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I’m sure the World Cup will cope just fine without Nani and Tiago!

By: SLBenfica Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:54:18 +0000 Zoran, when i see the youngsters who play for Portugal U21 and those in the major clubs here, i can tell you im not worried about our future. Im not saying we have 10 Ronaldos but im glad for it. If we had 11 ROnaldos on a team we wouldnt win any game, as there were no room for 11 giant egos.
About having 11 brazilians playing for the portuguese squad, i dont believe that happens. However, and again, i challenge you to check France`s and Netherland`s squads and see how many were born really in those countries. Im not saying im not worried about having “foreigners” playing for my Nation but we cant do anything, can we? we live in the Globalization era, the World Wide Web, where the World gets smaller every day. so its normal to have lots of foreign people living in our countries. In Europe, you even have free borders and free traffic of people and goods. And you must realize the most important issue: the laws that allow you to get portuguese nationality, as long as you stay and work for 5 years here, were not made thinking about football. Instead, they were made for you to feel comfortable in our country, to let you learn our costumes and laws and most important you get the portuguese nationality because you want to be portuguese, its your choice. Therefore, its your own affirmation that you feel like a portuguese citizen and want to live under our laws, making Portugal your own country. It is thought for people who came here hoping for better life conditions, for a job, for an equal treatment, like you have in the origins of USA or even the most countries in American Continents… So, if those can have the portuguese nationality, why cant the brazilians, the spanish, the americans, the africans who came here to get a job as football players be portuguese and have the same rights as the engineers, the mechanics, the lawyers…? also, bare in mind that Portugal was one of the most important nations in the world in the XV and XVI century, as we found Brazil, mapped Africa and established lots of colonies from here to India. So we have strong connections with a lot of countries and it wouldnt seem correct to deny it. on the contrary, we are very proud of that. if that reflects it on our football squad? well, its a minor consequence… i prefer thinking they have a better life here and i bet they will proudly defend our collours.

By: Zoran Wed, 21 Oct 2009 10:31:01 +0000 One more thing, SL Benfica: When Cristiano R. and his generation pass by and the next one is perhaps not so talented, will you have 11 Brazilians with legal Portuguese passports in your team and do you think that’s what most people in your country want? And if other nations start to follow suit, give passports to Brazilians and Africans after five years (why not a year or two, why wait for five years?), we will end up with nations having just two or three home-born players competing in the World Cup. What’s the point? Will it it not erase the thin line between club and international football?

By: mitch Wed, 21 Oct 2009 08:52:08 +0000 In answer to your query – this Reuters story explains how FIFA made the decision three weeks ago “we have made the decision on seeding…” says Sepp Blatter. s/LT716650.php

There is also no mention of any seeding of the playoffs in the competition regulations published before the start of qualifying.
Hope helps and thanks for all your feedback on this one, chrs Mitch

By: canadianstakes Wed, 21 Oct 2009 03:45:20 +0000 Still, all of this talk of FIFA changing the rules and coming up with the seeding format well after qualification has started. I asked earlier in this thread if this was really true or not and asked for an article link from anybody out there to prove it. And nothing. I find it hard to believe that FIFA did not have the plans for seeding the European playoff 2nd place teams written up at the beginning, since they have done seedings in the past with second placed teams. I ask again, if anybody could please post an article link on here, showing me that they came up with the idea to seed teams long after qualification started, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks, and I hope to hear from somebody, anybody, soon.

By: SLBenfica Tue, 20 Oct 2009 18:44:19 +0000 Zoran,

you dont have anything to agree or disagree. In Portugal, as in the majority of Nations you have 3 ways to get a nationality. Two ways by origin (born in portuguese territory and having portuguese parents) and one secondary way (staying and working for 5 years in Portugal). All those make you Portuguese with equal rights, social, economical and political (except running for President) The players are portuguese: the ones who were born in the colonies, were born with the portuguese nationality and the others, like Pepe, Liedson and Deco worked for 5 years in Portugal, so they are fellow Portuguese citizens like the others, and like the others they the right to be named for the National team. Any other view will discriminate and will be illegal because you were saying that there were 2 types of portuguese people, one with Human Rights and the others without them.

I cant understand the fuss about seeding. There always have been seeding. A team is seeded according to rankings, meanining that every team has the equal oportunities to climb the ranking: just win games! So its fair the best team gets some (legal) advantages. Another thing is changing the rules with the qualification running. I cant agree with that. The rules should be set at the beggining of the Qualifying. You cant even say that those changes were meant to save Portugal because only in the last game Ukraine surprisingly beat England, making the 2nd place, ahead of Croatia who has better rank than Portugal. So, it makes you wonder.
Of course i want Portugal to make it to the World Cup but if we loose against Bosnia, i will be a Bosnia fan in South Africa. For the rest of the games, i only expect to see good games and lots of goals and that the best teams (showed on the pitch) win.

By: Kaya Camilla Tue, 20 Oct 2009 17:32:27 +0000 Julien agree 100%
If croatia had done what they know how to do, they would be in the seeding without any issue. But do need to admit Portuguals got a shot at it..if they play straight!

By: Zoran Tue, 20 Oct 2009 15:40:43 +0000 SL Benfica,

It’s very easy for you to preach your viewpoints, but I honestly doubt you’d stick to them if Portugal were in the bottom half of the seedings.
I agree that like Portugal, some other nations, especially France and Netherlands as you mentioned, also have plenty of talent to pick and choose from their former colonies and it’s a principle I strongly disagree with because most teams can’t afford that luxury. Therefore, it is not your nation’s honour I was having a go at, it was the double standards that rule modern-day football. And I hope Bosnia beat Portugal to qualify for the World Cup.

By: SLBenfica Fri, 16 Oct 2009 21:00:06 +0000 SA, i agree completely with you. Every team is equal and has the same possibilities to earn the points that make them higher in the FIFA ranks.

Zoran, i am Portuguese and i can’t agree with you when you talk about Liedson. You are right about Eusébio, born in Mozambique, a Portuguese colony, like so many others countries had or still have. As you know, the person who was born in a colony, automatically had the mother-land nationality, so Eusébio is Portuguese since he was born. If you had to talk about Eusébio, you could have refered Zidane, who was born in Alger, like so many other players who play for their national teams. If you want to see the nonsense you wrote, even further, you can compare then Pauleta, top scorer ever for Portugal, who was born in the Azores, a portuguese island or some other players who were not born in the continental territory. About Liedson, he is portuguese, legally adopted portuguese nationality by staying and working 5 years in Portugal, representing Sporting Lisbon. Yes, he is brazilian, like Deco and Pepe. They all represent legitimately our country because they have a strong connection to us. We didn’t beg Liedson to get the portuguese nationality just so he could play for us; its his right to get it. Just look to France national squad and please tell me how many palyers play there that have really been born in France. And how about Germany? how many do they have? or even Netherlands?
if you are going to particularize something, think about what you are going to say because you can be unfair.

If it really matters that teams that hardly made it to the World Cup, to be there? when i see a tournament like that, waiting 4 years for it to happen, i want to see the top players, the best ones. They are the ones who give these tournaments their fame and importance. So think if you want to see a World Cup without Ronaldo, Simão, Deco, Nani, Bosingwa, Tiago, Pepe, Benzema, Gourcouff and so many many others…?

p.s.- i am sorry for my awfull english but i really had to defend my nation’s honor.

By: julien p Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:35:55 +0000 It could also have backfired.
If Croatia had not f… it up, they would have been seeded instead of Portugal.
A France v Portugal playoff would have been a 1/4 probability, while no seeding would have made of that pairing a 1/7 probability.