples from the teams above you and mashing them together is hardly going to garauntee that is it

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