Vukcevic takes his shirt off, lets the side down

August 19, 2009

Has there ever been a more stupid and pointless sending off than  Simon Vukcevic’s dismissal for Sporting against Fiorentina in the Champions League play-off round on Tuesday night?

The 23-year-old Montenegro striker, booked for getting involved in a petty squabble with an opponent after 12 minutes, then scored after 58 minutes to put Sporting level at 1-1 after Fiorentina had taken an early lead.

Its impossible to know what went through his head next. Running back with his team mates he took off his shirt in celebration and despite putting it back on a few seconds later was shown a second yellow card and then a red by Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai who gave him a look as if to say, “Sorry mate, rules are rules.”

Not only did that leave Sporting with 10 men for over half-an-hour it also means the Montenegro international will be banned for next week’s second leg in Italy, and that arguably could cost them the tie which is up for grabs after the sides battled to a 2-2 draw in Lisbon.

I have never ever understood why players take their shirts off to celebrate a goal. I think its disrespectful to the shirt, your team mates, to your fans and the club that pays your wages.

It’s an utterly pointless gesture and when the authorities decided a few years ago it was a bookable offence, most players saw sense and stopped doing it.

What made it even more ridiculous was that Vukcevic looked surprised when he was red carded. You ought to read the rules, mate.

PHOTO: Sporting’s Simon Vukcevic (L) celebrates with Miguel Veloso after his goal against Fiorentina during their Champions League playoff first leg at Alvalade stadium in Lisbon August 18, 2009. REUTERS/Jose Manuel Ribeiro


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Sorry mike can’t agree with anything you just said. In fact your comment about disrespect is just nonsence!
I take it you’ve scored a goal for a top class team in the biggest cup compition in europe. How can you possibly know how that young boy felt as he scored the equalising goal for his team in that massive game. I take it seeing flesh on your tv offended you. Why don’t you comment on a “gentlemen sport” like cricket and leave the football to someone that actually knows what there talking about!!!

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I’m sorry Mike but i can’t agree with anything you just said. I take it you know what it’s like to score a goal for a top class team in europes biggest cup compition. You have no idea what that young boy was thinking as he score the equalising goal. And your comment about being disrespectful is just total nonsence. I’m sure seeing flesh on your tv really offends you! Why don’t you comment on a “gentlemens sport” like cricket-there all so well behaved- and leave football to someone that actually knows what there talking about!!!
Posted by a proper footbal fan.

Posted by Dunoon Blue Boy | Report as abusive

Don’t you just hate when that happens and it posts both your comments!!!!

But the blue boy does make very good points even though he’s made them twice. LOL

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Players have been scoring goals in football matches since the 1860s — and no-one saw fit to take their shirts off and celebrate goals that way until about 10 years ago. No, I never played football for a top club, but I know loads of people who did: Pele, Johan Cruyff, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Jimmy Greaves, I could go on and they all scored goals in “bigger” competitions than Vukcevic. In fact you might not know this but Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick in the World Cup final in 1966 — ask your Dad or Grandad to tell you about it — and it doesnt come much bigger than that pal. I think you will find he kept his shirt on.

Posted by mike Collett | Report as abusive

i can agree what blueboy said. i think you didnt think wisely… its no disrespect to anyone. on the contrary, usually a player takes his shirt off and celebrates with the fans in the stands, proving his link with a club. its a celebration like any other. Even more stupid is what Blatter said lately: players will be punished if they point to the sky when celebrating a goal because his genious Blatter considers it as a religious gesture…
Speaking of Vukcevic, if you follow teh Portuguese League you will find that what he did yesterday its just another stupidity from him. So, absolutely normal…

Posted by Gonçalo Magalhães | Report as abusive

The ridiculous of the situation is that nobody talks about gamberini punching a Sporting player at the tenth minute and being shown a yellow card instead of Vukcevic dismissal… It’s a stupid rule, in my opinion, but the referee had no choice. Sporting has much more to complain about that Vukcevic’s 2nd yellow card, believe me. Who has watched the whole game must agree with that. It’s incredible how Gamberini and Dainelli end the game. Cumps

Posted by Ricardo | Report as abusive

personally its a silly little rule, getting booked for taking your top off while celebriting a goal. then again, these players should know better.

Posted by wllmhll | Report as abusive

Mike, How could i not know about that hatrick from 1966 i’m reminded of it everytime i watch a game with an english commentator!!! (MOVE ON)
But your talking about a sport 40 years ago i’d like to think that the game has moved on since then. and i for one am glad of that.
The passion and support has also moved on. I stand by my comment it’s a ridiculous rule, especially when you see the kind of antics players get away with these days!
Don’t get me wrong i’m not disrespecting the players that you mentioned as they were all great players but i’m sure like everything else back then the celebrations have changed, along with the rules, regulations, supporters, players, teams, managers, stadiums, balls, boots…..Do you want me to go on??!!!!

Posted by Dunoon Blue Boy | Report as abusive

god i hate sepp blatter, he will go out of his way to ruin the modern game ne way he can, we need to get that dinosaur out and bring someone younger and more in sync with the modern game in, as long as its not plattini! as for wat he says about players not celebrating by lookin to the sky i think thats just disgusting, how dare he take away someones rite to dedicate a goal to a loved one who may of passed on, frank lampard comes to mind and i feel he has every rite in the world to salute his mother who passed last year, idiot blatter idiot.

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

I echo your comments maid. I think we should have a total change at the top get the dinosaurs out before they totally destroy the beautifull game with politically correct nonsence!!

Posted by Dunoon Blue Boy | Report as abusive

Good Blog but I dont agree with it. I play in an amateur league in northern ireland and christ when I score a goal i feel taking my whole kit off and run the whole length of the pitch naked while high fiving all three fans that come and watch. So i can totally understand how players scoring important goals can be lost in the emotion. seb stop taking the fun out of football.

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when i was at school my headmaster saw me heading to the pitch with my shirt not tucked in. He threatened to drop me from the team and said “When you play like Georgie Best you can leave your shirt hanging out – now tuck it in boy.”
It was sound advice then and remains so. Anyone stupid enough to take their shirt off deserves a fine as well as a booking and anyone who does it when they’ve already been booked must have the brain of a pea – and that’s harsh on peas.
I don’t think it’s particularly disrespectful – just beyond comprehension (but then so are people who play computer games and think wi is exercise, so maybe i’m just too old)
Imagine if all the swimmers at last month’s world championships tried to take theirs off after each world record – they’s be there for 40 minutes squirming and grunting.
A manly handshake is plenty.

Posted by mitch | Report as abusive

haha totally agree with u braidsy ive been playin competetive football for 15 years and theres no other feeling like scoring a goal no matter wat stage u are on, obviously at professional level its goin to be alot better than down the park on a sunday morning with a hangover but none the less u cant control your emotions and at the biggest stage it makes it even harder to, i actually havent scored in an 11 a side game for 4 years now so i dread to think wat im going to do the day it finally comes..

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