Why Mourinho is raging at Lippi

August 20, 2009

Jose Mourinho is no stranger to run-ins with rival club managers, but this week the Portuguese raised his aim and had a swipe at Italian national team boss Marcello Lippi.

The Inter Milan coach had taken exception to Lippi tipping Juventus for this year’s Serie A title.
He accused him of lacking respect, arguing a national team coach should be seen to be impartial even if deep down he wants Juve to win (Lippi had two glorious stints at the Turin club split by a dismal, short one at Inter).

Mourinho even added mysteriously that “this makes me think a great deal”.

Lippi responded by saying it was just a prediction: “Mourinho seemed an intelligent person to me, I’m sorry he’s interpreted things differently. You can’t say half a word”.

The Inter boss’s reaction struck me as a little thin skinned too. It’s not as if Lippi said he was rooting for Juve or would be lending a hand to their new boss Ciro Ferrara, his former assistant in the Italy backroom staff.

But I was surprised to see in a survey on La Gazzetta dello Sport’s website that, while most people were on Lippi’s side, a sizeable minority of around 40 percent believed Mourinho had grounds to grumble.

What do you think? Is Mourinho overreacting, possibly in an attempt to instil a siege mentality into his players for the upcoming campaign? Or should Lippi keep his predictions to himself in future?

PHOTO: Inter Milan’s coach Jose Mourinho (L) gestures during their Italian Super Cup soccer match against Lazio at the National Olympic Stadium in Beijing August 8, 2009. REUTERS/David Gray


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What you left out is that Lippi did the same thing last year, He made a prediction of who would win Serie A, except that time he predicted it would be Inter. Somehow, Mourinho didn’t find a reason to rage at Lippi then. Mourinho is a joke. He’s just playing his usual mind games, looking for an advantage and revealing himself to be a poor excuse for a human being.

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LaFrecciaBiancoNera, you cant say that a worlds top manager is a joke… just see what he did in Porto (UEFA CUP and Champions league winner) with an underdog team and in Chelsea, leading the club to the Premiership title 50 years later, only missing the CHampions League, and now in Inter. So, show a little more respect or dont say anything at all. About this question, its obvious that Mourinho took advantage of the situation: its clear that Lippi shouldnt say anything about possible Calcio winners but its only a harmfull prediction. But thats how Mourinho works, with mental games, encouraging players and i believe that all Inters squad is now more determined to play and win. Thats Mourinho, thats why he is huge. Nobody messes whit him!

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[…] I was surprised to see in a survey on La Gazzetta dello Sport’s website that, while most people were on Lippi’s side, a sizeable minority of around 40 percent […]

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Lippi really should be more impartial as a NT coach(he said Inter were stronger last year not that they would win) but is still entitled to his opinion. Mourinho is no stranger to airing his views and being disrespectful himself so it’s quite funny he accused Lippi of exactly the same things he does.
It’s definately part of Mourinho’s mind games. He wants to put the pressure on Juve but he can’t attack Ferrara. By doing this he’s trying to instill that siege mentality that served him so well at his previous clubs. Trying to make Inter the underdogs to motivate them as Juve are hungary and Inter on for a fourth. Bari as the first game of the season can’t be that easy to motivate for either and they need a good start.
I see his ‘rant’ as a good thing though. Lippi is notoriously pro-Juve, the journo’s and papaers are also pro Juve/Milan and anti-Inter so it’s good to expose the bias whenever possible for the sake of Italian football.
Lippi’s further responses to Mourinho were however very disrespectful, they need to leave it now. In short, they are as bad as each other. But Italian football, for all it’s moaning and tsking, will miss Mourinho badly when he leaves. Whether they want to admit it or not.

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40% were pro Mourinho at Gazzetta dello Sport because it’s a pro Inter paper based in Milan. And I can say he’s a joke. He wins by going in and asking huge amounts of money for players. Any other Serie A coach could have gotten the results he got last year with Inter’s budget and roster. He’s only “special” at running his mouth. He is a disrespectful, arrogant, overpaid, overrated, presumtuous *ss.

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A lot of people hate Mourinho for one particular reason-jealousy.
He is generally a misunderstood character but he uses this to his advantage.
I’m sure that Mourinho the man is a lot different to Mourinho in the media.
I like how people slag him off for winning with money at Chelsea and Inter, yet they fail to explain/acknowledge his success with Porto. They just go back to original arguments. Not many other Serie A coaches could’ve won consecutive European trophies with F.C Porto. Did he not knock out a certain R.Mancini of Lazio along the way to winning the UEFA cup?and then Sir Alex Ferguson on his way to the CL?

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a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

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Mourinho was brought to Inter because he was supposed to bring success in the CL and he was going revolutionize their play. Instead he flushed millions down the drain on players that he didn’t end up using (Quaresma, Mancini (the Brazilian)) got eliminated from the CL in the first elimination round, had to adopt the tactics and formation of the last coach (Roberto Mancini, the Italian) because his new formation was a failure and got the same results as Roberto Mancini (who had a lower salary) with millions upon millions more spent. To distract from these things, he has to stir controversy.

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Thanks SLBenfica, you have said it all ‘nobody messes with Jose’
Jose is just too clever, he knows what he is doing and it will work.
As for LaFrecciaBiancoNera, i wonder if you understand soccer that much. Soccer is not only played on the field but off-field as well. Look at how the english soccer is big, becoz Ferguson, Wenger and Benetiz have this fights off-fields and in Italy if only when Jose who does this. Other Seria A coaches should wake up and set the fire ablaze.
I tell you Italy will miss Jose when he finally leaves for Manchester United very soon.

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totally agree with you sikuka the guy is a genius, anyone who can win the uefa cup and european cup back to back with porto, who have had little or no success outside portugal after he left, deserves to be known as one of the modern greats, i actually support fulham chelseas local rivals in england but i still liked mourinho as he was a breath of fresh air in the premier league, he takes the media focus away from his players and puts himself under a great deal of pressure and this is why his players work so hard for him and respect him, he is a great coach and serie a will go down the pecking order of european leagues even further when he does leave along with kaka and ibrahimovic, soon there will only be two european forces in the world in the english premier league and the spanish primiera league

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hello reuters, a little digression, pls i wanna know why you have removed the teams fixtures and tables from your football web pages? tnx

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sikuka , I think you do not know very much about football. If all you want is a side show watch wrestling. For me, football is played on the pitch, where Mourinho’s tactics were s FAILURE. As I said, he’s getting paid millions to use Roberto Mancini’s tactics. Some genius. As for missing him when he leaves, that would be like missing a irritating skin rash after it heals.

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lol you absolute chump LaFrecciaBiancoNera, im not taking exception to the fact your trying to annoy sikuka im takin exception to the fact that u dont see a world class manager when he comes in and shockingly wins serie a his first year in charge, he is still yet to lose a home game in the league since his first season at porto, its just a shame you cant see how far above he is in terms of managerial quality than any other manager in your league now that anchellotis gone, but dont worry he will head off to either real madrid or man u soon so u can go back to ur poor standard of football without the one shining light without ur dysmal league

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Maid, what are you? 5 years old? Everything I said is true. After seeing that his own tactics didn’t work, he won the league using Mancini’s tactics who did the same thing for a lot less money. I see that you don’t have any way to refute it so you result to personal attacks. You learned well from your hero, when the facts are against you, attack and make controversy. The “not so special one” would be very proud.

P.S. our “poor standard football” has made us world champions four times. England can’t do anything on the world stage so they had to hire an ITALIAN MANAGER!!!!!!!!

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no 20 years old, and personal attacks? grow up mate this is a blog where people share views and opinions, in my opinion ur view on mourinho makes u a chump, how can you not see this guy as a world class manager regardless of whatever you think of him personally? the facts are there for everyone to see, he will be known as one of the greats whether u like it or not, and since when were we talking about international sides? im talking about the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE AND SERIE A, not italy and england, when was the last time you were seen as a major force, mid nineties? granted ac milan have won the european cup on many occasions but now without there leader maldini, superstar kaka and manager anchelotti they will struggle just as inter will wen mourinho has gone onto better things, oh and im almost sure the premier league has seen there 4 teams in the champions league make it to the quarter finals at least in the last 3 years, with the last 2 years having 3 teams in the semi finals, so dont try it u mug

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LaFrecciaBiancoNera, I would have to say, you’re only criticizing Mourinho for using other manager’s tactic. That’s all you’ve been complaining, and nothing else but I would like to point out that soccer isn’t all about tactics.

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PS. England Premier league got star players from around the world. they’re not JUST made of England players.
Also I would like to add that serie A is NOT a big deal anymore.

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These things go in cycles. It my memory serves me right it was a Spanish team that one the CL this year right not an EPL team? The majority of the big EPL teams are foreign owned, and dominated by foreign players and foreign managers because English football is struggling to produce it’s own stars and managers (or capital for team ownership, it seems). You should improve your youth development. The EPL is unstable IMHO because in the future those foreign owners whose don’t have the emotional ties to the teams as an Englishman has are going to get tired of the debts and/or move on to the next big thing and dump the big EPL teams. Serie A is here to stay because it dominated by Italian owners, Italian players and Italian managers who care along with stars from all over the world which in the long run is a much more healthy mix in my opinion. But time will tell.

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I don’t see Mourinho going back to Inter’s old tactics as negative-sure he tried something else and it failed but he was not too proud to admit it. He put the team and winning before his own pride. That’s what a real manager does.

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