Premier League predictions: your chance to put us right (Update)

August 21, 2009

UPDATE: Have added the panel predictions that were emailed to me on Friday night/Saturday before kick-offs. (Mike Collett loses 10 points for shamelessly trying to predict Saturday’s scores on Sunday morning … and getting them all spot on.)

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So come on, be honest, who was expecting Burnley to beat Manchester United in the Premier League on Wednesday?

That shocker on the midweek programme really threw our panel, as did Wigan Athletic’s home defeat… See here for our original predictions.

Read em and weep. I know I did.

So, with one point for the right result and five for the exact score, plus the odd bonus point added pretty much arbitrarily, here are our scores after two (or one-and-a-half) rounds of matches:

Miles Evans – 17 points, Owen Wyatt 14, Patrick Johnston 10, Mitch Phillips 9 (including one bonus point for being the only person not to put Man Utd down for a win), Kevin Fylan 8, Paul Radford and Simon Evans 7, Mike Collett 6.

Shamefacedly, I must admit that I got no points at all this week. Are you keeping up your own score at home (or, let’s face it, at the office)? If you had Burnley beating Man Utd, award yourself an extra five points for being so clever.

Chipking, showing us up badly in the comments, gets at least one bonus point, and possibly five or six, for tipping Spurs to beat Hull 4-0 with a Jermain Defoe hat-trick. It was actually 5-1 but with Defoe indeed bagging three that was a spectacular effort.

Maid also did well, getting the right score on Birmingham-Pompey, and getting pretty close with Liverpool-Stoke as well.

Anyway, looking to the future, here are the weekend’s fixtures, with the laughable predictions of our panel at the end… or at least they will be, when they get round to filling them in:


Arsenal v Portsmouth: Awesome Arsenal against the early season crisis club… A no-brainer, no? Mitch Phillips:1-0 ; Owen Wyatt: 3-1; Patrick Johnston: 3-1; Mike Collett: ; Paul Radford: 2-0; Kevin Fylan: 4-0; Miles Evans: 2-0; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 5-0; Simon Evans: 3-0.

Birmingham City v Stoke City: Stoke were mauled by Liverpool at Anfield. Birmingham picked up a first win. Could this be the first draw of the season? Mitch Phillips: 1-0; Owen Wyatt: 0-0; Patrick Johnston: 0-1; Mike Collett: ; Paul Radford: 0-0; Kevin Fylan: 2-1; Miles Evans: 2-1; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 0-0; Simon Evans: 2-1.

Hull City v Bolton Wanderers: Hull are just about everyone’s tip for the drop this season. Watch them prove people wrong here… Mitch Phillips: 0-1; Owen Wyatt: 1-1; Patrick Johnston: 2-2; Mike Collett: ; Paul Radford: 1-0; Kevin Fylan: 0-0; Miles Evans: 0-1; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 0-1; Simon Evans: 1-1.

Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers: City beat Barcelona 1-0 in a friendly in midweek. Things really are looking up. Mitch Phillips: 1-1; Owen Wyatt: 2-0; Patrick Johnston: 3-2; Mike Collett: ; Paul Radford: 3-1; Kevin Fylan: 3-1; Miles Evans: 1-1; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 3-2; Simon Evans: 4-2.

Sunderland v Blackburn Rovers: Sunderland had a bad second half against Chelsea but this should be a much more comfortable outing, shouldn’t it? Mitch Phillips: 1-0; Owen Wyatt: 0-2; Patrick Johnston: 2-0; Mike Collett: ; Paul Radford: 1-1; Kevin Fylan: 1-0; Miles Evans: 0-0; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 1-1; Simon Evans: 0-0.

Wigan Athletic v Manchester United: United need to show a bit of character after that Burnley defeat. Surely they won’t produce another Lancashire hodge-podge of a performance… Mitch Phillips: 1-1; Owen Wyatt: 1-4; Patrick Johnston: 0-1; Mike Collett: ; Paul Radford: 1-1; Kevin Fylan: 0-2; Miles Evans: 0-2; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 1-2; Simon Evans: 1-2.

Playing on Sunday:

West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs are the leaders after two games. How long before the bubble bursts? Mitch Phillips: 1-0; Owen Wyatt: 2-1; Patrick Johnston: 1-3; Mike Collett: 1-3; Paul Radford: 1-2; Kevin Fylan: 1-1; Miles Evans: 3-1; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 2-1; Simon Evans: 1-1.

Burnley v Everton: Burnley performed heroics in midweek, while Everton atoned for their opening day shocker with a good European League display. Tricky one to call. Mitch Phillips: 1-0; Owen Wyatt: 1-2; Patrick Johnston: 0-0; Mike Collett: 2-1; Paul Radford: 1-2; Kevin Fylan: 0-1; Miles Evans: 0-2; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 1-3; Simon Evans: 2-1.

Fulham v Chelsea: 100 percent Chelsea to maintain their advantage over United and Liverpool? Mitch Phillips: 1-1; Owen Wyatt: 0-2; Patrick Johnston: 0-2; Mike Collett: 0-3; Paul Radford: 1-3; Kevin Fylan: 1-2; Miles Evans: 0-3; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 0-2; Simon Evans: 0-1.

Playing on Monday:

Liverpool v Aston Villa: Liverpool found some form to beat Stoke handily in midweek and with Villa starting poorly this looks like another home win, doesn’t it? Mitch Phillips: 1-1; Owen Wyatt: 2-0; Patrick Johnston: 4-0; Mike Collett: 4-0; Paul Radford: 3-0; Kevin Fylan: 0-0; Miles Evans: 2-0; Martyn Herman: ; Justin Palmer: 1-0; Simon Evans: 2-1.

That’s as far as we’ve got so far … give us your predictions in the comments section, and feel free to lord it over us on Monday.

PHOTO: The Burnley mascot poses with a photographer’s camera ahead of their English Premier League soccer match against Manchester United in Burnley, August 19, 2009. REUTERS/Nigel Roddis


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Good afternoon all,
Can Mr Kevin Fylan put his hand on his heart and honestly tell me I have only 10 points from two round of matches?
This points system in farcical!
Can anyone vouch for his reputation? I may have to set up a European breakaway predictions league, who is with me?

Posted by Patrick Johnston | Report as abusive

arsenal 3 – 0 pompey
brum 0 – 1 stoke
burnley 1 – 2 everton
fulham 1 – 1 chelsea (biased fulham fan)
hull 0 – 0 bolton
pool 3 – 1 villa
city 4 – 0 wolves
sund 2 – 1 b’burn
west ham 2 – 2 spurs
wigan 0 – 2 man u

appreciate being included in the email kevin, may need to check your rules and regulations again see exactly what score i would be on within the pros league!

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

Arsenal v Portsmouth, 4-0 (Van persie double)
Birmingham v Stoke, 0-1 (Liam Lawrence pen)
Burnley v Everton, 1-2 (Burnley’s heroics brought down to earth by a resurgent Cahill double strike)
Fulham v Chelsea, 1-2 ( very close to call but feel a drogba strike will settle this one)
Hull v Bolton, 0-3 (my hatred of phil brown contnues as does his teams struggles)
Liverpool v Aston Villa, 3-1 (gerrard and co back on form, torres double)
Man City v Wolverhampton, 3-0 (strikers to come good again, adebayor double possible treble)
Sunderland v Blackburn, 2-0 (darren bent to continue his goal to game ratio)
West Ham v Tottenham, 1-3 (feel its robbies turn for the double this week)
Wigan v Man Utd, 0-2 (owen to break his duck)

May just be going on last weeks games tho but who knows that is the exciting thing this year!! Cheers for the shout out imagine the odds i coulda got on defoe. Enjoying the bonus points so hoping for more of the same with my scorers this week lol

Keep it up, great blogs so far

Posted by Chipking | Report as abusive

Have addea couple more from the panelists… more to come as and when…

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

come on maid… have more faith. fulham win, surely…

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Chipking, on strength of your last call i’m putting keane into my fantasy team

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

despite the fact we sit less than 6 feet away from each other me and chipking never disclose results until weve got them down on the fixtures, annoyingly this time we are very similar which will make a break away from each other coming down to only a couple of matches

and as for fulham i was there last season when clint dempseys last minute heroics saved us a point against the local rivals, who in all honesty weve had a fair record against in the prem, but im a firm believer that a result like that last season means it will be much more difficult this time round, ever the pessimist..

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

Arsenal 4 Portsmouth 1
Birmingham 1 Stoke 2
Hull 2 Bolton 1
Man City 4 Wolves 2
Sunderland 1 Blackburn 1
Wigan 1 Man U 3
West Ham 2 Spurs 1
Burnley 0 Everton 2
Fulham 1 Chelsea 0
Liverpool 3 Aston Villa 1
I didn’t think Usain Bolt would break his World Record last night, so what do I know about Sporting predictions.

Posted by Rob McAvoy | Report as abusive

Rob, you were in good company. Michael Johnson (who knows a thing or two about running the 200) said he wasn’t going to break it either. No way.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

and rob, nice to see someone going for a hull win. it’s good balance for Maid!

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Arsenal 3 Portsmouth 0 – can’t see Pompey causing some troubles
Birmingham 1 Stoke 1 – these two sides are too equal
Hull City 1 Bolton 0 – don’t expect an avalanche of goals
Man City 3 Wolves 0 – different class
Sunderland 1 Blackburn 1 – a disappointing week for the Black Cats
Wigan 0 Man U 1 – Wigan have to wait for another season to get some points against United
West Ham 2 Spurs 2 – a lot of entertainment
Burnley 1 Everton 1 – Burnley to keep the momentum going
Fulham 1 Chelsea 1 – no injury-time winner
Liverpool 3 Villa 0 – Villa have little to offer, Liverpool are flying in the evening games

Posted by Angel Krasimirov | Report as abusive

Arsenal – Portsmouth – 2-1
Birmingham – Stoke – 1-1
Hull – Bolton – 0-1
Man city – Wolves – 3 – 1
Sunderland – Blackburn – 2-2
Wigan – Man united – 1-2
Westham – Spurs 1-1
Burnley – Everton 1 -2
Fulham – Chelsea 0-2
Liverpool – Astonvilla 3-2

Posted by Gebre | Report as abusive

Watch Blackburn Rovers vs Sunderland Live Score Online Free EPL Highlights Aug 22 2009. Sunderland is all focused to take on the Blackburn at their home ground. They were nonetheless defeated by the Chelsea. s-blackburn-rovers-epl-highlights-august -22th-2009-live-score-results/

Posted by clbuzz | Report as abusive

arsenal 3 – 0 portsmouth
birmingham 1 – 1 stoke
hull 2 – 1 bolton
man city 2 – 0 wolves
sunderland 2 – 1 blackburn
wigan 1 – 2 man united
west ham 1 – 3 tottenham
burnley 0 – 1 everton
fulham 1 – 1 chelsea
liverpool 3 – 0 villa

Posted by wllmhll | Report as abusive

Thomas1978 (Liverpool) 10 minutes ago
West Ham v Tottenham

This match is Gianfranco’s 1st home match of the season and it certainly is a tough one with Tottenham in great form at the moment. Having won and not being troubled much at the Molineux last weekend, Zola’s team can expect a much tougher match in prospect here. Zola is definitely the most lovable manager in the league and most neutrals will want him to succeed.

West Ham currently have a decent suqad, with plaers like Green, Upson, Parker and Cole being the main figures in the starting XI. Expect Cole to have a good season and really push for a place in the England team. Alot will rest on whether Zola will be forced to sell. The club have been heavily linked with Marouane Chamakh and he will be a great addition if he does sign.

Tottenham have been great to watch thus far and they have a really strong squad now. They have a strong midfield mixed with strength and guile and have a front line that is the envy of many teams. Redknapp will start with Defoe and Keane upfront, but having players like Crouch, Pavlyuchenko and Bentley on the bench signifies squad depth.

I do expect Harry to continue his good start to the season on his return toUpton Park, where he is much respected. With his stike force in such rampant form at the moment you will not bet against them. West Ham will do great this season but Tottenham are a serious canidate for at least a Euro place this season and they will be too strong. Ever since Harry arrived at the Lane, the team has had a more settled look to it and you can see the players are enjoying their football now.

Prediction: 2-1 to Tottenham



Burnley v Everton

Burnley had the result of the season thus far in midweek. The season is still early and Burnley players will be up for this one after their amazing win over Man Utd. Everton are looking to bounce back from a disastrous start against Arsenal. They had a relatively easy win in midweek in Europe.

Everyone will be under no illusion that Burnley will be in for a tough time this season, the team has no stand out player and the going will only get tougher and touger for them as the season progress.

Everton really need some major reinforcements before the transfer window closes and expect Lescott to sit out this one, now that his tranfer to Man City looks certain to go through. Arteta is a huge loss to the Toffess and Fellaini as a striker does not impress me. I do think Moyes may start with Saha up front with Cahill and Fellaini in support. Saha, if fully fit is a god striker.

I have concerns over Cahill after he is heavily involved with Australia in pre-season. The season is still early but fatigue could be a problem when the season progresses.

I expect Bunley to give Everton a run for their money in this game and probably sneak a draw here. Burnley will be tough opposition at home as Man Utd have already found out.

Prediction: Burnley 1 Everton 1



Fulham v Chelsea

The big one on Sunday. Fulham’s home debut this season and this will be a tough one for Carlo Ancelotti. Fulham were great at home last season, defeating Man Utd and Arsenal while drawing with Chelsea. Their home form was what got them a Euro spot.

Ancelotti could be sticking to the starting XI that got him the win in midweek. The team played well in midweek, especially in the 2nd half. Ancelotti’s teams are always difficult to beat and this will very much be the case again.

Zamora is having a good start to the season an he looks to be the main threat upfront for Fulham. I do think they need more reinforcement in defence and midfield or they could find it hard to replicate last season’s success. Duff could be an option as he is in line for his league debut.

A great exciting match in prospect here with both Chelsea wanting to maintain their 100% start and Fulham wanting to start their home fixtures with a victory. I certainly do not expect Chelsea to lose this one and I do expect them to just sneak this one.

Prediction: Fulham 1 Chelsea 2



Posted by Thomas Tan | Report as abusive

burnley 1 everton 1
fulham 0 chelsea 2
west ham 1 spurs 1
liverpool 2 aston villa o

Posted by leon duggan | Report as abusive

Have added a few more entries from our panel — all received before kick-offs … guess you’ll have to trust me on that.
And tks for latest stbs at making us look daft. ,,,and i’m loving the detail, Tomas

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

“I do think they need more reinforcement in defence and midfield or they could find it hard to replicate last season’s success. Duff could be an option as he is in line for his league debut”

Agree with the defence, central only, needing reinforcements as an injury like AJ’s to hughes or hangeland would be catastrophic for our team , but the midfield has plenty of back ups capable for the prem league, so far injured or not we have to choose from gera, duff, greening, etuhu, murphy, dempsey, riise and seol (possible exception to being capable). Gutted i couldnt get a ticket today as first time not had a season ticket in 10 years but will be watching through my hands on sky with a beer or two, will need a few to relax towards the end of the 90.. COYW!!

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

[…] * Fulham v. Chelsea — (Live, FSC, 11 a.m.) … Reuters Soccer Blog » Blog Archive » Premier League predictions … Aug 21, 2009 Burnley v Everton: Burnley performed heroics in midweek, while Everton atoned for […]

Posted by burnley v everton live | Random Hot News | Report as abusive

“Chelsea will run away with the title this season” that was my thinking at the start of the season but it changed now….who will win the title is anybody’s guess……Manchester United are struggling so are Liverpool and Arsenal…..

Posted by dummydam | Report as abusive