Bolton stump everyone in another dire predictions week

September 29, 2009

Are Bolton Wanderers so bad that not one of our Reuters Soccer Blog predictions panel thought they would win at Birmingham City?

Ye of little faith. Manager Gary Megson may not be very popular with the Bolton fans but his side will always fight. A 2-1 win at a promoted club wasn’t all that shocking.

Obviously Chelsea losing at Wigan was a real eye-opener so let’s not beat ourselves up about not guessing that. Kudos to Mitch for at least predicting a draw but he’s not getting the extra points he claims we promised him.

Generally it was a pretty dreadful weekend all round, even for the many of you out there like Chipking who have been showing us up in recent weeks.

Scores were only swelled by Stoke v Manchester United being a double-pointer.

This meant leader Simon Evans, Kevin’s Dad (making a guest appearance and adding to Kev’s total), week winner Mitch Phillips, Mike Collett and Asia Sports Desk all got 10 for rightly predicting that Ryan Giggs would come off the bench and inspire a 2-0 victory.

We threatened minus points for those who got Man U wrong but we’ll defer any penalties given Miles only got three points overall anyway…

My crystal ball is obviously geared towards the first and last game of the weekend programme but useless otherwise.

I was the only one of the panel to score a full five for Saturday’s early game where Everton, I thought unsurprisingly, beat bottom club Portsmouth 1-0 while I was also out on my own saying money bags Manchester City would overcome West Ham 3-1 on Monday.

So here are our running scores, let us know how you did in the comments. Don’t gloat too much.

Reuters Soccer Blog: Simon Evans 59, Kevin Fylan 56, Mitch Phillips 52, Patrick Johnston 48, Paul Radford 46, Mike Collett 43, Miles Evans 38, Justin Palmer 35, Neil Maidment 34, Julien Pretot 32, Mark Meadows 30, Asia Sports Desk 28

PHOTO: Bolton boss Gary Megson REUTERS/Nacho Doce


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i did predict a win for bolton at birmingham albeit by 1-0 n i actually managed to guess a correct result for all but 1 game (the chelsea one shockingly) so i ended up scoring a respectable 17, not quite sure wat that leaves me on but i’ll have a scan through the old blogs abit later

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

on my calculations that puts you on 80 overall, maid. A clear leader by far! Have you ever thought of opening a betting shop?

Posted by Mark Meadows | Report as abusive

wow thats more than i was expecting to be on, just a shame i cant predict as well on the accumulators i do every week.. a betting shop or a pub is the distant dream though.

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

I think i managed to post a respectable score for my first week with a total of 15 points although that is down to the fact that I predicted a 2-0 win to Mant Utd so that gave me double points. Well done again maids storming away with the lead

Posted by Flip | Report as abusive

What a terible week indeed 7 points is not what i needed to catch Maid especially since he bagged a very impressive 17 points! my 7 takes me onto 61 now which im more than happy with as its a marathon not a sprint lol Hopefully next week i can retuurn to the heavy heights of the high teens and as i wanted this week to break that elusive 20 point barrier for the week.

Posted by Chipking | Report as abusive

Guess my beginner’s luck ran out pretty fast, 6 points this week :( I’m going to agree with Kevin and wait for maid’s predictions before posting mine. 80…

Posted by UTV | Report as abusive

After rechecking through the scores i noticed i had counted my score wrong i actually got 16 points instead of 15 i know its only 1 point but defintaely cant complain about 16 on my first week. But still got a long long way to go to catch up with maids and chipking.

Posted by Flip | Report as abusive