United beware: City look ready to make a lot more noise

September 21, 2009

Rarely can a defeat, and such a heart-breaking one at that, have been greeted with so much enthusiasm by the losers as Manchester City’s 4-3 reverse at Old Trafford.

Sports professionals are forever banging on about “taking the positives” from setbacks but for everyone connected with City, their performance and the whole occasion on Sunday showed that they really will be a force to be reckoned with over the next few months and years.

Despite being shorn of several of their best players and going behind after two minutes, City hung on to United like a terrier with a mouthful of trouser.

Every time United shook them off with a goal, they came back with a tighter bite. Even when the champions were peppering their goal during a period of dominance in the second half, City stayed in the game.

They were felled by Michael Owen’s 96th-minute winner, sparking wild scenes on the touchline and some enjoyable jousting from the managers.

Current England rugby manager Martin Johnson has said that he felt sure England would win the 2003 World Cup final after seeing how Australia celebrated their semi-final win over New Zealand and United’s joy, even allowing for the dramatic nature of the finale, was a few notches up on anything seen in a derby win for decades.

“They seemed quite excitable at the end which shows you what this win means to them,” said Mark Hughes. “It was reminiscent of some of the scenes with Brian Kidd and Alex Ferguson in days gone by and I saw Gary Neville running on the pitch like a lunatic.”

A smiling Alex Ferguson said: “Sometimes you’ve got a noisy neighbour and you have to live with it. You can’t do anything about them and they keep on making noise.”

Hughes responded by saying his former boss had better get used to it. “We are not going to go away,” he said.

Ferguson, for once, decided not to pass comment on City’s spending power — which was probably a good idea given the fact that his team on Sunday cost an estimated 126 million pounds to the 122 of City.

But he knows that the funding City have will keep them on an upward trend and that performances and occasions like that on Sunday – for all the defensive frailties on show – will help attract more big names next time the transfer window opens.

“We are disappointed to leave here with nothing, but that shows how far this club has come,” said Kolo Toure. “We showed to everyone today we have the qualities and the spirit to mix it up with the big boys.”

Ferguson photo by Phil Noble


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The City fans were always going to get carried away after this game regardless of the result. Lets be honest, City scored 3 goals, 2 of which were defensive howlers, and Foster hardly made a save all game. United hammered City in the second half and would have scored 7 if it wasn’t for Shay Given. The second half was a footballing lesson to City, who, after beating Arsenal despite being dominated, thought they would come to OT and get 3 points. No chance.

Posted by Dan United | Report as abusive

dan,utds fans seemed v excited to have won a match which isn,t their local derby. give u dwell in salford understandable maybe. i seem to recall a few city howlers for all utd’s goals and you’re right, if we had no goalie, utd could have scored seven. however rules state u are allowed a goalkeeper or are these special theatre of prawn rules? we were dominated by arsenal for parts of the game, just like u were. but we still beat them by 2 so not all lost.

Posted by blue moonie | Report as abusive

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blue moonie,Don’t be an bitter idiot and try being sarcastic. What Dan meant was that Shay Given and City defence took alot of punches and kudos to them that they only let in 4 goals. However the number of chances created by both teams suggest a very one sided match.Two Third of your goals came from individual mistakes that you will hardly see again this season. So the scoreline could have been 4-1 and you know that for a fact!So count your blessings that the media is still singing Citeh’s praises even though you’re just shit.

Posted by UnitedRay | Report as abusive

What a load of rubbish!!!, City hung on to United like a terrier with a mouthful of trouser.’!!! First half arguably, second half they were quite frankly battered!!!United gifted them two out the three goals and on top of that were nowhere near their very best.Not being biased (I’m an EFC fan) but quite frankly, for the time being, city will have to remain content at playing second fiddle to a united side that is still far superior, even on an off day.Yes, no Adebayor makes a difference sure, I’m convinced nobody can argue that. What difference he would of made on the day though, i’m not so sure. Tevez was his usual hard working self, whilst Bellamy was arguably (had the score remained 3-3) a strong contender for Man of the Match.Some may argue (and I agree correctly) that united were allowed far more time to get that winner than was ‘fair’. However, throughout the game united were superior, City will NOT be challenging for the title THIS year but it years to come will certainly do so.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Chelsea will win the league anyway so it’s all largely irrelevant.

Posted by KG | Report as abusive

Totally agree KG!!!

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

WOW,A lot of annimosity about this story, as a neutral i’m not really that bothered about the result but praise both teams for a great game of football. It had just about everything. I like how the both fans are talking about “what could of’s” and “what if’s” sure both teams were missing important players none more so than Robhinio. I feel that city had done enough to get a point. What bothers me the most is that fletcher who i DON’T rate turned in another good performance for club but when he pulls on his national shirt all that drive an enthusiasim seems to disappear just like he does and to be honest looks a really poor player. With regards to the extra time added on it was drilled into me when i was playing in youth football leagues that you play till the whislte regardless of how long it goes on for. City just lost concentration and had plenty of chances to hold play up but instead decided to “punt” and needlessly gave away the free kick that resulted it the winner. A positive for city is that they would never of got that close this time last season, but as i said at the start of the season money will not buy success for city this season. Next season will be interesting!

Posted by Dunoon Blue Boy | Report as abusive

If City had scored in the 96th minute do you think Mark Hughes would have come out and said “Our winner shouldn’t have counted, a draw would have been the right result”? I don’t think so.As for the City fans trying to puff out their chests by saying “Look at your reactions when you scored the winner, it shows it was a massive game for you”, well, yes, it’s our derby game, and to lose it would have been humiliating, especially after the pre match ‘war of words’ between the two clubs. Welcome to Manchester, it’s red.

Posted by Dan United | Report as abusive

manchesters blue, salfords red

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

Salford is in Greater Manchester. Anyway, all that poster business was actually quite unny, fancy City putting up a poster of Tevez celebrating a United goal, oh the irony.

Posted by Dan United | Report as abusive

Salford is in Greater Manchester. Anyway, all that poster business was actually quite funny, fancy City putting up a poster of Tevez celebrating a United goal, oh the irony.

Posted by Dan United | Report as abusive

couldnt agree with you more and i for one will always want to see united ahead of city, but what i should of said was manchesters blue, surreys red, just pointing fun at the fact that a large part of your fan base lives outside manchester and that most ‘mancs’ are blue

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

i am a united fan and congrats to both teams for creating a brilliant game. deserved winners but city have suprised me this season. they might not have the best forward play or defenseive play but are good. the thing that has suprised me is there character and how they dig deep. these sorta characteristics goes further . for example look at utd we dont have the most fluent of play in comparison to barcelona or even arsenal but we have a ballance and we work hard on and of the pitch and a very strong character, never give up, work for every ball be organised and disiplined this gives our plyers confidence. if u look at our team we have scored more than what people thought we would do. simply because the confidence players like fletcher and carrick hold, they not fluent players but are playing that way. this has got us many trophies. city are showing these sorta characteristcs and i think in the next few years they ll be an awesome force. look forward to the battles.

Posted by mosh | Report as abusive

also noticed that city have a decent balance. lots of us including me thought that they ll be like a madrid. where they have good forward players but no defence. but they defensively are not so bad. ok they not brill but they can hold on for many periiods of games such as arsenal and counter attack. and they can score . they have not conceded that many unitl sunday ofcourse.but our ream derby will always be liverpool.

Posted by mosh | Report as abusive

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Research done by the Guardian on all of United’s league matches at Old Trafford since the start of the 2006-07 season has turned up some startling stats.According to them ….” on average, there has been over a minute extra added by referees when United do not have the lead after 90 minutes, compared to when they are in front. In 48 games when United were ahead, the average amount of stoppage time was 191.35 seconds. In 12 matches when United were drawing or losing there was an average of 257.17sec.”You can watch the absurdity here:http://eplreplays.com/2009/09/20/ma n-utd-vs-man-city/Maybe the extra time was added on because of all the goal celebrations, but i didn’t think they were longer than the usual?

Posted by Jonothan McCash | Report as abusive

There was 56 seconds between Bellamy’s second goal and the re start, and referees add 30 seconds for each substitution which was added when Michael Carrick came on. There was 4 minutes added by the ref originally so you assume he would blow on 95 mins 26 seconds, Owen scored after 95 mins 27 seconds so for the ref to be a second out isn’t too bad considering the free kicks, goal kicks, throw ins etc.I don’t know what all the fuss is about. City should have defended better and not given a free kick away. It’s their own fault no one elses.

Posted by Dan United | Report as abusive

Well said Dan United i echo that completly, as i said in my last blog if city had just kept there concentration they would of got there point, and that is the differance between city and united, thats why city won’t win the league. Money will not teach players that. If tevez had controlled the ball better then city were on the break, who knows what could of happened then!!

Posted by Dunoon Blue Boy | Report as abusive

U-N-I-T-E-D, United are the team for me, with a nick-nack paddy whack give a dog a bone, why don’t City….

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive

Wee said Dan United. Their noise is a losers’ rant because Hughes would have hardly complained had somebody scored a winner at the other end. Blatant and outright hypocrisy.

Posted by Red Devil | Report as abusive