Thinking the unthinkable: should Liverpool sell Torres?

November 3, 2009

It is a little glib to suggest that Liverpool have a one-man strike force in Fernando Torres.

It seems almost beyond dispute, though, that whenever the Spaniard is unavailable Liverpool look ill equipped to challenge for the title, a situation hardly helped by the sales of Xabi Alonso, Robbie Keane and Alvaro Arbeloa in the past year.

I realise this could come across as heresy to Liverpool fans, but might the answer be to sell Torres too?

Torres is, without question, an exceptional player but he is not irreplaceable. Liverpool have won nothing with the Spaniard in attack because they simply do not have the same in-depth quality that Chelsea and Manchester United can boast.

If Cristiano Ronaldo was worth 80 million when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, Torres should command a similar figure.

With that money Liverpool could buy three, maybe four, top drawer players who would give their squad more balance. Valencia striker David Villa would cost around 30 million and would be a handy replacement for Torres, as would Atletico Madrid’s Argentine frontman Sergio Aguero. Either, or both of them, would leave manager Rafael Benitez enough left over to strengthen in other areas.

Villa’s team mate David Silva would add some creativity in Liverpool’s midfield as would Tottenham Hotspur’s midfield spark Luca Modric or his team mate Aaron Lennon, if they could be prised away.

With Liverpool’s debts unlikely to ease any time soon, Benitez will probably need to sell before bringing in new blood but few of their current squad, apart from Torres, Gerrard and midfield anchor Javier Mascherano, would raise the kind of money that they would require for a major squad overhaul.

Selling Torres might be the one step back Liverpool need to take in order to take two forward because at present they appear to be getting left behind.

PHOTO: Fernando Torres looks on during their Champions League soccer match against Fiorentina at the Artemio Franchi Stadium in Florence September 29, 2009. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi


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The worry would be that if Torres left, Gerrard might follow. Then what do you have left? Say the new players didn’t settle… then they’re in real trouble.

Posted by kev | Report as abusive

Villa and Silva would cost about 50 million, which is about what Torres would fetch, I reckon. Then you run the risk that one or both wouldn’t settle. And who is going to buy Torres? Man City?

Posted by daveydee | Report as abusive

How in the world can Torres command 80 million when he has not taken Liverpool to the league or Champions League titles nor won the FIFA Player of the Year or Ballon d’Or awards?

Posted by Omer | Report as abusive

Sell Torres??? I don’t care who we’d get in. To hear his name being chanted on the Kop makes you realise that in his short spell at Liverpool he has already become one of the most revered Reds of all time. We need to hold on to our prized assets, and none are more prized than Torres. After all, as the song goes, “His armband proved he was a Red…” We can never get rid of him. I’d cash in on Gerrard before I’d sell Gerrard. After all, he was courting Chelsea in the not too distant past.

Posted by phatnek | Report as abusive

torres would probably not move to any other premier league club and with his ties to athletico madrid a move to real would be off the cards, so realisticly the only club big enough for torres to move to would be barcelona, who shelled out £50 million in the summer on zlatan ibrahimovic so i doubt they will want to spend a similar figure for another out and out striker when they only play with one centre forward, but who says villa would want to go to liverpool without his spain strike partner there? especially when he will undoubtabley be given offers from bigger more successful clubs at this present moment, and the same goes for david silva.i believe liverpool do rely solely on gerrard and torres with mascherano being outrageously over-rated and them selling their other main asset in xabi alonso in the summer, their one saving grace is that they will probably never lose their captain but i fear torres will grow restless in the fact he is possibly the best striker in the world, definatley in the top 3, yet he has won no major honours in his career.imagine how he feels when he joins up with the spain squad with the likes of xavi, iniesta, villa, silva, senna, puyol, ramos, valdes, casillas, all of whom have won major honours in their club careers. perhaps being part of such a successful international team will drive him away from anfield.

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Are you high on drugs? Are you so limited on what to report?Your brain needs checking mate!

Posted by Simon Borg | Report as abusive

This is not a good idea. Let me go on the record here. You have two good players and you want to sell one of them. Dumb.

Posted by Reese weatherspoo | Report as abusive

No way, sell Torres, is like asking Liverpool to play first division football. Why dont they get rid of Lucas and Bernitez. I think the problem id bernitez…With him out, Liverpool might stand a chance of winning something

Posted by Fatima Hayat | Report as abusive

Dude,get real….you can’t sell your best players

Posted by Ray Williams | Report as abusive

actually, i think he might be on to something. if the squad is unbalanced, balance it. if the only way to do it is sell torres, so be it. never thought of that. good idea. don’t think you’d get 8- million for him, thoough.

Posted by magbus magnussson | Report as abusive

Seriously, you need to really to understand the English game before writing stuff like this. I’m surpised at some of the reaction to the current situation – Liverpool went through far worse form in the 1970’s & 80’s. The answer – letting the manager work through it!No one can argue with that policy – the figures are there. Don’t forget this team got 86 points last year with a team that cost much less than Chelsea and Utd.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

No way, that is a stupid idea, selling Torres, who is there best player and scores plenty of goals is rediculous, and it will never happen. Even if they did and got around 50m for him, who could they get to replace him, Villa, nope, Silva, nope. None is better then Torres, and this is coming from a Manchester United fan. Gerrard could be leaving this season, as reports suggest Real Madrid want him and are preparing a 40m bid, no Torres & Gerrard = No Liverpool. Anyway if Liverpool were to sell Torres, he would go to another EPL club, he wouldn’t return to the La Liga, he would either go to Man City, Man Utd & Chelsea. Or move the the Serie – A and join Inter Milan or AC Milan.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

It’s a fair enough question regarding an unbalanced team, but some of your premises are shaky. I am not undervaluing Torres when I say that he wouldn’t be sold for much, if any, more than David Villa. The question of who has the money to buy either of them was partly answered by the fact that no acceptable offers were made to Valencia in the summer. We don’t know if Villa would have moved, which is another point — if he does leave Valencia, which is questionable, Villa doesn’t want to leave Spain. Nor does David Silva (an extremely undervalued player outside of Spain I think). Another problem is that, apart from Aaron Lennon, none of the players you suggest Liverpool might require are from English and Rafa has to think about the new rules that will go into effect (in 2010 or 2011?) regarding players who are either English or trained in English youth academies.My own opinion is that losing the leadership of Alonso and Hyppia was enough to destabilize the team to a certain extent that hasn’t helped their other woes. At this point I hope only to see possible acquisitions, not further dismantling.

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Torres will never command an 80 million transfer fee due to his constant injury problems. Why play more than 30 million for a player who misses 10+ league games a season??There are many forwards in the world who are just as good if not better and who are regularly fit therefore much more desirable than Torres, people like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, David Villa, Rooney, Drogba, Sergio Aguero, Higuain, Pato, Kaka etc.If i were Benitez i’d keep Torres, but i’d make sure id have some more class strikers who don’t have a history of persistant injury problems so he doesn’t face the prospect of only having Ngog and Veronin available over November and December when Torres has his groin/hernia operation.

Posted by Dan United | Report as abusive

Sell Torres, sell Gerrald, even sell Benitez. Who cares?

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Good point abuot the unbalanced squad, but I don’t know if selling El Nino is the solution. €80 million sounds like an ambitious price tag too. I’d prefer to get rid of Voronin and Dossena, for maybe €5 or 6 million, and get in some experienced (and relatively injury-free) cover for Torres. You’d get a decent temporary backup for that.Alternatively, give Ryan Babel more game time! Rafa seems to have decided that he’s now solely a wide man, but Babel has played there to great effect for Ajax in the past. He has pace to burn and is a decent finisher, though nowhere near the class of Fernando. With a run in the team and a bit of confidence he could be the solution. Certainly worth a gamble at this stage rather than Ngog (too raw) or Voronin (too useless).

Posted by Irish Red | Report as abusive

You are getting a lot of stick here Hermanato but I think it’s a very interesting blog you’ve put up. As most commentators have said, selling Torres would be a huge gamble for many reasons. Not least because he has become the team’s driving force along with Gerrard and there is no guarantee that Villa, Aguero or whoever they bought as a replacement would fill his boots instantly. The pressure would be huge and if the experiment failed Liverpool could fall to bits. On the other hand, Torres is an injury-prone player and he could also become restless if Liverpool don’t win a major trophy in the near future, this season or next. And if they are going to sell him, now is the best time. But they will never get 80 mil for him, half that sum is more realistic mate.

Posted by Zoran | Report as abusive

torres is an amazing player, selling him will weaken liverpool as proven by him not playing and how liverpool struggle. however liverpool need a squad to be able to challenge for the title, utd dont have a particular star player, rooney possibley but when hes not around the squad gets togheter. liverpool rely too much on a few players which is selling him and getting a squad is a good idea but like they mentioned earlier the players u get in might not work. letting torres go is not worth the risk. you ll get like 40 mill for him. who can afford him now. real madrid are ful. barcelona are happy, italian teams can t afford it . and he wont go to another english club. but a day will come like ronaldo when torress will want to go spain as he mentioned before .

Posted by mosh | Report as abusive

Torrres is an awesome player, the best Striker in Europe at present. liverpool should spend the money from their new Sponsorship deal and buid the team around the skills and sheer presence of the “matador” on the football pitch. The Manager must buy the players who can supply the Spaniard with the ball and he will finish the job everytime. Go Reds, let’s take the Silver from the Mancs and the Russian Mafia like the Spanish did from the Aztecs and the Incas.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Liverpool cannot afford to sell Torres. He is the best that they have got at the moment. Rafa is not prforming, he needs to, if he must retain his job.

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Posted by UDOKA | Report as abusive

Liverpool will have more and more struggle if they sell Torres.. and more defeat I guess.

Posted by SoccerProPick | Report as abusive

i think if they sell Torres that means that they are not serious to mount a serious challenge in league and europe…..

Posted by sammymad | Report as abusive

Liverpool should sign someone like Silva or Villa of Valencia…http://www.totalsportsmadness.c om

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