A proposal from Germany could help cut out diving

November 11, 2009

Referee Peter Walton could face a suspension from the Premier League list if it is decided he made a mistake in Monday’s 2-2 draw between Liverpool and Birmingham.

Walton reckoned Liverpool striker David Ngog had been fouled by Lee Carsley and ignored the protests of his Birmingham team mates before Steven Gerrard converted the spotkick. Even Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez said afterwards he did not think it was a penalty.

Former Premier League and FIFA referee Graham Poll is among those saying the FA must change the rules, arguing that if the referee can be banned for a mistake, players should be punished too. Under current FA rules, players who dive cannot face retrospective action if they were not booked for “simulation” during the game.

Maybe the FA could follow a recent German experiment. If a player was thought to have dived, the referee was instructed to ask him: “Did you dive?”

If he said he did, he was not punished, but neither did he gain any advantage and the match went on.

If he said he didn’t dive and DVD evidence later proved he did, he was handed a severe ban.

Not a foolproof system by any means, but something needs to be done as diving players are damaging the credibility of the game.

PHOTO: REUTERS/Sergio Moraes


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not the worst idea ive ever heard, you would think that this may eventually bring an end to diving as surely players would have to ask themselves if its worth diving when risking a ban if found to be lying?

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Diving is penalised only if the player does it “intentionally”. And intention is assessed by the referee on player’s state of mind at that fraction of moment. It would be a false call if the player did really lose his balance. If we twist our body couple times we may dive unintentionally even untouched. It seems more players are framed than rightfully convicted.

Posted by Bosco | Report as abusive

Like the idea but…..
What do you think clubs/coaches will tell or train their players to say? Never admit it. If it is a dive for a penalty late on in a crucial game or maybe even a final..worth it maybe.
They’ll say let videos etc decide afterwards while the player gets the full weight of a club’s communications dept, legal dept etc behind them.
I’m all for punishing a player after a game though, if a committee decides he did dive. They could do that now.

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One sure best that can put paid to divin in football is video replay evidences. Fifa has often shy away from this, but its the only way that can solve the controversy. This has worked tremendiously for tennis in situation where contention arises.

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