Chelsea banned from signing players – your views

September 3, 2009

Premier League club Chelsea have been banned from registering any new players for the next two transfer windows, FIFA said on Thursday.

“Chelsea are banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the two next entire and consecutive registration periods following the notification of the present decision,” a FIFA statement said.

The decision effectively means the English club cannot register any new players until January 2011. The next transfer window is in January followed by another in 2010.

The punishment was handed out by FIFA following a contractual dispute involving the transfer of Gael Kakuta from French club Racing Lens in 2007.

Following a complaint from Lens, FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber ruled that Kakuta had breached his contract with the French club and that Chelsea had induced him to do so.


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all i would say is why did it take 2 years to give them this punishment? from a football fans perspective its seem pretty unfair for it to of taken so long for the punishment to take place (and a pretty harsh one at that) but from a fulham fans perspective i find it pretty funny, also their squad is going to be pretty old by the time they can sign any new players of significance as very few world class players move in the january transfer window

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Ancelotti will be furious unless he knew it was coming. They’ll appeal for sure

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I think that a precedent must be set to protect those clubs who nuture young talent. If big sides are able to cherry pick without following guidelines the game will continue to be top heavy with a minority of clubs sharing a monopoly in the football world.

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Fair play to FIFA, my only complaint is that Chelsea should have been banned for 10 transfer windows

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Arsenal did something quite similar with Anelka and Flamini, although they had been more clever. Instead of clearly breaching contracts, they put so much pressure on the clubs that they had no other choice to give up… Allowing Anelka to be sold to Madrid for more than 30 times (!) what he had cost a few years earlier.

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its about time some actions are being taken for tapping up players, im sure there’ll be a lot of these investigations going on.

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while no fan of fifa or their procedures, it seems even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. can we have the same please for man united, arsenal, real, bayern et al? and let’s have some other European winners for a change to make football a bit more exciting. it shouldn’t be a battle of millionaires but a battle of players.

Posted by ikea | Report as abusive

New Chelsea manager will be furious with the ban…..but i believe they can cope with it, they probably have the strongest squad around Euroupe……i mean their Second eleven can finish in top4 in EPL… if any team can cope with this ban is chelsea………

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I think this is not the end of it. Lets see what happens after the appeal.

Posted by wes | Report as abusive

Ikea – I think you’re wrong in saying lets punish all the top clubs in Europe and allow some other clubs to challenge for the top titles in order to make it more exciting, I think you’ll find clubs have to be found guilty of breaking the rules first before they are punished. Chelsea’s punishment does seem harsh and radical, purely because it is the first time a punishment like this has been handed out to a top club. However, as long as FIFA are consistent with their punishments for similar offences then Chelsea cannot complain. If FIFA fail to punish, or give lesser punishments to other clubs found guilty of similar offences, that’s when the problem starts. There’s talk of Man Utd maybe being investigated for a similar incident over the purchase of Paul Pogba, as a United fan, if they get the same punishment then who can argue, but FIFA and UEFA always fail to struggle with consistency and this is an issue i can see rolling on for quite a while.

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so this is a team worthy of finishing in the top four u reckon





i really cant see that being a top 4 team in the english prem, and i think im being pretty generous including alex malouda deco and kalou in there ‘second eleven’

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FIFA penalizing an English team… what is new with that? the English bias in FIFA is a well established fact.

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check out this ayers-signing-ban/

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