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November 18, 2009

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Ireland are going to do it. Come on lads!!!! These Frenchies don’t stand a chance!

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Stephen Ireland, Andy Reid. Where are you????? At least without them we’e giving France the chance to make a game of it.

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Egypt to the world cup ISA. Sorry Algeria, but this is our time, our dream, our hope, our destiny and our fate. OHHHHHH MASSSRRRAAAWYYYYYYYY

Posted by Mohamed Saad | Report as abusive

Algeria v Egypt mayhem couldn’t contrast more with drabness of Ukraine v Greece. Perhaps Sepp Blatter can invite both of Algeria and Egypt and do away with the winner of Ukraine v Greece?

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I interrup the World Cup Serious Soccerto bring you one of the funniest SoccerVideos I have ever seen.Take a look… ideo=2711

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french scum end of if that’s what it takes to beat the irish well done france

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Congratulationssssssssssssssss to Algeria, the best team ever , sorry egypt

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Well i would like to say that Egyptians pple after the Match in Sudan have been aggressively attacked by the Algerian pple the algerian used knifes and threw stones and attacking any egeyptian in the street and btw algerinas are beating egyptians in kuwait and london and in Algeria it self !!!!!!!111

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

Algerians harassments towards the Egyptians in Sudan After the match on 18-Nov-2009Is that what you really call fair play? What is the FIFA’s role if players and supporters lives are in real danger? Isn’t their safety and lives are such an important thing?How all this can happen in the match between Egypt and Algeria, and no one in the Fifa would come out and say any comment! Please see this video to know how the Algerian crowd came to Sudan for the final match with such violence and aggressiveness to kill every Egyptian they can see. Either he is a player or a supporter who just came for peace and to support his country’s playersThis is not only in Sudan but also in France and many places all around the world. After the match, Egyptians were all attacked with knives from the Algerian supporters in the streets all over Khartoum city. They all started escaping and running away trying to survive and keep their lives safe from these knives and swords. Is that what you call fair play? We really need to see an action from the FIFA about this. We can’t tolerate to see this war without the FIFA getting involved by any means! We need a quick and strong decision against Algeria!… Read more… Read MoreWe need a fair urgent investigation concerning what happened in Sudan from the Algerians after the match and also there are many videos and witnesses concerning this issue and as we know that the FIFA representatives attended the match and if this didn’t happen so we need an explanation for that behaviorIt is not accepted by any means that a game is to be converted to War and also FIFA should take it s role to keep on the Ethics of the game as you always sayWe believe in the fairness of your decisions and we believe that you will take prompt actions towards these actions.. We believe in you so please don’t disappoint usThank you, and remember “The fair play concept”.

Posted by Nevein | Report as abusive

The Algerian fans have collected knives and weapons since arrival in Sudan in preparation for the post-match attacks. Buses carrying Egyptian fans have been stopped and attacked. Egyptian fans have took shelter in Sudanese houses. This misconduct has to be punished!

Posted by Mootaz Dinana | Report as abusive

1- Algerians made a fake accidents on their arrival to egypt and claimed they were attacked by egyptian fans2- Algerians gathered knifes and stones and prepared an enormous attack on egyptian after the match in sudan which resulted with many injured egyptians. buses transporting egyptians were distroyed, egyptians tried to hide in sudanese houses.3- algerians attacked egyptians in france, london and kuwait after they won the match in SUDAN

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yall nerds

Posted by 50 Cent | Report as abusive

yall nerds

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Sorry Egyptians (the ones who were involved or supported the chaos in Cairo) .Algerians just showed a flavour of their revange, its a lessons so don’t mess with Algerians in the future or……

Posted by Algerian | Report as abusive

To Algerian: Revenge, for what? someone throws stones a you, so you send some of your ex cons to sudan with knives and blades to kill??!! are you sick in the head man??? is that football, sports? or is it a war or a street fight? you won, congrats on that but…seriously, grow the hell up and get a life…come to cairo and blab that big hollow mouth of yours and see what happens…i guarantee you, you will be impressed! ransacking and destroying egyptian property worth 5mn dollars for a game? the least i can say while being polite is that you are barbaric thugs…you guys need therapy!!!

Posted by Egypt Boy | Report as abusive

A Slovenian are the best i am from Slovenia Slovenia beat Russia and Guus Hiddink A Ljubljana was very razy yesterday about win aginst Russia and other parts in Slovenia? All of them were crazy

Posted by Dieter | Report as abusive

not only therapy i guess they were just frustrated from their country …!!!:)babe rr read ur history and u will see what WE done for ur Freedom that u and ur pple r enjoying it now….well what EGYPT Boy just told is Really what u will see darling may be more just be prepared and btw the bus thing was made and fabricated by ur team Algerian girl or boy whatever u r …!!!!!well so i guess Egypt Boy said what i want say concerning ur pple reaction …Good Luck living in Algeria

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

Dear all,FIFA Signature is “My game is Fair Play” and what Algeria did today in the match with Egypt is not fair playFirst: They stormed the field before the match, they destroyed the bus of Egyptian players, they Threatened players and Egyptian people with deathSecond: They threw fire into the field during the matchThird: They stopped the Egyptian buses in Sudan and hit Egyptian people and some of them were permanently injured.So, it was not a fair game and what all we need is to rescue us and rescue what FIFA applies in the spirit of sports.Egypt presented to the world the best Youth World Cup. So, you must protect its right to access to the World Cup and re-calculating the outcome of the game in favor of Egypt.Our Game is FAIR PLAYThanks, great FIFA

Posted by Mohamed | Report as abusive

MY Game is Fair play should be removed from being the FIFA signature if they did not investegate the incidents that took place before, during and after the Egypt and Algeria game in Sudan on the 18th of NovemberWhen the Egyptian fans were chased, stoned and injured by Algerian fans (mob) in the streets of Sudan.Several busses were stoned and trashed and the FIFA had nothing to say about itWell Thank you FIFA, you are fair

Posted by Nour | Report as abusive

Dear ,”When rivarly turns ugly”!I just feel like i need to clarify something. This is football, it’s a game. If the Algerian football team bus was attacked by angry fans that’s one thing, but when innocent Egyptian citizens and their businesses are attacked in Algeria. When Egyptian family homes are broken into, their offices smashed, their lives threatened in Algeria band the Algerian Government doesn’t do anything to stop it. When they’re unable to even leave the country due to the violance against them, this is A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT STORY!!!!! WHEN the Egyptian FANS busses are broken into in Sudan by Algerians, with swords and knives, when they’re slashed and stabed randomly , glass broken into the people faces, clothes ripped, when the Egyptian fans get out of the stage and start being attacked by all of this. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. IT’s sickening, I can’t believe this is football. This is Disgusting, simply disgusting and inhumane. I hope the FIFA doesnt’ let this passScrew the world cup we dont want it !! we only want justicehere are some incidents and proofs- Algerian players on their way from Cairo International Airport to Iberotel Hotel used the emergency hammers inside the bus to break its glass from inside to accuse Egyptians who only supported their team outside that they are the cause of violence and harm to themselves..- Several incidents of burning the Egyptian flag in different locations.. v=0PgijLr3SOg h?v=QKKzGWqHg1Y tch?v=Kd9NpCRfem8 watch?v=G6KMO076gg4 m/watch?v=VOka18dFusg com/watch?v=4JJwL2ZB_rchttp://www.youtub (Burning the Egyptian Pound!) HNMsLbFqI (Burning photos of Tamer Hosny – Egyptian Singer) GxMdBa0ps (Burning a shop in Algeria for an Egyptian owner) etdcmoA0 (Burning an Egyptian factory in Algeria) vBkhkslJss (Burning an Egyptian mobile base station in Algeria)- The Algerian government sent 200 supporters in a plane provided by the Algerian army! to Sudan who afterwards carried Knives and Swords before the match on their arrival.. ra/national/44598-200.html Algerian FA president Mohamed Raouraoua refused to shake his Egyptian counterpart Samir Zaher’s hand during a meeting that was held by “”Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir “”!!!! s.asp?NewsID=61661- Egyptian minister of information Anas Al-Fiqi said the country would send ‘special troops’ to Sudan if the country failed to protect the Egyptian delegation and supporters after riots broke out following the World Cup qualifier against Algeria. ews.asp?NewsID=61701- Burning the branch of Orascom Telecom in Algeria UDyz4nrLs&feature=channel- Absolute destruction and burning of Egypt’s Air branch in Algeria L5wgBS8OQ&feature=related- Alaa Mubarak’s phone call to Khaled El-Ghandour describing what happened even to him! 0pGv-0-Mohamed Foad and Haitham Shaker, well known Egyptian singers, illustrating what happened to them there in Sudan from the Algerians!! and saying the Algerians wanted to KILL every Egyptian LITERALLY!! v=UslIE19sbxE-Algerians burning THE BIBLE before the match!! Pz4xfcvu8-The Algerian Fans cheering with their white weapons in a message of threating the Egyptians! which shows their intentions from EVEN BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS with couple of hours! wof4pIUE- And Last BUT not least! an Algerian fan who speaks on behalf of all the Algerian Citizens, threating Egyptians from the Massacre that will happen to them after the match, which also shows the INTENSIONS of the Algerians to do this even before the match starts with couple of days! YJiYVi8VIOLENCE EVEN IN MARSEILLE! =ar9O9tZD2Vg&feature=relatedsudanese streets after the game Zn53_g-Th Algerians attack the (Egyptian National Team) Bus lIYMEThe Algerians destroy EGYPT-AIR office. HT7oVmU4c-The Algerian Fans in Sudan Cheering with Knives AGAIN! php?do=viewdetails&videoid=182- An Algerian “so called” Lady, insulting Egyptian Fans in their OWN COUNTRY at the Cairo Stadium!!! ew_video.php?viewkey=77505ce9e1c7fa97c04 8&page=&viewtype=&category=-An algerian fan making Scenes even before the match starts in Sudan hp?do=viewdetails&videoid=185-Egypt’s Team Bus being attacked by the Algerians before tha match! php?do=viewdetails&videoid=164WHERE ARE YOU FIFA FROM THIS ???!!!WHERE ARE YOU INTERNATIONAL MEDIA FROM THIS ??WHERE ARE YOU HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCILS FROM THIS ??

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algerian didnt play a fair game no one could believe what they did to egyptian women, kids, old men doctors actors and politician who weren’t armed unlike algerian who were armed with knives swords and throwing huge rocks on peoplei dont know what to call this except these are people who are filled with violence and hatred and this is not their 1st time to do this they did this before in france and egyptgood luck to the audience of other teams who will have to face algerian in the world cupalgerian cant go support their team in a civilized world cup

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What happened from Algerian fans is really disappointing and seriously alarming. Any viewer of the videos posted on youtube can tell the Algerians went with a plan and worked on it by buying knifes from their first day in Sudan. Sports cannot be a field for hatred or vendiction. If FIFA does not act immediately, we will see wars spreading out of sports fields and areanas. So sad, where is the world heading?

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What happened to the egyptian fans in sudan is both disgraceful and disgusting, if i was not in cairo at the time i would have not heard of the whole incident, since i feel there is a genral concealment of the whole event. Follwoing the palyoff that took placein sudan, which by the way ended by Algeria winning 1:0, and their qualificaion to south Africa, the egyptian fans were subjected to a massacre on thehands of the algerians fanatic hooligans, the algerian fans attacked the egyptian buses with knives, hatchets, rocks and anything they could lay their hands on. The egyptian fans could not retaliate since the majority of them were famous actors,singers, government officials (makes you wonder why did they go there in the first place!), their president had to interfere to get thhem evacuted from sudan. I beleive that froeign press has to show the full picture, fifa should not nullify the score of hte game, but at least ban algerian fans from their sponsered games for quite some time, the algerian football federation should ppenalised and asked to publiclly denounce the actions of thier fans, and formally apologize to the the egpytian federation. Such incidents are very serious and keeping a cover over them, would only encourage them more, and the ultimate result would be the killing of the spirit of the game.

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first of all i would like to congratulate Algeria for their diserved victory and consequent qualification to world cup. to Egypt i would like to say {hard luck} it is sad to see a great player like Abou trika not to go to world cup ,but this is football there is always a winner and a looser….i am Emirati and would like you guys to listen to my neutral and therefore objective comments but before doing so i would be very grateful if i can have your mind opened and your patriotic feeling put aside which will enable us to have a constructive and objective analysis of what really happened…..the problems started 2 days before the match in Cairo (as confirmed by great egyptian journalists such as Alaa Sadek) the Algerian team bus was attacked by egyptian mobs injuring 3 Algerian players(witnessed by Canal + and FIFA representatives who were behind the bus)that was when the drama started..the second Egyptian mistake was when instead of admitting this attack they accused Algerian players of fabricating this desolating incident !!? then Egyptian TVs started a wild compaign of disinformation and characterized attacks against Algeria (the match was politicalized for obvious Egyptian elections purposes)these attacks were responded by few Algerian newspapers (as there are no private TVs in Algeria)all this has created an electrical atmosphere which only motivated Algerian players , spectators and government alike after the Cairo match was lost and Sudan match was imposed…(by the way the second Egyptian goal was clearly off side)…Algerians are very proud and very tough tempered people they are real warriors, when injured they became Lethal (ask the french, they know better)……the other Big Egyptian mistake was to choose Sudan , Sudanese are brave people who rejects injustice that is why most Sudanese backed {aggressed}Algerians…another Egyptian mistake was instead of sending real spactators to Sudan they send actors and singers !!!? (i guess Egyptians never thought that Algerians will invade Sudan in such large numbers in so short time because Algeria s too far away)but again they were wrong…..but the fatal mistake that Egyptians committed was that they never :RESPECTED: the Algerian Team .ALL above accumulated Egyptian mistakes were too many to allow Egypt to Win….it was simply multiple errors of judgments on the part of Egyptians which should lead to one simple question :- WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE ERRORS OF JUDGMENT !? is it Algeria !? of course not. is it Samir Zaher !? probably YES. is it the political regime !? certainly (after all they politicalized the match)SO THIS SAID WHAT IS THE SOLUTION THEN !? i will let you guys resolve this equation and answer this question in case you would like to see Egypt prosper and flourish in future (and of course qualify to world cup 2014) IF NOT then you can continue throwing the blame on Algeria but the price you will pay will be MAKANAK KIF (Status Quo)
in the meanwhile Algeria is in world cup……..Algeria Caravane is advancing

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are you for real !? i never knew that there are so many mythomaniacs in egypt….!!!!

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Algeria Rocks and Rolls……kicked butts

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